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  1. Gainsborough Chairman

    Gott im Himmel!
  2. Still time

    "Tucked in amongst the North Yorkshire moors..."
  3. Dover match thread

    It feels as if my entire life has been regularly punctuated by the elation of Town scoring late on, then throwing it away by conceding abjectly straight away. Like a boot stamping on your face forever.
  4. Goal machine

    Ian Marshall made the successful transition from centre-back to striker with Oldham in the 80s, so it can be done. There must be other examples.
  5. Dover match thread

    That's how it sounded on commentary.
  6. Dover match thread

    32 from Dover.
  7. Dover match thread

    Goes without saying.
  8. Dover match thread

    Matty Pearson scores for Barnserly against Forest. Chester one up at Hartlepool.
  9. Dover notes

    I'm hoping he doesn't turn out to be another Andy Bishop: decent pedigree at this level, but peaked already.
  10. Dover notes

    I prefer Dover sole, myself.
  11. Signings and Losses from each conference club

    In other non-Conference news, 'Ex-Atlético Madrid and Leeds Utd. star, Elliott Kebbie, is awaiting international clearance to sign for Billericay Town.'
  12. Chester FC - our next opponents

    Wrong thread.
  13. Relegation watch

    Up to 19th. 
  14. Come on Town

    Barrow 3 Woking 0
  15. Come on Town

    Att. 2082