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  1. Ben Tomlinson

    He said today that it was the artificial pitch that was ‘like Velcro’ that caused his injury at Sutton. He has torn his ACL and there is damage to the meniscus, too.
  2. Hartlepool

    That’s nothing on the numbers that travelled to Morecambe in ‘98 and significantly fewer than the #Whitby10000. Very poor.
  3. Route One Show this week

    God is a Town fan.
  4. Do we need a new striker and midfielder(s) ?

    Oh, ffs ! 
  5. 11th September 1998 - Town 1-2 Cardiff

    That was on a Friday night and I remember feeling sick watching their fans running up and down the terrace in the North Stand when they scored their winner.
  6. Edwards - 'I nearly do everything'

    And as for all the ‘He won nothing in the air all day and didn’t hold the ball up’, absolute rubbish. In the first half, he was, like Orient’s goalkeeper, largely a spectator, but he was far more involved in the second half, winning balls in the air and bringing others into the game. Definitely a work in progress, but will get stronger.
  7. Orient at Home

    Given what he has said about entrusting the team with the task of managing the endgame and how he didn’t like to make changes to shore things up, I was surprised that Fullarton chose to put on a third defensive midfielder in Maher when he took Southwell off. Though the defence were, again, as solid as a rock, we could not get out in the last five and their equaliser seemed on the cards. Still, if Clarke had put that back post header away at the death, all would have been rosy. 
  8. Orient at Home

    He tracks the play well and puts his foot in to good effect. The problem is when he has the ball at his feet with time to think.
  9. Orient at Home

    He got the second. 2m 35 seconds in.
  10. Orient at Home

    Correct. The old Second Division. Also went out of the FA Cup in ‘72 at the quarter-final stage 0-1 to an Alan Ball free-kick for Arsenal, having beaten Chelsea 3-2 in the previous round. They went one better in ‘78, losing to Arsenal in the FA Cup semi-final at Stamford Bridge. They have always been a proper club.
  11. Orient at Home

    I couldn't agree more. I saw his debut for Orient in '74 when I was a kid.  
  12. Wrexham Match Thread

    Anyone any news on the extent of Tomlinson’s injury and how long he might be out?
  13. Wrexham Match Thread

    From what I’ve seen of this side’s growing ability to manage games effectively, I’m not fearing Wrexham or anyone else particularly. It’s been a long while since I’ve seen a Town side look so calm and organised over 90 minutes, though, clearly, they are far from the finished article.
  14. Macca Leaves

    They were well-beaten in their season opener, however. Rumour has it that this was in no small part due to the preparation of a highly-accurate pre-season scouting dossier compiled on 21 July.
  15. Sutton United