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  1. Available managers

    Say it’s not Kittrick, please.
  2. Available managers

  3. Jack Earing

    Ex-Dulwich Hamlet, Peterborough, Walsall and Bolton. About 5’ 2” and a hammer of a left foot.
  4. Doncaster game now behind closed doors!

    It was in Chelmsford.
  5. Trialists

    Booty McBootface.
  6. Frickley Game Off

    Frankly, if we are struggling to sign players that will be an improvement on last year’s squad, it might call into question the wisdom of releasing the likes of Edwards and Preston who at least had a year under their belt with this manager and should have improved as a consequence. 
  7. England v USA

    Apparently, if you shape your body in such a way as to increase its size, it’s handball even when the ball has been blasted at you from two feet. More sophistry from football’s lords and masters who need to keep feeding the cash cow.
  8. Ebbfleet

    I bet their message board is in meltdown. They’ve only got 10 players.
  9. Our Fixtures?

    1pm today.
  10. Will the BOD go ?

    Yeah, mate. You’ve naled it!
  11. Glastonbury

    Give me Val Doonigoon or Roger Twittaker any day.
  12. England v Argentina 1986

    At the time, I thought it was a brave and brilliant header by Maradona who had somehow managed to beat Shilton to the ball.
  13. Walk out music

    Is that 'Three wheels on my wagon' or 'I was born under a wandering star'?
  14. Match Magazine 7th Jan 1984

    Same here. Wish I still had it. 
  15. Walk out music

    Unfortunately, not the Jesus Jones one.