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  1. Mj85

    The Millwall of the Evostik Premier Southern Central League. 
  2. Messi

    Open an account on Bet365 and keep it funded with a fiver, and you can watch all La Liga games on their app/website.
  3. Main site

    I would like to apologise to everyone for posting something that has led to this stream of self-indulgent drivel. 
  4. Main site

    Amended it with a politesse. Hope this helps. 
  5. Main site

    Sorry for the negativity, but does anyone proofread this stuff? It’s amateurish and doesn’t paint the club in a good light.
  6. Harrogate NYD

    Yes, fair point. Not everyone’s criticism has been knee-jerk; I did say ‘from some quarters’, though it sometimes seems all too easy to become the whipping boy on here. Let’s hope he trains on.
  7. Mj85

    That’s what Town fans had to adapt to when being carted off to the delights of Prescott Cables, Vauxhall Motors et al. The manager at Barwell could do well for you as he has done well with them so far at this level. Kettering got c. 2500 v. R&D yesterday, and are in second place thirteen points clear of Kings Lynn in third, so if (and its a big if) you can get some stability off the field, I’d imagine you’d be back in a year or two. In the meantime, you can enjoy a ramble around the Birmingham Metropolitan and Eastern fading fishing ports and rural villages league. Mind you, there were reports of 30 arrests at Kings Lynn v. Kettering on Boxing Day, so that much-vaunted quality of ‘passion’ still abounds in Little England.
  8. Harrogate NYD

    We should all cut him some slack. He’s entitled to a less-effective performance after a couple of higher-octane cameos from the bench after an ACL operation and three games in six days. It’s no coincidence that the improved results have coincided with Tomlinson’s return. Also delighted at Jonny Edwards goal, a neat, calm, if not nonchalant finish having found a yard of space in front of goal. He has got something and it needs to be developed without the knee-jerk vitriol aimed at him from some quarters. #IMO.
  9. 02/01/1999 Shrewsbury Town 2-2 Halifax Town

    That O’Regan equaliser, the players on the fence and the unalloyed joy in the away end are iconic scenes. The feeling that day was almost on a par with that inspired by Craig Middleton’s late equaliser at Lincoln.
  10. Gateshead Trip

    Scored with a good flicked header at Braintree on opening day, while his header at Morecambe was pretty convincing despite being a nosehair offside. He is, admittedly, not one of that dying breed, the old-fashioned target man.
  11. National north

    Out of likes. Trademark barbed eloquence. 
  12. National north

    I find it hard to believe that you might be unenthused by the prospect of a visit to the third biggest club in Devon, let alone the second biggest club on Canvey Island. 
  13. National north

    Torquay and Concord Rangers.
  14. Gateshead Trip

    I usually follow Tom Scargill’s updates.
  15. National north

    The better sides aren’t too bad, though, understandably, the taller, stronger sides prevail. I will be at Leiston v. Royston Vasey today so will be able to reassure you, or otherwise. For the record, Rushden were as unpleasant as ever recently. Their fans don’t seem to have dealt with the fact that they are playing at their natural level again.