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  1. Returning players

    2-2. He chipped the second into the top corner right at the death. As stated by Jmc, we lost the ensuing replay at home. Not the first time we did that in that era. Did the same v. Kettering, with erstwhile nemesis Robbie Cooke on the scoresheet, having avoided the ‘giant-killing’ in the original tie at their place thanks to an Andy Watson goal.
  2. What about the game

    Read the match thread. There are some relevant posts hidden in there amongst the other nonsense.
  3. This week was the perfect time for Heath to go

    Hereford seem about to benefit from a similar bounce which will see them back and competitive in The National in a couple of years.
  4. Gagged

    I think it’s the first time I’ve ever seen us win there in all these years, barring the phantom Friday night victory with a couple of Steve Norris goals many moons ago, a result that was expunged when the original Aldershot FC went to the wall later that season. Other than that, plenty of 2-1, 3-1, 4-1 scorelines, and even a 6-1 reverse, usually featuring an 86th minute consolation from the likes of Martin Nuttall.
  5. Today game aldershot

    A great day today for those who make the hard slog week in, week out up and down the country, and for the players who showed grit, determination and togetherness over the ninety minutes to earn a well-deserved three points. Waring led the line tirelessly, while the supposedly weak midfield were firm in the tackle and decent on the ball. Clarke was very good in the first half, and Collins had an impressive debut. Hobbs can run with the ball, getting the team further up the field, and is able to retain possession to take pressure off those behind him. He had a great game today: creative, assertive and skilful. The defence grew stronger as the game wore on and Aldershot began to get more possession. However, today wasn’t their day. They feigned injury and squealed, helping to get three Town players booked, but didn’t really threaten too much for all that. it was great to see the confidence and unity amongst the players today, and share their celebrations at the final whistle.
  6. Breaking news

    Welcome, Hollsy, to play alongside Hobbsy. 
  7. David Bosomworth.

  8. Sheff Utd

    Trevor Hockey, all day.
  9. Heath In

  10. Heath Must Go

    Standard away day: great company, good beer pre and post match, all punctuated by the usual 90 minutes of soul-destroying football.
  11. Harry Middleton

    They arrived in time to see Town's goals. 
  12. Harry Middleton

    The 2nd leg of the Derby tie was one of my best experiences watching Town, despite losing in extra-time. Davison brought the scoreline back to 2-2, having gone two down and looking dead and buried. It was that performance that got him his subsequent move to Derby. In a further case of plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose, I think the supporters' bus only arrived at half-time.
  13. My Football Club Jim Lockwood, an erstwhile mucker of those of us who used to travel up and down the East Coast line in the 90s and 00s went some way towards bringing this to Halifax. He worked with Will Brooks at MOTD magazine. MYFC was an appealing piece of sophistry, and, in retrospect, it was a great relief that it never got off the ground and was diverted to Ebbsfleet instead. Not the sort of fans' ownership model that ever had a realistic chance, and ended up looking more like a vanity project for people with too much time on their hands.
  14. Where is he statto ?.

    If he can still score goals like the one he got for Town at Stevenage, I wouldn't be averse to re-signing him.
  15. Interesting comments from heath