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    Game on! 
  2. Dagenham Tuesday.

    Gibbs on the bench?
  3. Fullarton / Collins

    It was the same on the old BBC Grandstand teleprinter (pre-videprinter) with things like Halifax T. (pause) 2 Hartlepool Utd. (pause) 3. Teeth-grinding stuff, but completely enthralling.
  4. 28/02/1998 Town 1-0 Farnborough

    You’re probably right. Where is my mind?
  5. Fullarton / Collins

    My father rang Walsall FC at half-time and again at full-time. The only other way to find out the final score was the matter-of-fact 9.55 sports report on Radio 2. I still wasn’t quite prepared to believe it until I saw it in the paper the following day.
  6. 28/02/1998 Town 1-0 Farnborough

    Down South supporters watched it in The Starting Gate, N22.
  7. Smithy

  8. Eastleigh match thread

    The cheating, playacting and screaming, and its implicit condonation by officials and governing bodies whose inaction borders on collusion is steadily draining my patience with football and causing me to question whether I can be arsed any more.
  9. Hartlepool tonight

    Barrow and Torquay both winning.  Edit: Sutton just equalised at Torquay.
  10. Trendyfax

  11. Trendyfax

    That’s what I tend to do.
  12. Board

    Relieved of his duties at Fleetwood this evening.
  13. Board

    Uwe Rösler is available.
  14. Today's Game

    And Horsfield. Lost home leg 0-2, but won on pens. Both also scored at Peterborough.
  15. Danny Racchi

    I really don’t get this incessant vilification of Danny Racchi.