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  1. Franny Firth

    I can still see his winner in my first-ever home game in a 2-1 victory over Walsall. Was it 79-80? Being based in the beautiful south, I also enjoyed his consolation goal at Portsmouth in the briefest of highlights on the Big Match one Sunday, the only time I ever saw Town televised in my youth.
  2. Macca

    Jesus, I’ll see him at Leiston next season.
  3. World Cup.

    Whatever happens, it will be ruined by VAR, FIFA’s newest cash cow.
  4. Did the earth move for you ?

    Yet King’s Lynn are in the Middle England Premier Non-League. What gives? 
  5. Sam Wedgbury

    Sounds like Danny Clarke.
  6. Season Ticket prices.

    My other half has renewed her Wigan season ticket for £279. Even in the 'Championship' concessions can be made as part of an ongoing plan to develop a relatively small club. 
  7. Now or never

    The dearest shirts in the league.
  8. Barrows and Khan

    Hendon have been rewarded for their Isthiman League final defeat with a journey to Wales rather than Haringey Borough and Wingate and Finchley. Suffolk teams are playing in what is effectively a Birmingham Metropolitan League.
  9. Poor Chesterfield

  10. Billy Heath

    Alfreton not far from Leicester. Will Macca be on the shopping list?
  11. Retained List

    By mutual agreement. When they saw the size of the pay-off. 
  12. who do you want as Play off winners

    Holds 4,500. Around 1800 seated.
  13. who do you want as Play off winners

    Boreham Rigid’s ground is being used by Arsenal Women and Youth team until 2027.  The Football Stadia Improvement Fund have spent not inconsiderable sums, around £1.1m, bringing the facilities up to a high standard. It’s not a bad ground at all, merely lacking in spectators. Boreham Wood is, however, another bland London suburb with nothing much to detain the day-visitor.
  14. who do you want as Play off winners

    Saw on television recently that from the £900k to be made from promotion, Sutton would see only £100k due to costs of ripping up the plastic and laying a new surface.
  15. Poor Chesterfield

    I was at all three, but can’t remember them sequentially. #ageingfast