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  1. Guiseley 1 Solihull 0

    att. 793

    goals: 22

  2. Dominic Marie.....

    I don’t think it’s any more than that.
  3. Tranmere today

      Ok. Season 79-80, calendar year 80. Thanks.
  4. Tranmere today

    It’s also due to the fact that the actual romance of the Cup has diminished in the exact same proportion in which the brand ‘Romance of the Cup’ has been marketed. Progress is now seen purely as an exercise in either securing financial stability or providing some welcome budgetary elastic. No-one is excited by the prospect of drawing a big-name Premier League brand name as this is now relatively mundane, not least as the opposition would likely turn out a reserve or youth team. I don’t think it’s an age thing as the younger generation seem as jaundiced as the rest of the 50-something old stagers on here. I simply cannot imagine a similar fever pitch to that in 80-81 were Town to draw Man. City now. There would be a mixture of dread tempered by the comforting humiliation-compensatory financial reward. No-one remembers FA Cup winners any more. I really fancied yesterday’s game as it took me back to the ties of old, but the prohibitive cost of travel, plus middle-age fatigue finally dissuaded me from making the trek, Judging by the disappointing cynicism alluded to on here, which I hope is, in no little way, a response to losing the game, it seems to have been a good decision, though not one that I am necessarily happy about.
  5. Boreham Wood Thread

    I also think this league is worse than we expected.
  6. Boreham Wood Thread

    Interesting thought, but I’d imagine BH would go with Tomlinson and Morgan. Given that seven subs. can be fielded, we might even be treated to the sight of the lesser-spotted Hobbs as the 18th man.
  7. Boreham wood

  8. Boreham Wood Thread

    He was with the other unselected players in the stand.
  9. Not FCHT related- but views on this?

    I’d like to see Farage and co. pay back the wages they are extorting as MEPs. I feel it’s wrong to exert pressure on Nuneaton’s players, whether this be applied externally or internally, to forgo their wages on the basis described.
  10. Tonight's team.

    Oliver doubtful, Garner suspended. Others all available, is my reading.
  11. Don't worry Roy there is a team with a worse record
  12. The slaying of the red dragon

    Oliver is rated doubtful tonight, according to BH on the club website.
  13. Gary Mills

    If, as has been stated on here, Liam King is not available for away trips, is he around for the home games? He doesn't seem to feature in the squad wherever we play. Were they match fit (unlikely), I'd take him and/or Hibbs over Lynch and/or Clarke in midfield on Tuesday.
  14. Fleet thread

    Apart from his bloody corners.
  15. Civic Pride

    Knocking down The Pump Room looks an increasingly laudable decision the more I see the community-friendly, inclusive gravel pit that has been created in its footprint.