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  1. Dover game

    2-1 Kosylo.
  2. Dover game

  3. Dover game

  4. How Many

    I’m surprised anyone attended that one.
  5. Barnet (A)

    Good for you, both. I was reporting what someone had told me. Ridiculous situation. It also wasn’t clear whether someone could have paid £20 in advance rather than £22 as their online booking system didn’t make it clear that you could buy a ticket in the away section. Several people queued for their ticket, trooped round to the turnstile, then found their entry barred as the barcode reader didn’t work, leading them to have to go back and forward between the ticket window and turnstile, and try to locate a steward to address the problem. Expensive and tinpot.
  6. Barnet (A)

    I don’t think it was for that. The referee summoned him and did that pointing to different parts of the field thing, suggesting he was booking him for totting up a series of fouls. Having said that, he could have been booked earlier when he squared up to a player twice his size after what looked a fairly innocuous clash. The Barnet UnMassive were on his case from that moment on.
  7. Barnet (A)

    It was £22 in the away section. £10 on the home terrace, but I think it was a price for members.
  8. Barnet (A)

    Oh, great. Can’t wait. 
  9. The pitch

    He does, and it’s this assessment that I’m more interested in: ‘...having seen that pitch I can’t see anyway it was anywhere near playable in the last 24 hours.''
  10. The pitch

    460-mile round trip, four and a half hours there and the same back. I arrived in Halifax at 2.15, had a quick one in the Grayston Unity and was chatting with a Town fan who assumed I knew the game was off. At 2.45, his group said they were going to The Alex. I expressed surprise as that would mean we’d miss kick-off. After a pause, he replied worriedly, ‘You do know the games off, don’t you?’ Ran into Flea on the way back to the car who confirmed game off. My decision to travel today reminds me of Alan Partridge when he drove non-stop from Norwich to Dundee in his bare feet.
  11. The pitch

    Me, too. Considering leaving Suffolk Coastal by ten latest.
  12. Meeting with Mr B

    Clearly, my friend, you haven't lived in Suffolk. 
  13. Money

    That’s true, though some of the actions of the arrivistes were less welcome: the pitch invasions that impeded the team from celebrating in front of the South Stand, the upturned rubbish bins in the penalty area after the game.
  14. Trouble at Gateshead

    Another club on the brink for want of a Prem footballer’s small change.
  15. Barnet

    That sounds just like the Chesterfield penalty incident.