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  1. Shirt sponsor

    See my post on away shirts, I said the news was now trickling through.
  2. Away shirts

    New sponsor of shirts announced well done to all involved. News is starting to trickle through. The Club is alive and well.
  3. Pitch Partner Membership

    All fund raising ideas are good ideas. The problem is getting helpers on board that are prepared to roll up their sleeves and put the ideas into practise. We all know there is no simple formulae to raise the funds required but every £1.00 raised is a bonus to the club. I know from experience the Supporters club do a good job on limited personal resources and if a few more people were to be involved with the Supporters Club more funds could be raised. I would love to help but living in Suffolk and being in my 70s it not eeasy
  4. Pitch Partner Membership

    Thanks. Did look but didn’t see.
  5. Pitch Partner Membership

    See on Twitter the Commercial Arm signed up a company to the above. Well done to Ben. What is Pitch Partner Membership?
  6. Hanson Plywood

    Well done to them for sponsorship on training kit. looks really smart and wouldn’t go a miss on main shirts.
  7. James Hardy

    Barry Tait played for Town 1962/63 season. Didn’t actually play more stood on penalty spot but when the ball anywhere near him knew how to put it in the net.
  8. James Hardy

    Anyone else remember Barry Tait, one season wonder for Town. Scored 22 goals for Town most at Home and within 9yard box. 
  9. Sam Johnson - for non-Twitter users

    John lived in Brighouse when at the Shay and during the closed season work as a joiner. Quiet and unassuming man off the pitch but a colossal player on.
  10. My era also. Always remember Roscoe scoring from a free kick on the half way line Always stood behind the goals at the bus shed end  Happy days
  11. 40 to1

    See we’re quoted at 40 to 1 to win league in 2019/20.  Whoever works out odds is confident we’re not going to sort out our goal scoring record. lets prove them wrong. All buying a season ticket could put a £1.00 on at these odds and dedicate possible winnings to club. 500 season tickets at £1 = £20000  
  12. And me, similar situation and have supported Club for 60yrs and no reason to stop now.
  13. On the Cusp

    The Drummer when present adds greatly to the atmosphere and whoever he is needs to be encouraged to be there every match. Supporting him by the club can be done by storing the drum if wanted or to be collected from home to save transporting drum on public transport  
  14. Thinking Back - Thanks

    Yes join the 400 occasionally Lowestoft unlucky a few years ago to gain promotion to N. L. and were placed in the North division. Meant Boston Utd was a        local derby involving a round trip of 4 hours and any trips to Yorkshire and Lancashire with round trips of over 400 miles. Needless to say for a part time team with players recruited from Suffolk, Essex and Home Counties it was to much and they have slipped down the leagues. Have a loyal band of supporters and an enjoyable experience when I go.  
  15. Thinking Back - Thanks

    Thanks for the information I remember now, makes me think how many players Town have had since 1959 when I started the addiction that still last although don’t get to the Shay as often as I would like living over 200 miles away.