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  1. Credit to The Shaymen

    Watched the subs warming up on Saturday, Hartlepool had a coach out with their 5 subs giving them a good warm up session. Towns 5 split 3 and 2 and apart from having to be on the pitch gave the impression they were wasting their time and would rather be elsewhere. The too sets of players ignored each other and I saw no evidence of team bonding.  
  2. Are we being Ignored by the Media ?

    Good to get Cameron King recognised after only his second start and JF manager of the week.
  3. Braintree Thread

    Suprised you didn’t notice him chatting to town supporters before the match started and having his photo taken with supporters
  4. 2 new signings

    Clarke and Edwards announced
  5. How many going to Braintree? I predict 125.

    Two from Suffolk only return trip of 150 miles as opposed to 400 to the Shay. come on Town let’s get 3points
  6. Physio

    See that the new physio is Matthew McArdle. Wish him well in his time with the Shaymen.
  7. Getting worried

    4 July I think
  8. Chester

    If we were fan owned Do we have any such fans. If not grateful for what we have, saves me from lobbing in cash every few years
  9. Chester

    Supporter to give them £1 million over three years to support infrastructure.  Any town fans with that sort of cash to help town?
  10. Preston

    Jordan Preston 23 signed from Gateshead. At Blackburn as youth. welcome to The Shay Jordan.
  11. First Friendly

    Guiseley also playing Bolton in a friendly. see Guiseley also generating a lot of interest in there season ticket at £150 for adults £130 concessions. Will miss our matches against them.
  12. Niall Maher

    Brilliant signing. Full name Niall Callum James Peter Maher. With Bolton from age 10 till 21 when released. Now 23 good age to proceed and hope he moves onwards and upwards with Town. 
  13. Random FCHT player: Raheem Hanley

    Out of contract with Northampton, possible signing
  14. M F T

    Officially released by Guiseley.
  15. Busy Billy

    Bet at least 4 are ex F C Halifax