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  1. gone full time

    Is there something Fishy going on there?
  2. Tranmere today

    After last years performance in the Trophy let’s hope Heath is
  3. FA Cup Draw Monday?

    Could have been worse! Tranmere v Halifax 
  4. Today's game guisley

    That's a name from the past, you're showing your age
  5. 50 Years ago

    I'm another oldie who was there. Malcolm Russell at right back, a class act and Mr Dependable Pickering c/h those were the days....
  6. Michael Duckworth

    Has impressed me so far yes could be blamed for first Aldershot goal but seems a stylish fullback. Seems we paid a fee for him, why then have town only signed him for twelve months?
  7. Yorkshire Day

    For us that live away from Halifax I see parking to go to the Piece Hall will be a problem. Is there a large car park near by?
  8. Halifax Dukes Speedway

    Loved the corners, wooden pallets with turf on top. No wonder divots were kicked as often as the ball! loved the speedway but glad when it moved.
  9. Carlisle match

    Thought MacManus originally signed as right fullback or is age playing tricks on my memory?
  10. Squad Numbers.

    Now we're back in the National League and Town now seem to have a settled squad does anyone know when squad no's released. A bonus for us that for whatever reason cannot make every match and don't get to know all the players visually 
  11. Carlisle match

    Dion signed till 4/1/2018
  12. Dion Charles

    Joined till 4/1/2018 Fleetwood web site
  13. Dion Charles

    Joined till 4/1/2018 fleetwood Webb site
  14. chief scout

    Job description reads well and sounds progressive. lets hope for flood of applicants and Chief Scout soon in place.
  15. Carlisle & Rochdale friendly prices

    Would be great idea however knowing Town the season tickets won't be available until week before ko.