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    Are the supporters club still walking the walk? After all the planning and preparation be a shame if match postponed, a great deal of sponsorship would be lost. 
  2. On or Off

    Very true never thought of that!
  3. On or Off

    Matches also being postponed for Tuesday 6th March
  4. Niall Maher

    Presume we have to give 7 days notice of our interest. Could be reason why no official notice from The Shay.

    Give him a chance. Young, well qualified. Let’s get behind the team, get results and we’ll be singing his praises. In my opinion far better than getting a 60+ has been.
  6. 3 Managers

    Town lead the way again in West Yorkshire  Following on from Heaths dismissal Leeds Utd and Bradford City have dismissed there managers. Dont think either of them would apply for towns vacancy, and not sure we want either.
  7. Dagenham Saturday

    Never want a match pp but if today’s is it would give players chance to get over Heath and take in a different coaches ideas.  Ideal if all towns matches pp until new manager appointed. There again that might takes into March
  8. Chelsea reportedly desperate to sign a tall target man. Any town fans know of such a player please advise the Chelsea manager.
  9. Weather

    Lots of talk on lots of topics. No mention of wether the game will be on. Photo’s in Courier shows snow in Halifax, will the match be on?
  10. Eric Harrison

    I see Eric has been awarded an MBE in the New Years Honour List. Many congratulations to him. it was a pleasure to watch Eric at the start of his career playing in a half back line tha also featured in the early days Frank Large. 
  11. Josh MacDonald

    Well pleased for Josh scoring his first League goal for the Shaymen.  This will give him a confidence boost and will add to our firepower.  With luck Josh may become as confident as Sterling at Man City and become our top scorer. Hope you all have a good Boxing Day and  Happy New Year with Town again gaining promotion in 2018
  12. Jake Hibbs

    Starts. Good luck to the lad let’s see what he can do.
  13. Harry Middleton

    I smile to myself, I started a topic on Harry Middleton and by deviation and 70+ replies we’re now discussing Yorkshire millionaires et all
  14. Harry Middleton

    Good to see Steve Parkin on at 16th, assume reason why Guiseley are going full-time.
  15. Harry Middleton

    I was pleased with Harry’s performance on Saturday and his class showed throughout the match and together with the two Hull players we are a stronger team. What  pleased me more is the after match comments of Harry Middleton and how Neil Aspin had favourable comments on town which led Harry signing for a months loan. Many on here forever knock Neil, for once let’s give him credit.