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  1. Jake Hibbs

    Starts. Good luck to the lad let’s see what he can do.
  2. Harry Middleton

    I smile to myself, I started a topic on Harry Middleton and by deviation and 70+ replies we’re now discussing Yorkshire millionaires et all
  3. Harry Middleton

    Good to see Steve Parkin on at 16th, assume reason why Guiseley are going full-time.
  4. Harry Middleton

    I was pleased with Harry’s performance on Saturday and his class showed throughout the match and together with the two Hull players we are a stronger team. What  pleased me more is the after match comments of Harry Middleton and how Neil Aspin had favourable comments on town which led Harry signing for a months loan. Many on here forever knock Neil, for once let’s give him credit.
  5. Woking

    5 of us came from East Anglia today, thought the three loanee’s played well and hope their stays are longer than the standard 1 month. I do wonder were the next goal is coming from, we seem to be packing mid-field to the detriment of scoring. Why when Wilde was obviously struggling with his injury he was kept on forcing him to make a crude tackle and picking up a booking to me showed poor management. Woking were street wise and on another occasion could have won comfortably.  
  6. New Signing

    Never understand why Town leave it till last minute to announce a new signing, be better announce day before and increase crowd
  7. Lynch to Southport

    I’ve read the article in the Courier, Kosylo gives a sensible comment on being transferred. Full time may not be on his agenda.
  8. Towns youngest player.

    Do we know who was the youngest player to represent  Halifax Town AFC and FC Halifax Town
  9. Connor Oliver

    Nothing changes, 50 yrs ago just the same. Only differ is there were more teams playing back then.
  10. Class Ground

    Remember it well. From the first mention we were getting floodlights, watching the pylons going up and the big switch on. The disappointment was the match itself which was a drab affair.
  11. gone full time

    Is there something Fishy going on there?
  12. Tranmere today

    After last years performance in the Trophy let’s hope Heath is
  13. FA Cup Draw Monday?

    Could have been worse! Tranmere v Halifax 
  14. Today's game guisley

    That's a name from the past, you're showing your age
  15. 50 Years ago

    I'm another oldie who was there. Malcolm Russell at right back, a class act and Mr Dependable Pickering c/h those were the days....