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  1. Fondop-Talom

    Don't they all seem to be number 10s not a natural 9 in the squad so far
  2. Fondop-Talom

    As a main striker 15 from a support is promotion material
  3. Physio

    His interesting past
  4. Physio

    Can anyone explain why my post was taken down? It's a proven fact. It shouldn't affect his ability as a physio.
  5. Getting worried

    Nathan Clarke I've heard from a few people 
  6. Getting worried

    Wouldn't the best course of action be to loan him out so he cannot play against us? If 100% of his wage is getting paid it's better than the nominal fee we would get for him 
  7. Like pulling teeth

    Students,Unemployed,Minimum Wage,Pensioners Where do you stop?  
  8. Like pulling teeth

    You can afford an iPad and internet so you can afford a season ticket!  
  9. Jake Hibbs

    Hibbs isn't the greatest passer but puts himself about and can take set pieces. He's a poor man's Pearson better players than him about so no huge loss if he goes.
  10. Peniket Alfreton

    Remind me of your footballing CV. He's that clueless he's got a FA TROPHY and two promotions in 5 years. What have you done in the last 5?
  11. M F T

    Goals to game ratio not bad,I can't see what your issue with him is! Holds ball up well can bring others into play as he can actually pass and read the game. All he needs along side him is a pacey striker. The promotion talk is pie in the sky anyway,we are just a full time club like 75% of the league it's hardly a eureka moment by the board it's getting to the same level as the competition.
  12. Season tickets

    It's a matter of do I pay the money now or In August but if the money is based on the playing budget show some intention of where we are going to be at. I was a player sponsor last season so I am happy to pay what they want but I want enticing to buy it this minute. The three month payment scheme is all well and good for those who cannot pay in 1 go but give them something to warrant it! They have already increased the deadline for the first payment showing they ain't getting what they wanted from the fans.
  13. Season tickets

    The lack of movement re transfers so far is putting me off not the price. I see it's a catch 22 they won't invest heavily if nobody buys but surely the club have to make the first move to g3t people to get the cheque book out.
  14. Question for the BOD

    when's flea giving Macca his boots back?!? #dotherightthing
  15. Playoff final kit kids or adults

    £340 and someone may sell you one! Season tickets have gone up you know! And them shirts are from the biggest day in the club's history