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  1. Retained list for next season

    Rodney has more senior experience of being around a first team so that's maybe why you thought that 
  2. DB's Interview In't Courier

    53559 was the number given at the Ethiad last night and that it was empty,so not to sure if that's actually true
  3. Another Announcement?

    Isn't the clue the Christmas tree the falling leaves the postcard and the cup??   Winter world cup?!?!
  4. Ebbsfleet game....

    They only changed it around the time you posted so all prior posts were relevant 
  5. Ebbsfleet game....

    So the Shay has games Thursday Rugby (Reserves v Keighley) Saturday Football Sunday Rugby Tuesday Football.   Hope it stands up to it.   Also why do the rugby team play reserve games on the pitch in such poor condition anyway 
  6. Barnet (A)

    We went bust so we spunked money regardless
  7. Colwyn Bay

    Wasn't last game against Corby?
  8. Double signing

    Football league is 4 long term which is over 3 months. But with non league I think that may change as players often go on loan to January transfer window
  9. Today’s game: Havant

    Hartlepool struggled to beat 9 men. So you're mistaken on that one. Keepers made a world class save in injury time small margins.   His signings this season on a whole have been poor. But in these leagues you get new players every season,so I'd be looking at what he brings in during the summer but I doubt he'll get that long.   Some people are calling Edwards dreadful others saying Preston isn't good enough unfortunately that's what we have in our squad until players are released at end of the season. Best defence we've had in the conference.  Also least goals scored I'd imagine. Fullarton will keep us up,I believe he's setting up not to lose which shows that in that sense its good results. But we don't have the heart or ability in the current crop barring a few players to actually do anything other that flirt with relegation.  
  10. Keep the faith or ditch the disaster?

    What you all seem to forget is Askey built that Macclesfield team over time they didn't pull up trees apart from maybe 1 season. They were mid table throughout .
  11. The game tonight: Maidstone

    You can play well and lose. Play awful and pick up 3 points. I know what I prefer 

    Duckworth atm should be playing via merit he's been solid although he doesn't have the attacking threat Hanson has same as Sellers is more attacking than Skarz. Non stand out over the others. If Clarke and Brown got dropped for Maher and Staunton at centre half then that may be a worry. It seem you are just trying to pick faults for no reason now.
  13. Fullarton In

    We have a **** budget and a small fan base anything above relegation is a win. We are effectively a go-to club between national and the north.
  14. Gregory to Sheffield Utd

  15. Kosy

    I'm guessing we exercised any options we had on him?