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  1. Keep the faith or ditch the disaster?

    What you all seem to forget is Askey built that Macclesfield team over time they didn't pull up trees apart from maybe 1 season. They were mid table throughout .
  2. The game tonight: Maidstone

    You can play well and lose. Play awful and pick up 3 points. I know what I prefer 

    Duckworth atm should be playing via merit he's been solid although he doesn't have the attacking threat Hanson has same as Sellers is more attacking than Skarz. Non stand out over the others. If Clarke and Brown got dropped for Maher and Staunton at centre half then that may be a worry. It seem you are just trying to pick faults for no reason now.
  4. Fullarton In

    We have a **** budget and a small fan base anything above relegation is a win. We are effectively a go-to club between national and the north.
  5. Gregory to Sheffield Utd

  6. Kosy

    I'm guessing we exercised any options we had on him?
  7. Kosy

    I would snap Salfords hand off! I heard NYD that a 6 figure sum had been bid for Kossy that's more ludicrous than the one on the salford board.
  8. Aspin getting the sack?

    He managed a side from the glue leagues only did what was expected of him had 1 good season.....but in the relevant game chose Chris Smith over Simon Ainge
  9. Harrogate Away

    I stood directly behind Jamie today,I wanted to know what he had passion wise and how he interacted with the players. First 20 mins he was very vocal then he went deadly silent during the main part of the game,I thought he was inept but today he converted me. I like the bloke and he does the right things. My only issue is that he doesn't get animated enough and he doesn't warm the subs up to kick start the players on the pitch. I think he will come good.we will stay up and should be good for top half next season he just needs to be more active on the touchline to quieten a few doubters 
  10. Fullerton must go now

    Getting rid of Lenighan is whats cost us 
  11. Why ?

    Didn't we do it to a southern team relegation season 
  12. Dave's interview

    Bloke pushing 60 having a mid life crisis still rocking his peroxide blonde look from 20 years ago,probably trying to pull teenage girls in Acca on a Saturday night. Coupled with making threats on an online forum. Highlight of my Sunday evening.
  13. Nile Ranger

    Marlon King is an ex jailbird maybe he's our man
  14. Nile Ranger

    Averaged just over 15 games a season in his career. So doesn't play football that often! Also in relation Lenighan is a saint if you look at rap sheets.
  15. Barnet Postponed

    £35 is quite a bit of money for 2 games in four days for the people on here who keep going on about being skint so at least it's cheaper for you on that front