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  1. 19/20 player rumours

    Will it be anything to do with signing on bonuses? Or when we start paying them from?
  2. Jordan Nobbs

    Vardy,Gardner,Marc Roberts all lower level crap who would never get in our first team. So why wouldn't a Ossett player in a team on the rise be correct personel. I do know it was a hypothetical statement by yourself also
  3. One of the favourites to go down

    Torquay will do really well this season at least 2 bookies have them in top 5
  4. Ryan Sellars article

    As a left back yes. As a wing back he would have held his own
  5. Josh Macdonald

    He was a far better WINGER than Kosylo pre injury skinner his man and his crosses were reasonably good. If hes only lost a yard and has bulked up a bit he will be in double figures with assists. His only issue is finishing 
  6. Darlington

    5 players contracted on 500pw basic. But then it's all gone.
  7. James Hardy

    30th June is when contracts are up.So 1st July is correct Unless you mean the club take an age to announce anything.
  8. Darlington

    Not sure board would accept 
  9. McCallum only decent one on that list. I would have Osbourne and Reckord out of that squad though 
  10. James Hardy

    Dan Gardner over Hardy if we are going quality over quantity. Dan can ping them in from 30 yards that's sort of player that turns draws into wins 
  11. Kevin Roberts

    Hes past it stay clear
  12. See it can be done.

    You're expecting him to jump from Cammel Laird to National League.   We took a punt on Vardy in the Evostik and we had players if it went wrong. So Nantwich would be the level to move in theory.   Blackburn may loan him out so (if they take him on)  that's worth a look though if.   On the otherside Tom Taylor who was signed on by us for the Bench recently had a trial at Rotherham. Did he get away? Or does he have a good agent you've just got to think of that.
  13. Who's going who's staying?

    Ferry signed for Woking didn't he so that's out of the window.
  14. Town Vs Wrexham

  15. Retained list for next season

    Rodney has more senior experience of being around a first team so that's maybe why you thought that