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  1. Fylde Tuesday

    It was a hospital pass! Lenighan had a man stood right on the back of him! You are genuinely a pretentious little penis Pliny! You single him out regardless of other players performances!
  2. Do the maths

    Regarding the people on the turnstile I took a few guests with me but the female on the turnstile was adamant entry was £19 not £20 I cannot think of anything other than she was charging the £9 And pocketing £10 giving change from £20 notes.
  3. Sutton United

    I would have started McLeod on the grounds of plastic pitches suit players who like to have a run and hit the ball  But midfield should be ok. Possibly King on after an hour 
  4. Loan signings

    He was better than Archie Love
  5. Gateshead match thread

  6. sutton and borehamwood

    The National League and the FA should be covering the costs as if the National League teams do well it would make the Rangers/Celtic into the English League debate dead in the water. If non league teams beat Championship Scottish teams it will also show how comparative the league's are.
  7. 8 years ago today - Vardy

    Unless you're in a time lapse and we have Billy Heath in charge you're a year out
  8. Braintree Thread

    Where abouts in the ground were you stood? Didn't see you today 
  9. Duckworth

    Where's he been on trial? Is he match fit?
  10. Jamies Coffee Morning

    But if the "demands" of those 2 are within the wage structure & Fondops wasn't the squad would be smaller still that coupled with players holding the club to ransom over new deals. We would be risking financial stability on 1 man
  11. How many going to Braintree? I predict 125.

    I'll be going + 3 others with me
  12. Man vs Machine

    Great Spot
  13. Silsden

    I heard about it as I live in Keighley but no idea what team etc were going over
  14. Fondop-Talom

    Don't they all seem to be number 10s not a natural 9 in the squad so far
  15. Fondop-Talom

    As a main striker 15 from a support is promotion material