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  1. Bottom Line

    This Heath bashing is absoloute nonsense. Denton puts that sitter away it's 3 points,small margins in football.His only fault yesterday was playing McManus as the he barely offered an outlet on the wing. We have 25 points I doubt we are going to go down,but we were never going up either. It's consolidate then strengthen but that's down to the board and if they are going to put some money in or not.
  2. Tranmere team

    Yes he was,but he also missed the Tranmere cup match for accumulation of yellows so he is free to play on Saturday 
  3. Chester FC - our next opponents

    We had Lee Gregory,Vardy (money) and a side that was absolutely flying going into the North first time! I don't like Heaths style but the team he inherited was weaker than the team Aspin had at his disposal.
  4. Aldershot thread

    So we got a fee for him? How much was it?  
  5. Aldershot thread

    The same of his finds in which he didn't offer a contract to...........
  6. Silsden

    Ex Rotherham youth team knows back of the net,Worth bringing in duel registration?
  7. Silsden

    FC Halifax Town will be playing Silsden on Wednesday. Well that's according to a few players at Silsden who I know,what team we send is a different matter
  8. Callum Hassan

    I was impressed by him,i would give him a few more games to get fitness if nothing else. He won headers held the ball well and closed down. He's still reasonably young. I would like to see what he would be like with Josh McDonald as his crosses are as a rule better than Kosylo's.
  9. I fear next season.

    What about someone who's 50 years old,have lost a job and still have the same level of support as yourself,or those on 0 hour contracts? If we want a club which is able to compete we need a comparative budget to those around us. Worst case scenario spend your winter fuel allowance on season ticket you'll get warmed up by all the hot air in the east stand.
  10. Match thread tonight

    Thing with Clarke is he doesn't do anything good or bad so jury is out with him IMO  Bringing Denton on was right also as it's an aerial presence and he defends corners better than he attacks them as a whole. I'm still not Billy's biggest fan but the players showed what they can do tonight. I think the huddle pre match showed the players back him so we should do also! It is what it is win next two games and he's safe for a while drop points and it's going to be back to hostilities. But Billy is on a hiding to nothing wins games and we're expected to win them so it's no great achievement loses a few and he's not up to the job.
  11. If everyone was fit, what would your starting XI be?

                           Drench               Garner    Hone   Hotte McManus                                    McDonald                  Lynch      Sinnott                          Kosylo              Peniket        Morgan      Not entirely sure wing backs would work though  
  12. Sam Johnson

    Drench is a far better goalkeeper no disrespect to Johnson but it's not a position I feel we needed to change! A centre half maybe would have been a better option! Unless he's going to drop Denton and Johnson is the aerial presence in the box for set pieces I don't understand it! Only possible plus side is if we have Johnson on a very small wage and we offload Drench it may help pay off our abysmal manager with the freed up funds 
  13. Trump

    But unlike the EU Referendum the person with the most votes list the US Election