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  1. Town V Brighouse

    Hassan is quicker than both our current strikers, he consistently beat men to the ball and put pressure on defenders. 
  2. Who's doing who a favour?

    I'm lucky I picked up an extra couple of quid before leaving. I walked to the ground so I would have had to go on a hunt either for a cashpoint or walk half an hour back home and another half hour back. Poor notice and way too pricey for a pre season game at Brighouse.
  3. Town V Brighouse

    Hassan was pretty impressive, quicker than all our other strikers, great hold up play and runs. Looks very decent and would like to see him signed.  Brighouse looked much improved than since last time I must say. Wouldn't take too much from this result tbh.
  4. Connor Oliver

    Fella who used to work for Ferriby says he was one of the best if not the best player there last year. 
  5. relegation team v promotion team

    Barrow will be pushing for a playoff spot this season, I doubt we will trouble them. Dover have got rid of tons of players and I'd have them down as a surprise to end up fighting relegation, a fight we should try and avoid. Seen some Wrexham fans say they could be challenging for the league the way their squad is shaping up so I doubt we'll be anywhere near them.
  6. Golf Day

    Tweeting about golf during the golf day!!??! Bloody rubbish Town sack the board.
  7. Signings for next season

    Looking at Charlie Jones' Twitter he has had a bit of trolling in response. It's an interesting read 
  8. 20 years ago....

    No Trev I have no ambition, I wish we would stagnate and slowly fade away into the empty void of the unknown until we are barely visible to the surrounding 23 teams in our dull, sad league. I wish our crowds would topple over and die so our players can play in front of an empty crowd with only tumbleweed for company. 
  9. 20 years ago....

    Agree with Flea on this one, aim high but also aim to build. Even if we did go up, we would come straight back down without time to lay down foundations for survival in the FL.
  10. Martin Riley

    The right get more offended about things, they're just better at pointing at stuff they disagree with or are criticised for and shouting "PC liberal scum" etc. The truth is, in Britain we tend not to get offended as much as the American left do and moreover it's our right wing who generally get angry because someone has told them "Gettin' these muslamics out of Ingerland" is a bit thick. In perhaps more appropriate news, I have given Mr Riley a welcome on Twitter and I hope both his critics and his fans do the same. If he hasn't already read this and is planning a return to North Wales I'm sure it would make him feel more comfortable with his new surroundings. 
  11. I fear next season.

    Johnson Roberts - Garner - Riley - Brown - Macca Sinnott - Lynch Kosylo - Morgan/Denton - New Winger Need a new winger and perhaps a new striker for me to be totally confident going into next season. 
  12. Pre Season Friendlies

    Chuffed about this, although not a competitive derby I've had my fingers crossed for this fixture for a while.
  13. Martin Riley

    Don't worry yourself about it, no one said anything about racism anyway. What is important is how he performs on the pitch rather than his views off it and from what I've heard, he seems like an excellent addition to the squad.
  14. Martin Riley

    Appears a bit of a tit to me but if he can play football then that's all that matters.
  15. "Shaymen Til I Die" on the back of the new shirt

    The lack of costing in Removes manifesto concerns me.