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    Scotland are poor, Wales are poor, R of Ireland are poor.  Can't believe he actually posted it.

    They actually beat Croatia at Wembley to qualify for the NL SF by two set pieces. England were the only WC SF to back that up with qualifying for the  NL SF.  We are a long way from poor.

    Hearing from sources that it's an ex international from Tunisia. First name Mustafa.......
  4. Average Earnings.

    League 2 average is around 50k p.a so about 1k per week, I believe. NL players will be around the same salary. Some will be more some less. FCHT being part time full time would be,on average, slightly below that figure (I would imagine). So if I was having an educated guess I would put most of the players at FCHT in the region of 35 to 50k.
  5. Half Time Entertainment

    Behave , that will never catch on ! 
  6. Challenge cup

    I meant in their dealings with the council.
  7. Challenge cup

    Happy for their fans but not sure if it's a good thing for Halifax Town. Anything that promotes the rugby league club and gives them a potential bargaining advantage can't be good for the football club.
  8. Darlington

    They raised 80k last year so looks like it's an ongoing thing.
  9. Champions league big call

    I have to say I thought it was a pen. 
  10. Darlington

    It's on top of the budget. 
  11. Darlington

    100k now
  12. European Cup Final

    Harry Kane is the England captain. So for that reason alone,  COYS. 
  13. North v South

    Depends. If he did it might allow the team to play further up the pitch. Whilst they are a strength defensively their lack of pace is a weakness which means the team defended very deeply.
  14. Frickley

    Having watched St Mirren v Dundee Utd I'd say that they are probably on a par with a good league 2 standard side so that would be a decent work out.
  15. Lol although I thought he actually said yow,  in a black country accent? 
  16. Parallel universe

    Corrected that for you 
  17. Kossy - 3 others

    Darlington just got a new manager. 
  18. Quigley Signs For Barrow .

    My feelings of what I saw. T' Courier ( when he first signed) went on about his goal record in the Welsh League as if he was the next Ronnie but it was something like 30 in 80 games.
  19. Bolton

    I did think that originally but wasn't 100%
  20. Bolton

    Without any actual research! Chesterfield,  Wrexham, Hartlepool,  Salford,  Orient,  Harrogate,  Fylde,  Solihull,  Eastleigh,  Barnet will all be above us in the budget stakes.
  21. Clarke

    Council owned isn't it? Stockers paying rent 
  22. 19/20 player rumours

    I am not sure about that, certainly not if Sarri is still there. CA has been one of Chelsea's better performers. More likely a loan to a Crystal Palace or Brighton.
  23. £20k bonus

    The vat side of things yes  not sure about the incidental costs of match days but printing and admin costs aside. I would imagine that a greater % of season ticket costs go towards the budget. I am not disputing that having a number of northern based well supported ex fl clubs in the league is better for the finance at the shay.
  24. £20k bonus

    I wasn't questioning that Erik.
  25. £20k bonus

    LOL..... sadly not!