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  1. Salford game

    It's a friendly so my guess would be that it won't be played.
  2. Salford game

    You would imagine that the council will make the decision.
  3. Bury

    I understand that. I just find it very frustrating that in football administration's the football creditors are secured creditors and HMRC aren't.  I have been involved in an administration and I didn't get what I was owed and whilst I did get a payout in the end, it came from a government funded pot. I accept that at this level the lads are not on massive amounts so they need the money just like the rest of us. I can also acknowledge that the top players contribute a lot in tax and ni, I just find it frustrating that in cases like this football only cares about itself and not the local supply chain that it is happy to rip off. Either everyone takes a haircut or nobody does.
  4. Bury

    It worked second time !
  5. Bury

    The one group of people I don't feel sorry for in all this is the players. If they didn't have such unrealistic salary expectations clubs wouldn't over stretch themselves. Don't forget that the players are not party to the CVA, we are (the taxpayers) so we don't get all we are owed but the players will (eventually) get everything they are owed.
  6. Bury

  7. Anyone going to Square Chapel?

    I used to like Harold Crabtree 
  8. Who would want to take over our club?

    With respect mate. WHU and the way they swindled the country out of the Olympic Stadium is not a good example.  Perhaps I can see this from a different perspective because I am not a life long fan but what I would say is that with the current BOD there will never be a situation where they spend what they don't have so you won't get a Bolton, Macclesfield or Bury and you will always have a club.
  9. Nathan Clarke applies for job.

    Thought so. Playing Josh at CB  might allow us to get further up the pitch due  to NC's lack of pace. The parts of the team can be closer together.
  10. Nathan Clarke applies for job.

    Staunton was captain of the England C as a centre back wasn't he? 
  11. Darlington game

    Why would anyone else be interested in taking it over? There are no assets,  they don't own the ground.  At the end of the day the town will get the club their support levels deserve and at the moment not enough people go through the gate.  
  12. Anyone going to Square Chapel?

    He talked about how difficult it was to get a break in football. Said how he had done all his coaching badges but hadn't found a way back into football. Of course he has Diego's shirt from that game !  The film was great by the way. 
  13. Anyone going to Square Chapel?

    It's Steve Hodge for the Q&A. Can you imagine Diego in Halifax. I reckon he'd be an Acca man !!
  14. For the Maradona movie and Q & A tonight?