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  1. Bolton

    I did think that originally but wasn't 100%
  2. Bolton

    Without any actual research! Chesterfield,  Wrexham, Hartlepool,  Salford,  Orient,  Harrogate,  Fylde,  Solihull,  Eastleigh,  Barnet will all be above us in the budget stakes.
  3. Clarke

    Council owned isn't it? Stockers paying rent 
  4. 19/20 player rumours

    I am not sure about that, certainly not if Sarri is still there. CA has been one of Chelsea's better performers. More likely a loan to a Crystal Palace or Brighton.
  5. £20k bonus

    The vat side of things yes  not sure about the incidental costs of match days but printing and admin costs aside. I would imagine that a greater % of season ticket costs go towards the budget. I am not disputing that having a number of northern based well supported ex fl clubs in the league is better for the finance at the shay.
  6. £20k bonus

    I wasn't questioning that Erik.
  7. £20k bonus

    LOL..... sadly not! 
  8. £20k bonus

    That is only the gross taking, you need to consider the VAT and the costs involved before considering how much money they will contribute.
  9. Sheff Utd....

    Don't tell Jezza, he'll shoot the ****er! 
  10. Sheff Utd....

    Brilliant, a local charity. Hope I'm paying up.
  11. Sheff Utd....

    He might well be but he'll still need several new players. Happy for you to give £10.00 to Cancer Research next May Steve. 
  12. Sheff Utd....

    You never know what he will do in the summer transfer window but I think if they finish 4th bottom with  the current squad it will be a miracle. As Glenners said, a limited bunch of players. Still, well done this season and good luck next.
  13. Draws

    I know what you meant,  but you are supposing that we had won all ten.  
  14. Draws

    Had we won them all ! Personally I would always play with a man in front of the cb's, I'm not so sure that at this level you need a double pivot.
  15. Draws

    Had he been less cautious the draws might have been defeats though.  The reason he sat back is because the cb's have no pace and he didn't want to expose them. That said he could have tried to solve that by playing one of Maher or Staunton at CB to give more pace, but would the team then have been so solid ?