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  1. Solihull Thread

    Quite a lot because he had to keep up with Kosylo 
  2. Sam Johnson

    They were the better side for large parts of the game, so it doesn't say much about Halifax 
  3. Watching BT Sport

    Tranmere have got the two fattest footballers in England! 
  4. England Vs Holland

    Mate there's opinions and then there's just hog wash ! 
  5. England Vs Holland

    Mate you need to take up another sport because football is obviously not for you if that is what you see in HM
  6. Summer Recruitment

    Yep, you also get the impression that the new guy will be able to work with him and improve him. 
  7. Summer Recruitment

    Spot on 
  8. Hartlepool tonight

    Didn't have a drink mate. Thought he worked hard. He isn't playing  like he did when he left but then again  he hasn't got Burrow and those two linked well. The question we have to ask is who is the better option ST or Tom?  In my opinion it's ST but I have only seen  4 games all season so perhaps I am not the best judge.
  9. Hartlepool tonight

    I think the pair of you must have watched a different game to me.
  10. Hartlepool tonight

    Agree with that. I thought he worked hard and was always prepared to either show for the ball to feet or run over the top. Decent performance from ST
  11. Hartlepool tonight

    First visit for me since Barrow. Was quite impressed, thought that overall we deserved to win the game. We looked a lot more fluid than the last time I saw us. Thought every player put a shift in  but mention for Moyo and the midfield 3 Collins would be my mom.  
  12. Should we be winning on Saturday,

    As long as we win I don't really care about anyone else.