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  1. Edwards

    We’ve had their pants down there, god knows how we’ve got a fee for him. Now let’s replace him with a striker who’s capable of sticking the ball in the back of the net. He seems a nice lad, hopefully he finds his level and kicks on from there
  2. 2. Myself and my dad. Great offer by the club and hats off to DB by looking into taking advantage of the array of local schools in Halifax and planning for the next generation of supporters.
  3. Dover game

    Maybe it’s not game over, come on town!
  4. Dover game

    2-0 Dover. Game over. 
  5. Dover game

    1-0 down. Too easy by the sound of it.
  6. Today’s Game Eastleigh

    Jamie Fullarton football genius... What a win absolutely buzzing!
  7. Unanimous

    This argument that Tuton refused to play is absolute nonsense. Town received a bid from Barnsley in the region of 60K which Bosomworth was more than happy with. Harvey felt like tuton should not play as he would not be at the club much longer and it was HIS choice not to play him in that 1-1 draw with welling. A game we’d have most likely won if tuton had played. Granted, on the face of it Tuton doesn’t have the best attitude but this constant attempt to demonise him as the epitome of what is wrong with the modern footballer is totally inaccurate and wrong. Bosomworth was responsible for the relegation as he sold tuton yet didn’t give Harvey the funds to find a suitable replacement so we ended up with fairhurst on a cheap deal.
  8. Today’s game: Havant

    Definitely a red card. Studs up and caught him high. Silly tackle.  Fullarton signed Sellers and chooses to start him every week when he has Hanson on the bench. Why not play Hanson at right back and duckworth at left back? with 11 we wouldn’t have kicked on. We’d have drawn 0-0 again. Just like against Braintree, Barrow, Aldershot and Salford recently.  Without brown and Clarke he’d be out of a job. Preston’s ‘chance’ was a product of him skipping past a couple of players and having a pot shot from distance. Nothing to do with the style of play. Only shot on target all game for us, says it all. Quigley is yet to have a good game in a town shirt, hasn’t even shown glimpses of him resembling a footballer in any way. One goal against Maidstone in about 8 games. Fullarton also signed him and persists with him and the same system which has seen us win about 4 games in 28 since the beginning of September. Sorry Scot, JF did a great job at the back end of last season keeping us up and for that I’m grateful but this season he has proved to be the most negative, dull and uninspiring manager I’ve seen down the shay and he has to go. He should count himself lucky he hasn’t had the treatment heath got. 
  9. The best Team for Maidstone

                                 Johnson                Staunton     Clarke    Brown Hanson                                               Duckworth                       King           Berrett                                Kosylo                   Southwell       Tomlinson   Think this team would be our strongest and addresses issues of our weak left back position (Both Skarz and Sellers are poor and duckworth has been playing very well recently). Bags of creativity in midfield with Kossy given a free role to roam about. Southwell and Tomlinson are both intelligent players and would link up with each other well (if allowed to by the clown in charge). Width provided by two wing backs who are dangerous going forwards.  Something like this is all I want to see, a sign JF at least wants to try and change his ways and switch up the system and style of play. He won’t though, we all know what side he’s going to pick. Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is the definition of insanity and JF has risen to new levels of insanity. 2 wins in about 25 league games. Embarrassing.
  10. Now Is The Time To Go

    I held off for a while as I’m not one for sacking managers but the turning point for me was chesterfield last week. Massive game and we played for a 0-0 and got what we deserved. Same again AT HOME today. What happened to ‘making our home a fortress and entertaining the fans’ Fullarton? Bloke’s a clown and needs sacking. Bring aspin back or anyone for that matter, anything is better than this negative, dull and utterly uninspiring set up that stifles our attacking players. Clarke and Brown have kept fullarton in a job. I’ve had enough, he’s sucked the life out of the supporters.
  11. Three wise monkeys

    Yes his contract runs until the end of next season, madness really to give him such length on his contract. No wonder Bosomworth will be so reluctant to get rid, would cost a bomb!
  12. Boreham Wood

    I’ve done this before in this argument but you very clearly ignore the context to his time at Grimsby and Wycombe. At Grimsby he was just 18-21 years old and was shoved out on the wing after Just coming into senior football. What would you expect him to do in that situation exactly? Those are 42 of his games. So a considerable chunk. Also, at Wycombe due to the striking talents they had with the likes of akinfenwa, Cowan-Hall and Paul Hayes, he was also put out on the wing at a level higher than he’s currently at. Came off the bench a lot and starts were few and far between. What were you expecting from him in that situation exactly? That’s 25 games and another decent chunk. It’s important to provide context to each club and you fail to do that to suit your narrative. A club like us aren’t going to get a better striker at this level than Southwell with our current wage structure so it’s pivotal that we utilise him correctly and I believe we’re on the road to doing that. We need to get behind him because he’s a very good player and we see lots of glimpses now and then but due to his isolation it isn’t regular enough. The addition of Ferry should enable us to get more men around him so I expect to see an improvement in his input in matches. He’s already scored and got involved a lot more so that’s a good start. Hopefully we can continue progressing with him.
  13. Barrow FA Trophy

    True, hopefully we put them to the sword and go at them. If we sit back and invite them in at home like we have been doing a lot this season then that will only result in a scraped draw or loss. Tire them out further by stretching the pitch is a must. Just hoping we’ve turned a corner with this result but I’m still skeptical
  14. Barrow FA Trophy

    Thanks for that Steve, looks like I’ll need to brush up on my understanding of the FA Trophy rules!
  15. Barrow FA Trophy

    Good. Brilliant for us too as it means they should be tired going into the match on Tuesday