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  1. Boreham Wood

    I’ve done this before in this argument but you very clearly ignore the context to his time at Grimsby and Wycombe. At Grimsby he was just 18-21 years old and was shoved out on the wing after Just coming into senior football. What would you expect him to do in that situation exactly? Those are 42 of his games. So a considerable chunk. Also, at Wycombe due to the striking talents they had with the likes of akinfenwa, Cowan-Hall and Paul Hayes, he was also put out on the wing at a level higher than he’s currently at. Came off the bench a lot and starts were few and far between. What were you expecting from him in that situation exactly? That’s 25 games and another decent chunk. It’s important to provide context to each club and you fail to do that to suit your narrative. A club like us aren’t going to get a better striker at this level than Southwell with our current wage structure so it’s pivotal that we utilise him correctly and I believe we’re on the road to doing that. We need to get behind him because he’s a very good player and we see lots of glimpses now and then but due to his isolation it isn’t regular enough. The addition of Ferry should enable us to get more men around him so I expect to see an improvement in his input in matches. He’s already scored and got involved a lot more so that’s a good start. Hopefully we can continue progressing with him.
  2. Barrow FA Trophy

    True, hopefully we put them to the sword and go at them. If we sit back and invite them in at home like we have been doing a lot this season then that will only result in a scraped draw or loss. Tire them out further by stretching the pitch is a must. Just hoping we’ve turned a corner with this result but I’m still skeptical
  3. Barrow FA Trophy

    Thanks for that Steve, looks like I’ll need to brush up on my understanding of the FA Trophy rules!
  4. Barrow FA Trophy

    Good. Brilliant for us too as it means they should be tired going into the match on Tuesday
  5. Barrow FA Trophy

    Good win that. Sounds like we rode our luck at times with them hitting the woodwork multiple times but for the lads to go up there in these conditions low on confidence and to pick up a win is a superb effort which should be applauded. Hopefully this is the start of a revival under Fullarton. Also nice to see Tommo return with a goal to win it, we’ve missed him a lot
  6. Barrow FA Trophy

    Not sure someone will have to have a look because I always thought in the fa trophy that you could go to extra time to force a result but if it is still a draw then it goes to a replay
  7. Barrow FA Trophy

    Yes but they have gone to extra time to try force a result so hopefully they either win or lose!
  8. Dagenham Today’s game

    Don’t care, would be scenes 
  9. Dagenham Today’s game

    Would be a good point considering circumstances. Can we sneak it off Jonny Edwards’ arse in the last second?
  10. Collins

  11. Today's Game

    This is just a system I’ve picked for what we have available atm, in honesty I don’t know what I’d do when Tommo and Berrett or even Josh Mac come back but that can only be a good thing. Competition in the squad which gives a manager a selection headache is what we want. I just want to see JF try something different in all honesty. At least it’ll show he recognises it isn’t working and would be willing to be proactive and try to change the team’s fortune. When he’s picking the same team and system week in, week out when we’re on such a bad run of form it shows the manager may have lost the plot. Just holding out for him to change the system or else I fear for him.
  12. Today's Game

    Based on what we have I think the Maher/Staunton partnership in midfield ran its course long ago just like the current system. Not a bad showing against Wimbledon but league performances have gotten progressively worse throughout this awful run we’re on. Surely Fullarton sees this and has to change the system. I’d possibly be looking at a 5-2-1-2 based on what we have which would look like this:                               Johnson                Staunton   Clarke     Brown Hanson                                                  Sellers                      Maher           King                                Kosylo                   Southwell       Edwards   Obvious improvements would be a new physical presence up front to partner Southwell because Edwards is nowhere near the standard required. Could possibly look at someone like Glen Taylor from Spennymoor. Big lad at 6’3 and is top scorer in National north. Heath tried to sign him at the start of last season but didn’t happen for whatever reason. Doubt Bosomworth will want to pay a fee for anyone however so think we’ll be looking at a loanee if we do sign someone. key thing with this formation is to really push the wing backs forward as much as possible. Sellers has a really good cross on him and I like the way he whips it. If we had a big presence to aim for I could see us scoring a few from those types of scenarios. Then we have Southwell in the box to utilise as a poacher like in his Boston days. He’d score so many from loose balls in the box. Like I say this might not work and prove to be a disaster but surely we’ve got to try something different?  
  13. Ebbsfleet

    No, we beat Woking, Dagenham, Boreham Wood and Sutton. Drew against Eastleigh, Guiseley, Solihull, Gateshead and Maidstone. Lost against Fylde, Torquay and Tranmere.  Played 12, won 4, drew 5, lost 3 which isn’t that bad but we fell off last 3 games or so. Football was a lot more entertaining than it is now yet he has his own players now! Very strange.
  14. Ebbsfleet

    4-0 now. Make that 19 goals conceded in 11 away league games. What a joke. 
  15. Ebbsfleet

    Tbf ebbsfleet are very heavily backed which has allowed them to sign the likes of cheek, Kedwell, Whitely, King etc. Still doesn’t excuse this travesty of an away performance. Doesn’t sound like we’ve even created a single chance and sounds like we’ve just buckled under pressure defensively. Our record away from home this season in the league reads (as it stands): 11 played 1 win  4 draws 6 losses goals scored: 8 Goals conceded: 18 Absolutely unacceptable, especially that defensive effort. That’s what happens when you invite so much pressure, play 2 centre backs in midfield and don’t let your full backs cross the halfway line...