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  1. Denton

    I know it is no point in looking back but Dents is showing his worth as a provider of goals and space at Chesterfield with his partner Scott. Good luck to him. He has even lost weight and found that extra bit of pace. Worth 80k?
  2. Weather watch

    Cleethorpes home of Grimsby who are settling for mediocre much to fans dismay 
  3. Weather watch

    I endorse what Steve has said.  We are planning to make a shorter trip and hope for better than we have seen this time. I need to feel better about football....... 
  4. Today’s Game v Aldershot

    A lot of disenchanted fans. This situation has been a result of months of complacency about our ability to score goals way of playing etc. It is more than serious now. 
  5. Off the Radar

    I said about shooting practice against Ossett yesterday on our depressing journey to Cleethorpes.  I was  slightly lifted by seeing part of Grimsby management today who thought we would be OK? 
  6. Today’s Game: Chesterfield

    Went to Proact stadium on basis of Salford.  Came home in near dispair.  No cohesion as said.  Passion of Tomlinson needs to spread throughout.  What has JF and DB to say to those who travelled??   
  7. Keep Calm & Carry On

    The passion of our faithful  fans after getting to play offs and Wembley and even getting promoted back to National League   has been and is  gradually being evaporated. We cannot keep calm and resigned if we still have passion? 
  8. Keep Calm & Carry On

    Passion needed Newport  County style 
  9. Braintree

    The drama is we are gradually moving towards a relegation battle that has been coming for weeks.  We are not scoring. From all accounts today was not better than last week? 
  10. Braintree

    Still need a midfield dynamo. Paul Hendre type. 
  11. Braintree

    It's nearly as bad on updates as being at game last week.  Shooting practice this week
  12. Harrogate NYD

    HT has always had passionate fans in order to survive today was not worth the petrol and entrance.  Compare with Aspin as you are bound to there was little fight and passion on the pitch until the 65th minute. Must have been NYEve.  No.  Lets hope there is a reality check because we expect more value for money and hope for a brighter future. 
  13. Harrogate NYD

    We allowed Hgate domination of game  midfield. They played on the deck we gave ball away. We were so so fortunate to get a point.  Not being critical for sake of it. But as fan of over 50 years it was extremely disappointing to watch. Midfield is a must. It was non existent.  Oh what it is to be a shamen!!!     
  14. Harrogate Away

     Time to sign a couple of quality players to build on this.No more false dawns stats don't lie. Southwell is a 20 goal man with right service and tactics
  15. Harrogate Away

    We should be challenging where Hgate are if we signed 2 players and gave service to Southwell. Crowds would not be dwindling and all that has been done in 10 years would be not in jeopardy but that is only my opinion. The fans deserve better.IMO