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  1. Lee Gregory

    And I would be very surprised if a team would pay £4m for him with his contract due to expire in the summer. They would be better enticing him with a large signing on fee and wait until the summer.
  2. Barrow

    I wish you wouldnt use that! Its how Jim Brown used to finish his programme notes 
  3. Barrow

    Jgn1 is quiet now we are closer to relegation  than mid table. 
  4. Fullarton In

    A club with greater self belief and togetherness. It certainly wouldn't be any worse than the club we have now.
  5. Online depression

    Come off it. You're more left wing then Tony Benn. 
  6. Fullarton In

    Well rejoice. Let's all celebrate being useless and aspire to be nothing better. 
  7. Online depression

    My party??? My post still applies. Though as a corbynite and in the cult you will come up with more diatribe. 
  8. Online depression

    But...Theresa May secured more votes than the Blair landslide in 1997. She also secured an increase in the Tory vote of just short of 6% from the 2015 election. The Labour gains were more down to the collapse of the Lib Dems and other smaller parties and partly due to the promise of unicorns.
  9. 1998/99 Card Collection

    Legend as a player. Not much else to say.
  10. 1998/99 Card Collection

    Weird, I cant remember him staying at long as two seasons.
  11. 1998/99 Card Collection

    That was a different Murphy, Peter. This one made a great start for us at Peterborough though cant remember what happened to him in the end.
  12. Hi Bubba I have put a complaint in about awaydays for placing my name on the forum without my permission,(which I have received no response) I know I am being purdantic but I was awarded a 3 point penalty for putting someone on by mistake a couple of years ago and awaydays is naming several members.



  13. Who exactly is Awaydays?

    Might be gender neutral?
  14. Braintree

    Made two good signings this week. Let's rejoice. Oh no. Same manager.
  15. Non league referees

    Its a surprise we have any referees at all. The amount of abuse they get on the local pitches as part of their climb up the footballing ladder is an absolute disgrace. Watch a local rugby match (league or union) and it is a totally different story.