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  1. Fylde Tuesday

    1197 according to twitter
  2. Crowds at home

    Criticism is fine; it comes with the job. An overreaction would be damaging.
  3. Crowds at home

    You are right about Fullarton facing his first major test as manager and thats why people have to be patient. Sadly, many wont.
  4. For Sale - Football Club

    I went to the match on the supporters coach and it broke down on the way. Got to the ground about 10mins into the game (didnt Lee Martin break his neck in this match?) Had to walk all the way round to behind the other goal and through the Hednesford supporters who pelted us with pies (yum). Yes, it all kicked off in the car park after the match.
  5. 19/09/1998 Hull City 1-2 Halifax Town

    No, that was a midweek night. This match was a Saturday and equally eventful. Broke down.
  6. The Horse

    2 years later we were paying the likes of Redfern 2k a week and ludden/Woodward 65k a year so can't see Geoff being on only 500 a couple of years previous for Fulham.
  7. HRLFC

    No reason they wont? Falling crowds, falling general interest in the sport, farcically managed by the RFL...I see plenty of reasons. 
  8. HRLFC

    Big EGM today at the RFL. If the proposal on the table gets voted through it could see the death of RL outside Super League - with one club chairman expecting it by 2022. In effect the proposal will see the Sky TV  money distributed to SL teams only.
  9. 11/09/1990 Rotherham 2-3 Town

    Felt like we had won the FA Cup. Magic.
  10. http://dontbeanarseandgooglehalifaxcourieryourself.com
  11. Happy squad?

    Thinking back to the conference winning side, that team picked itself and only changed due to injuries and suspensions. I don't see it as a big problem. 
  12. Wrexham Match Thread

    A nice change to see compliments from the opposition and rare that you get supporters from both sides pretty much agreed on the balance of the match.
  13. Michael Collins

    Fully booked up until next year I am afraid.