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  1. Live on TV....

    Do BT not remember the televised Chesterfield game?
  2. A street near you.

    Great link flea, thanks.
  3. For Juryeff - Town 5-2 Walsall

    Yes. At the age of about 12 I had been in the local park the night before drinking 20/20 
  4. Best Game you ever saw !!

    Physio Robert Swire, who went on to become head physio at Manchester United.
  5. Best Game you ever saw !!

    I ripped my shell suit bottoms on that bloody fence.
  6. The future of HTST

    I think it was the Administrators who told the Courier that now was probably the time for a new, supporter owned club. I received a phone call later that evening from Trust Chair at the time, Pam Burton, telling me that she had spoken to DB and he had said that they had no interest about forming a new club. Pam had previously been dead against being involved in forming a new club with both Pam and Roger Bottomley saying they didnt have the energy for any such thing. But in this phone call Pam was fully energised about ensuring a football existed in one form or another. However, at the meeting the Trust held at the Shay on the following Sunday afternoon, it became clear the consortium were still umming and ahing given how it was hijacked by people who turned up with no intention of supporting any supporter formed club. The best was former director Richard Harrison, himself a life long supporter, who had been on the board made up mainly of supporters, who said it would be impossible for the supporters to form a club.
  7. For Juryeff - Town 5-2 Walsall

    I was poorely that day and missed the Tommy Graham heroics.
  8. The future of HTST

    I have had contact from someone who is interested in potentially ensuring the Trust continues but obviously he cant do it himself. Is there anyone else interested? 
  9. Downtime

    Apologies for the downtime but it was due to blind pressure. Everything should be back to normal now.
  10. Jamie Fullarton’s future

    I am not saying you are wrong, but where does the figure of £100m come from? Hearsay on the terraces?
  11. Jamie Fullarton’s future

    I think you are getting assets and wealth mixed up.
  12. Jamie Fullarton’s future

    And obviously nobody knows what funds he personally has access to.
  13. Blame the board

    Any concession obviously has to come from the bod but I dont think any sort of supporter influence is possible. What happened to the commercial and community groups that were set up? Do they still exist?
  14. Blame the board

    The Trust brought who in? The current club owners? That is wrong and you know it. Plus, Jim Brown was long gone before the Trust was even launched.
  15. Blame the board

    To those worried about what would happen if the current owners walked away i ask. What have they done or achieved that a supporter owned club couldnt have done? I think the main reason some wetted themselves at the prospect of three wealthy people owning the club was because they expected them to invest in the club. The accounts don't back this up. It's the supporters money which has got the club back to the 5th division. To Wembley...etc.