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  1. Shaymen.net

    There is unity. We all are here for the same common purpose. We just have different opinions which is pretty normal in life.
  2. Kids tonight

    You can't put a value on initiatives like this. 
  3. Barnet (A)

    Poor quality but high entrance fees. Recipe for disaster. Vicious circle in chasing a winning formula. 
  4. Barnet (A)

    But we have 6 on the team sheet?
  5. Barnet (A)

    Ha. 'Let's cock up and sweep it under the carpet'. The league will know from when the team sheets get processed at league hq
  6. The pitch

    Didnt we have to play at Thrum Hall one time?
  7. The pitch

    By the ref?
  8. The pitch

    See what I have previously said and what Shaymus said before. Yes, its not ideal, but I think HRLFC would probably end up with a fine if they called a match off without the referees blessing.
  9. The pitch

    The pitch has always been poor. There are just different standards now on what is deemed playable and what isn't. The famous fa cup win against man city would never have gone ahead these days. 
  10. The pitch

    It is fit for purpose. It's the weather that causes the issue. I'm sure the council could spend hundreds of thousands of pounds on the pitch to make it handle extreme weather better but plenty would then moan when the rent goes up.
  11. The pitch

    We have the same argument every year. It's a referee who decides whether a game can go ahead or not. If the pitch is ok for rugby then the ref deems it ok to go ahead. It's not a decision the rugby club can take.
  12. Colwyn Bay

    Always enjoyed the visits to Colwyn.
  13. Meeting with Mr B

    I priced it for two companies on the approved list. Also, when the East Stand was being built, the club had the opportunity to have the offices/club shop prepared as part of the main build. The rugby club took advantage of this but the football club didnt.
  14. Meeting with Mr B

    I priced for it and I'm cheap. 
  15. Meeting with Mr B

    I am guessing it was based on cash reserves but yes, when they are gone, do we go back to being part time and shopping at Aldi rather than Lidl?