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  1. When will there be an announcement?

    They are announcing it at the same time as the new prime minister is announced. One way to bury bad news
  2. Available managers

    The start of the demise was stitching up Chris Holland (a good bloke) leading him to walk away allowing Jim Brown back in (a man who Chris Holland detested).
  3. Rubbish Thread - Are There Any normal

    Id prefer the lashes.
  4. Rubbish Thread - Are There Any normal

    Thank you and apologies for my 'bite' but when working full time, I didnt think deleting the post in question within minutes of it being posted was too bad. So the 'Administrators sort it out' comment did get my back up.
  5. Rubbish Thread - Are There Any normal

    If I was paid to administer the forum or had a boss then I would agree.
  6. Rubbish Thread - Are There Any normal

    Bloodyhell, it must have been on for 2 minutes and I deleted it straight away. Wind your neck in.
  7. Director Resignation

    But most business investment comes from within i.e. from profits, which is what the club has been doing. That is different to a director ploughing his own money into the club.
  8. Available managers

    Hopefully not.
  9. Job

    Mitchell actually ended up becoming a rock at the back. I remember the match away at Tranmere (League Cup I think) and he played a blinder.
  10. Director Resignation

    You do have to question how much longer the current owners want to go no. 10 years is a long time - I am not sure on the age of DB (I think he is the youngest of the three) but they have lived the football club whilst having other interests and I dont doubt that it is a heavy time burden.
  11. Director Resignation

    In fairness what input did he have and how much money has he invested?
  12. Available managers

  13. Who would want to take over our club?

    Went to the basketball a few times. Only remember cliff bell, I think he was called. Was about 7ft 2"
  14. Scot

    Whilst I will miss Scot's input, even if one sided, I have to agree with Hoddie that you cant gloss over JF reign. He may have done some of the basics right in the transition from part-time to hybrid full-time but the results and performances, which are the main requirement of a manager, were below par. In years to come, nobody will reflect on his era with any joy regardless of the things he might have got right.
  15. Available managers

    Is anyone parked up outside the East Stand watching for who arrives for interview?