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  1. Foxtrot 1

    Sadly died a couple of years ago.
  2. Foxtrot 1

    Big Al used to be great at 5 a side when he sometimes stepped in on a Thursday night. The extra reach he got with his walking stick was invaluable.
  3. Coalville

    Why? Macca has gone. If people want to say goodbye, pay your own way there.
  4. Half way or just above. 1st season for the new boss; promotion push next season.
  5. Breakfast with the boss

    https://fchalifaxtown.com/news/breakfast-with-the-boss/ Not sure when, but if you turn up every morning up until the start of the season I am sure he will be there for one of the mornings.
  6. Port Vale thread

    Is he Catholic?
  7. Absolutely Choked

    The UK isn't a country.
  8. Absolutely Choked

    I don't get this argument. Where were Brazil and China with their huge populations?
  9. 3,000 season tickets

    He's not an investor. 
  10. JJRyan3377

    His Twitter page is embarrassing. Probably 'released' because he broke a club code of conduct regarding social media (which I am sure we will have).
  11. JJRyan3377

    It would be interesting to know how you can prove its a fact that he has applied for other jobs. It is some claim.
  12. The Ultimate Hard Question

    If a fair attempt has been made to get the ball (rather than a cynical attempt) then a yellow card is deemed the appropriate punishment. To me it wasnt fair as Croatia were going to score after rounding the goalkeeper and in the end they were no better off. The rule change didnt work in this instance.
  13. Helli

    I remember when Aspin first took over. He had a quiet word with Helli and Helli thought his days were numbered. Aspin obviously went on to value the contribution Helli brings to the dressing room.
  14. Spain, Morocco, Iran, Portugal

    I have always been against the use of technology in football though conceded on goal line technology as long as it was instant (which it is).  You cant get rid of the human element in refereeing. As a striker will put the ball wide from 6 yards out, a referee will also get decisions wrong. It is part and parcel of football and there arent enough natural stoppages for technology to play an active part in football. I believe on the whole referees do good jobs up against increasing pressure. A manager will always come out and lambaste a referee for a wrong decision but wont his striker who misses a sitter. There should be increasing dialogue between managers and referees but also greater protection of referees.
  15. Getting worried

    Or maybe we released him to not stand in his way of a manager position?