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  1. Budgets, misery and silence?

    I read the article and didnt feel it was negative.
  2. Commercial activities at the shay

    It is bloody ridiculous. Councillor Stephen Baines knew this when he was Council Leader which is why he was keen on seeing the stadium lease return to a not-for-profit organisation rather than Council managed.
  3. Commercial activities at the shay

    There is a lot more they could do, but they certainly do not do little to nothing.
  4. Commercial activities at the shay

  5. Thinking Back - Thanks

    What a great era! I was only young so the players were like true 'stars' and even though we regularly struggled back then, I still remember these times fondly.
  6. The Shay & The council

    Do we? Do they? History teaches us a lot but you can't use history to pre judge people. 
  7. The Shay & The council

    You need to grow up. You talk about ths rugby club as though its an individual person. Its not. 
  8. Dan Gardner/Transfer Rumours

    I will never forget the 4-0 win against Grimsby at the Shay where Gardner put in one of the best solo performances for a long time.
  9. Lee Gregory

    I am not saying they dont like him; his work rate is not in question. There is a lot of goodwill and best wishes for the future but nobody appears gutted he is leaving. Some comments from their forum.   We all knew that Gregory was going so it's no big shock , wish em all the best ...never the best of goalscorers but always gave 110% Greggs has been our best player this season but in front of goal he’s a joke  might be going against the popular vote here , but Gregory leaving could well be a blessing in disguise.  Who, other than Millwall, would want a non- goalscoring striker? I think he'll have to drop down a Division. If you look at the games he has played and the number of goals he has scored for us it averages out at 12 per season which isn't prolific considering a number of those games were in League 1. He may work hard, but lets not overexaggerate. He is a striker who is put on the pitch to either score or be directly involved with goals. Not clinical enough for me. Been a great servant to the club but wont lose sleep over him leaving. Good riddance, ran about a bit which is the least he is paid for.
  10. Lee Gregory

    Not what I read when looking at their fans forum yesterday afternoon.
  11. Lee Gregory

    Fans are divided. Nobody questions his work rate but he is a bit hit and miss in front of goal. If he wasnt, he would have been operating at a higher level by now.
  12. 1st May 1999 Halifax Town vs Scarborough

    I cant believe t*** was printed in the programme  I bet there wasnt a single complaint. These days, the programme would be shut down and the editor flogged and sent to the gibbet.
  13. Nathan Clarke

    Every successful team has experienced defenders at the heart. At Man Utd, the Class of 92 had Pallister and Bruce and the Arsenal Invincibles had Keown and Campbell.
  14. Shay Hotel?

    The Council report is possibly the most positive one I have ever read with regards the Shay. The finally seem to be understanding its potential rather than viewing it as a financial noose. They just need to maximise this potential.
  15. Alarming