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  1. Today's Game

    If we are only going to attack in the first 45 minutes, Morcambe and yesterday,  then could Town play towards the South stand first half  so we can actually see some action.  
  2. Morecambe

    Match highlights and interview with Jim Bentley on Morecambe website- he  talked about the financial incentive for them and being on TV in next round, reasonably complementary about Town though  think he called  us a Southern  Conference side????
  3. Morecambe

    So glad I went last night, great first half, very much in the same spirit as maidstone game, with all players putting a shift in- some much needed joy for Halifax Town. Re the gate thought East stand looked a bit sparse to me, couldn't hear the actual attendance announced.  1215 or 1315 ?     
  4. south stand for tuesday night

    Otley  branch in attendance int' south stand 
  5. 10th Nov 1998 Halifax Town vs Chester City

    sometimes forget just what a great midfielder Jamie was...  his goal was sublime. 
  6. On to Morecambe

    Hope game's not moved as can actually get to this one - unless it  means $$$$$ for the club.
  7. fullarton is trying his best

    Not prepared to swap shifts to  attend games at the moment,  no fun or joy supporting Town, or, it would appear, playing for them.    
  8. Fan names

    May 93   came along to the Hereford game  and became hoooked .  25 years later..........   still  here , just.  
  9. Super Geoffrey Horsfield

    Super  Geoff in every sense
  10. 28th September 2013 Halifax vs Chester

    Jeez what a team we had then. Where are they  now  ? well one went to Millwall one now playing  at............
  11. 19/09/1998 Hull City 1-2 Halifax Town

    Ah  yes the football league days.........  
  12. 22/08/1998 Darlington 2-2 Halifax Town

    cracking equalizer from  Sir Geoff.  
  13. Salford away.....

    is the away end at salford covered? 
  14. 13th August 13 - Halifax 3-2 Wrexham

    Liking that strip...seem to have missed that at the time.
  15. Maidstone thread

    First game for me due to shift work, looking forward to see how we have progressed from last season as now full-time.  Got me £20 note ready.  As above, I  fancy a narrow victory, 2-1.