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  1. 19/09/1998 Hull City 1-2 Halifax Town

    Ah  yes the football league days.........  
  2. 22/08/1998 Darlington 2-2 Halifax Town

    cracking equalizer from  Sir Geoff.  
  3. Salford away.....

    is the away end at salford covered? 
  4. 13th August 13 - Halifax 3-2 Wrexham

    Liking that strip...seem to have missed that at the time.
  5. Maidstone thread

    First game for me due to shift work, looking forward to see how we have progressed from last season as now full-time.  Got me £20 note ready.  As above, I  fancy a narrow victory, 2-1.  
  6. Macca (yesterday's Courier)

    I'll  never forget that goal !  Watched it on its way in and  was  leaping around  like ... er ,,,,  someone leaping around.  
  7. George Mulhall.

    Ta for the memories George - 97-98  was so good. RIP 
  8. Lancaster City 10/04/2010

    grand day,  I remember, also had about 6 non shaymen  pals with me that day, who still talk about that game.   
  9. Team Vs Boreham Wood

    Great game yesterday,  happy to pay me £18  when i see players put a shift in.  Thought their  player, Ferrier, was handful, ( mini-beast) but we seemed to keep him quiet after his goal.  Town  players had a really good  attitude-  playing for the shirt yesterday - long may it continue.        
  10. Very Poor Indeed

    Permission to feel anxious now- because all  our home games look challenging, with Monday's looking the most winable, s'pose if we could grind out 3 draws  we'll cross the line, however I'm a nervous Ned at the moment.    

    Poor game, got 4 stars in NLP !   thought Town were fortunate, big Sam made some great saves.  -   also paying  £15 to not see half the 'goal action'  is a rip.  Even though it's very close to me, hopefully no more trips to nevermore.  
  12. Big Games On Saturday

    Think guiseley will be tough, their forum reports they have been unlucky in games, and with a decent crowd at Nevermoor, this could work in their favour.  However if it's on I will be there to cheer on the  Shaymen.  
  13. Board

    Cannot face  Nat North next season,  without doubt the  most unpleasant division i've seen Town play in over the last 25 yrs.  Might commence doing the 92 grounds next season, but hopefully can delay this if Town stay up.    
  14. Game off

    re player in pub following postponement-   don't players have an impromptu training session ?.  Seems like it would be a good idea after Tuesday's performance.    
  15. The Newcomers

    'The Newcomers'  vaguely remember this , though not very fondly .