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  1. Today’s game: Havant

    Set off today - without me wallet- so turned back  seems like fate has saved me  20  pounds and another dull game........   
  2. Random image of the day

    Re Div 3 1972  Rochdale   ? United . Confused .com 
  3. Team Vs Aldershot

    A must win, and  I suspect we will,  2-0, however also need a result  on Tues and next Sat.  Not been an enjoyable season though.  
  4. Chesterfield next up

    Well my  100th post, nice to report it is written after one of our best performances of the season (Salford). I am planning on going to Chesterfield on Sat, on the strength of this performance.   When we have a midfield we look a very capable team and must surely start ruffling the onion bag , just hope its on Saturday. UTS !   
  5. Salford City (H)

    Looking forward to this one, really hope we beat them,   in front of a reasonable gate. 
  6. Salford

    Reckon I 'd have MFT back on loan. Anyone else ?  
  7. Harrogate Away

    Thanks   that's what i'll do if not too late.    Tickets now closed to FCHT ........ 
  8. Harrogate Away

    Thanks   that's what i'll do if not too late.   
  9. Harrogate Away

    Sorry if already discussed, but is it all ticket ?     may just go, then again...  
  10. Kiwomya, my Lord

    Re Kiwomya I have a vague memory ( aren't they all !)   of him scoring a goal from the touch line ( Skircoat)  against Gateshead . Any one remember ? 
  11. Today's Game

    If we are only going to attack in the first 45 minutes, Morcambe and yesterday,  then could Town play towards the South stand first half  so we can actually see some action.  
  12. Morecambe

    Match highlights and interview with Jim Bentley on Morecambe website- he  talked about the financial incentive for them and being on TV in next round, reasonably complementary about Town though  think he called  us a Southern  Conference side????
  13. Morecambe

    So glad I went last night, great first half, very much in the same spirit as maidstone game, with all players putting a shift in- some much needed joy for Halifax Town. Re the gate thought East stand looked a bit sparse to me, couldn't hear the actual attendance announced.  1215 or 1315 ?     
  14. south stand for tuesday night

    Otley  branch in attendance int' south stand 
  15. 10th Nov 1998 Halifax Town vs Chester City

    sometimes forget just what a great midfielder Jamie was...  his goal was sublime.