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  1. Billy Heath

    Wilde would be a great signing for any team in the North. 
  2. Billy Heath

    Confirmed as the new Alfreton Town manager.
  3. Player of the season

     I think Matty Brown wiil have hands full Saturday night,followed by big Sam .
  4. 21/03/98 THE RUSHDEN GAME

    After the win over Huddersfield pre-season,8 of us put £10 each on,for us to win the league. What memorable season it was,going up and down the country,only missed 1 game all season(Yeovil away). We used our winnings for a weekend away in London and obviously took in the welling match,don't remember much about it really,don't think I've drunk as much in 48 hours since,fantastic times.
  5. Macclesfield Away

    Goal Denton.
  6. Gagged

    Matt Jansen was a rumour I heard last season if we didn't get promoted. Had to give BH a chance after getting us up,unfortunately think his time is now up.
  7. Chorley

    Chorley reserves/u/21's played pretty much the Wigan first team and lost 14-0,think Griggs got 5.
  8. Shirtd

    Got my son the away shirt on Tuesday,loads of stock in for away shirts,no home shirts though at age 12. Very good quality and design ,loads better than last year's home kit,where the stick on crest fell off after a couple of washes!!. Don't know the ladies name (think she said she was from Sheffield),but she was great.