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  1. Macclesfield Away

    Goal Denton.
  2. Gagged

    Matt Jansen was a rumour I heard last season if we didn't get promoted. Had to give BH a chance after getting us up,unfortunately think his time is now up.
  3. Chorley

    Chorley reserves/u/21's played pretty much the Wigan first team and lost 14-0,think Griggs got 5.
  4. Shirtd

    Got my son the away shirt on Tuesday,loads of stock in for away shirts,no home shirts though at age 12. Very good quality and design ,loads better than last year's home kit,where the stick on crest fell off after a couple of washes!!. Don't know the ladies name (think she said she was from Sheffield),but she was great.
  5. Distant supporters

    Took me nearly an hour getting from Rastrick to the Shay via Elland by pass/Salterhebble last Sunday,definitely brighouse/Southowram this Saturday.
  6. Distant supporters

    No thanks,you look at bit miserable!!.
  7. Distant supporters

    The Rastrick massive will be in attendance  (all 6 of us),all the way from errrrr....Rastrick !!!..
  8. Stockport and Chorley.

    Think it goes on their record against each other.
  9. Weather

    I arrived when we were 1-0 down to Wycombe in the fa cup and still had to pay full price!!!,tight barstewards.
  10. Weather

    I went to the main reception once when I got delayed and the turnstiles were shut,can't recall what time I arrived exactly,but the reception staff called a steward who took us through .
  11. Brighouse football fans

    I live within walking distance to the John Smiths stadium and on match days Leeds Rd and surrounding areas are gridlocked,can't beat rocking up to the Shay 5 mins before Ko and getting straight in!!!.
  12. U21's/U19's

    And we're poor on the night.
  13. Ossett Albion away tonight.

    Playing each other at Garforth I think. Playing each other at Garforth. 
  14. Ossett Albion away tonight.

    U21's away at Garforth Town tonight I believe. 
  15. Favourite players

    Godfrey obebo or Jamie Paterson for me!.