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  1. Random image of the day

    Does anyone remember the result v newport please... thanks Keith
  2. Denton

    Chris Tate shocking business that was.. Dont know who was to blame for that one.. Could name quite a few crap strikers from over the years..But will stick with Tate coz it was our record fee i think..
  3. Online Courier

    Go to the pathetic courier site and you will find out how shite it is...all you do is wind people up 
  4. Anyone recognise

    Bloody Hell didnt know it was a swap..Surely we could of got a good fee for him after his exploits..I remember an interview think it was Saint n Grevsie..And he said as long as im scoring i basically dont care about owt else..Smug one season wonder good riddance..But Tony Fyfe gosh he were useless
  5. Harrys Heroes. The full English

    When Lester Piggott was in jail.. He got a job working in the laundry..And tried escaping riding a clothes horse
  6. Random image of the day

    cheers for clarifying that 
  7. Anyone recognise

    Tony Fyfe AKA Lada Man... I think he was our replacement for Steve Norris..i could be wrong but he came from carlisle with a good cv but was absolutely terrible for us and got loads of stick from the Skircoat boo boys
  8. Shaymen.net

    Good to see Oz suspended.. If we play attacking football instead of his usual all out defence..We can win this hopefully..ATTACK ATTACK ATTACK.....
  9. Shaymen.net

    the club as lost its identity i feel..We havent had anyone for a few years who seem to actually give a shite..Scott Mc the last of a fine crop of players we had..Right maybe one or two of the ones now but thats about it..We were spoilt with our previous team members and they loved us and the club Danny Holland with his dodgy knees always gave 100% the list is endless..why arent our walls adorned with pictures of our triumphs..Why give rookie managers over 2 year deals and moan about the price of a suit for our date at wembley..So much more could be done quite easily if people worked together..Publishing next seasons kit already..ok after previous disasters regarding merchandise people probably dont mind that..Is it on sale yet and is it to get money in the coffers early i dont get it...We cant have much more money left from tv transfers etc..Does anyone know if we make money apart from paying off duds..Are we self sufficent can we survive on 1200 and for how long..because i cant see these bods sticking their own money in for long..Even lifelong fans have had enough...So summats not right and i wish i could put it back together again.. so lets hope we stay up and who knows what the future may bring hopefully not the likes of some of the poorest full time players ever to grace the club..Tommy Ten Men what a guy..Deano..Si Garner..Hedgey..i liked Phelan but others didnt..Mark Bower..Liam Hogan..Even scott metcalfe put a shift in..The likes of seddon.. boden..Kingsley james..didnt give a toss imo..Ive just seen a list of non leagues future stars and some of the teams these prospects play for are way below are level surely we could poach some of them..God knows how the scouting is been run but theyve dropped us some clangers or was it the managers choice..I watched mcleod on youtube and were really impressed plenty of pace running and skinning players and scoring good goals too..But to not even give the lad a chance was disgusting..i may be wrong and it might of been of the field matters..did he come with a glowing reference from wherever he came from..Hanson whats happened from player of the month in succession to not been even on the bench is a funny one..So life goes on and we will see what the future may hold..If we had goalscoring mids and strikers who can score i think we could of pissed this league because its at its poorest and the teams going down and coming up are much more bigger than us fan base moneymen etc.. And i dont think it will be as easy next season so we really are gonna have to step up..I watched brighouse on sat only the highlights and the pitch looked fine..ok rugby hasnt been played on it but we are a  pro outfit.. But profesional we are not in many ways..Come On Shaymen make us proud again skipping home with pyramids of emotion.. Lets hope we can beat these lot..They have something to play for..So im expecting them to fancy themselves against us..cant see them bringin many which is a shame..Need to keep Osborne under wraps or he will destroy us...Come On Shaymen
  10. Random image of the day

    i might be wrong but sure it was nil nil i seem to remember Danny Holland kicking off cant remember why...IS this a bank holiday monday
  11. Random image of the day

  12. Macclesfield avoid winding up order

    Will thet recieve parachute payments..And does anyone know how much please
  13. Random image of the day

    We beat these 8 nil at home remember going to this and the players were all suffering the after affects of the previous weekend and  it was nil nil proper anti climax 
  14. Just Looking Forward To

    The real football Fan show...Just goes to show..What we got nowadays because of Sky n Bt Absolutely disgusting the prices for the whole lot..With all the package..bloddy hell i bet its not far 0ff 200 a month nowadays.. when it first come out you got it all which for 30£ a month it were brilliant all the games..Now no champs league even highlights doesnt even raise n eyebrow for me,,FaCup game kicking off nearly 8pm on Saturday night...fair enough it could be worse but bloody hell some fans are gonna have a late one at football on a Saturday Night nearly 8pm kick off...All games in the same competition should all be made to play on the same day as all the other teams and same times..So This is it guys the real fans show just watch the credits scandolous
  15. Shaymen.net

    Thats the one Hoddie Thats all you can do..I know we have some idiots who do want trouble well i will give them a swerve and stay away from them..Cheers for ya post