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  1. Unanimous

    Get well  soon Erik.. Hope your ok 
  2. Solihull Moors beware grammar police

    Yes mate 97-98 Unbelievable Team That Was Shear Joy To Watch Every one of Them.. Dont rate this season`s teams at all  But i`m very worried about our predicament  And thanks for your reply

    Rest In Peace Frank You Where The Man I Give My Sincere Condolences To All Your Welcoming Family...Frank And His Youngest Son Stuart Together Again Thanks For Memories..#LEGEND
  4. Solihull Moors beware grammar police

    Good Glad Your A Halifax Lad Means A Lot Me Too...Can you give me some info The Budgets like you mentioned to me..to start with... Ive looked all over but cant find nothing really..  But would love you to give me the results  Yes Sorry I do Take Things Personal...
  5. Solihull Moors beware grammar police

    Derik Neverhard How can you disagree on current form...when they top the league.. So now i know they are Bankrolled..So then clever clogs start comparing. FC Halifax Towns Playing Budget??? Solihull Moors Playing Budget?? Adam Rooney Supposed £4000 a week £alfords Playing Budget?? So They Have a couple of hundred extra fans...But they are Bankrolled..So Whats it got to do with the extra fans...maybe a12th man ehh...Loads of Big EX League Clubs like ya said..Get much bigger than us...Maybe not in a one off game..so i dont know why the crowd even came in to it..But i will mention The £alford Play off at home what a game..one of my most memorable games ever..Tom Denton in defence helped us to glory and i hated the long ball game..So i held it against him..But against £alford and Chorley he played his heart out they all did but Tom Stuck in my mind..As did richie allen some glorious chances he fluffed..I watched it on Sky class of 92 only showed a bit of us Shaymen and im sure it started on a bbc channel..What a game and atmosphere as was the Final... Also my  eyes can luckily see the full league table ..not like some i can mention.. This season is a disaster and ive never seen or heard such crap half hearted Full Time footballers 2 points from going down..No Scott Mcs in our team now..But if you open your eyes more and look at the bigger picture take a further look up the table..To See That If WE Went On a Run We Could Do Play Offs..But Lose .And The Manager Is The Saviour...But Thats Not Happening He Is Clueless So then £alford Go Up!!!And Braintree stay down!!! Say Harrogate Go Up... I disagree with almost everything your saying Your Probably Down Cockney land i bet you have a second team too Gravesends n Northfleet Your Just A Keyboard Warrior And A Troll Our Chairmen Could Do A lot  More opening Up The Available Space For All Kinds Of busineses SO Then Please Explain What  Ive Asked You  
  6. Top of the shop...good on them is all i can say.. Im not sure if like £alford are bankrolled..Even if they are im not bothered i would certainly welcome them more than the mancs..i know one of our targets from a few year or two back Jamey Osbourne is still playing for them..Ive never seen him play but im guessing a big move is on for him if he wants it..All i can say is i hope they can keep it up and a southern based team go up too..Well Done Mr Tim Flowers and his team..Ps i know Flea is not an admirer from his previous posts 
  7. 13/02/1999 Halifax Town vs Southend United

    Thanks Shay Stats very much appreciated
  8. Today’s Game: Chesterfield

     Get Rid OF This Clown Of A Manager NOW Or We Are Doomed 
  9. Meeting with DB

    https://youtu.be/aObZJN9zDtA Good on you keep it up
  10. 30/01/1999 Halifax Town 2-4 Rotherham United

    Thanks again mate keep up the good work Come On Shaymen
  11. 23rd Jan 1999 Halifax Town 2-0 Plymouth Argyle

    @Shaymen StatsThaks enjoyed the programme notes.. Cheers for making the effort #Shaymenfamily
  12. Solihull Moors FA trophy

    Spelling mistakes are not Allowed think on mate
  13. Injuries Update

    Permanently im not having a go just helping out
  14. Solihull Moors FA trophy

    ear ear i mean hear hear or is it eya eya gonna have to google it...cant stand people laughing at my grammar anymore Ere Ere good post @mj85 
  15. Oyston Part 35

    @BigBaz wanted to by...   are u gonna ridicule this too..No thought so...Instead of @BigBaz IVE FOUND YOU A NEW NAME @BIGOTBAZ