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  1. Jamie Fullarton’s future

    I’m beginning to think he is a bad manager. Last season form picked up when he took over but he only had one way of playing and brought in the likes of Connor Thomson who didn’t look upto much and MFT who was hit and miss but many thought something better was needed he goes and in comes Jonathan Edwards who is far worse. JF has shown he only has one way of playing and refuses to change even to the extent of never making a substitution which isn’t forced on him HIs signings are proving poor and he is he plays his only natural forward in any position but upfront.  Really not seeing many good points at the moment
  2. Mekhi Mcleod

    JF certainly doesn’t like using substitutes can’t understand why. How are squad players supposed to get match fit if never used
  3. Expectations

    Two weeks before the season I honestly thought it was going to be a long hard season and still hadn’t purchased my season ticket due to the fact I knew I was going to miss at least 4 games so was just going to pay on the gate. Then I went to the supporters club Q and A and liked what I heard and got a feeling pulling me back towards just paying for the season ticket upfront, which I did the season started and after 3 games was amazed how well the side had started and headed over to Salford really hoping the season would be a good one. During that game was the first pretty daft decision Fullarton made which left me leaving that night quite disappointed. Taking kossy off when he had just scored and for the first time that night the shaymen had Salford on the rocks. since that night the free flowing attacking football has totally gone and strange team selection and even stranger tactics have been a constant. i don’t expect Halifax to be up near the top of the league although always hope they will be but what I like to see is the manager with a plan of action trying to make the side better wether the fans agree with what he is doing or not. The thing is I really can’t understand what Fullarton does or sees half the time and each week at the moment it is getting worse. Like billy heath I really was not a fan of his football but it worked for him and his teams and he was good at what he did
  4. I need a pair of glasses like Fullartons

    Personally thought Chesterfield were a slightly better side and definitely had more chances after a minute they had a shot cleared off the line and also hit the bar early on. what the hell has a left back taking throw-ins on the right got to do with anything any team who has that weapon would use it. By far the best throwing taker I have seen even better than Marc Roberts. Yes Denton was used to win headers but they had runners off him and weren’t just Denton. Funny thing is Denton was going to be taken off yesterday the boards were ready. Fullarton then jumped in and took a striker off for a defender Martin Allen then backed out of taking Denton off and within a minute it was 1-1. Fullarton did the same against Orient and the same result happened. He is so one dimensional it’s unbelievable and has no idea how to make positive changes. Each game his ideas or lack of them changes the game to the opponents advantage
  5. Chesterfield at Home

    Did the same against orient... that worked too edwards has done nothing in a position he can’t play for weeks doesn’t take him off    
  6. Denton

    He has looked good imo
  7. Chesterfield at Home

    Southwell off duckwort on sit back and 1-1 immediately.. denton thing is Denton was just about to be taken off and Fullarton jumped in to sub Southwell Denton then wasn’t taken off
  8. Aspin

    Said on radio there were chants wanting him out
  9. Chesterfield at Home

    Denton looks a far better footballer today than he did for Halifax. Yes he is the aim for high long balls but chesterfield don’t just have him to play through. the fans who booed Lenighan when he came on are just ridiculous 
  10. Aldershot

    It wouldn’t be any better by just dropping Lenighan far more daft tactical decisions made game after game by Fullarton
  11. Bromley - match thread

    Don’t know how he can be singled out when the likes of Edwards are in the side
  12. Bromley - match thread

    Southwell the man to make way again new signing on
  13. Fylde Tuesday

    Love how the one mistake by Lenighan in 90 minutes is getting all the mentions. Yet I don’t think there was one other shayman (Johnson apart)  over the match who didn’t make a mistake.  How Lenighan can be picked out after watching Edwards chasing shadows for 90 minutes I don’t know. Midfield is average but that is mainly because there isn’t one it’s far too deep over and over. Southwell is being wasted, Edwards is extremely poor the wingers most of the time are too far back to attack. Fullarton doesn’t change anything doesnt freshen it up and some of the chances Fylde missed on other days they would easily have had 2-3. something has to change.
  14. Fylde Tuesday

    Edwards is so poor, him upfront alone is not going to work.... watch him score now
  15. Fylde Tuesday

    Odelusi most creative spark for town.  Must admit thought that header was over the line