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  1. Jake Hibbs

    It may be the way in which managers go about things. 
  2. Sanmi Odelusi

    Well looks like he has quite a bit of pace which has been severely lacking in the last couple of years. Might be an exciting player to watch
  3. Season Ticket prices.

    If only the board had have built off the pitch years ago maybe there would have been no need for such a price rise.
  4. Josh Wilde

    I agree about the defensive side
  5. Josh Wilde

    If Hanley was to sign he could certainly be an entertaining player to watch has shown glimpses of real quality. A massive difference to the type of player brought in over the last 2 closed seasons
  6. Player of the season

    Kosylo, Brown, Collins 

    Thought the decision to move McManus to centre back and Hanley to left back didn’t help the team really as it restricted Hanley from doing what he seemed to do really well on Tuesday (attack) thought it would have been better for hotte to move to centre back when Hibbs came on.
  8. Playing Contracts

    Out of that list brown and macdonald I’d personally keep
  9. Ebsfleet

    Denton does offer a lot and is a useful tool to have but today having him in the middle alone is pointless and it has shown so many times. For as good as he can be in the air he doesn’t half slow play down when the team moves forward. Tuton should have been down the middle not stick outwide and why that didn’t change who knows. 
  10. Who Will Be Our Next Manager?

    Personally would like Mark Bower. He knows the league and the club and having watched BPA on a number of occasions since he took over (when they were truly awful) has built a good team sitting on the edge of the conference north playoffs.
  11. Leyton Orient (H)

    Just been reading Heaths views in the courier last night....1. he said he wants the players to mix it up and not rush going long - really? Going long with no other way of playing has been the norm since day one. 2. He says Halifax had as many chances as Orient, again really? Apart from denton missing from an inch out and Tutons early effort they offered absolutely nothing compared to Orient who could have had a handful of it wasn’t for Johnson. Oh and he says they ‘lacked the quality’ finally he actually sees this
  12. Transfer Deadline Day

    Kevin Davies was there too, didn’t see him come back out for the 2nd half though either 
  13. Leyton Orient (H)

    Just realised tonight if tuton had stayed a couple of extra weeks and grabbed a couple more goals before he left halifax would have stayed up and Heath would never have come into the club and ripped it apart. Actually he probably would have done because Mr B always referred to wanting the north ferriby model, well that is still going to plan decreasing crowds and relegation. seriously though Tuton was the only attacking town player tonight with any idea or movement or fighting spirit, he was on a level with orients forwards unfortunately though most of the rest of the town players had no ideas.
  14. "Shocking at the back, didn't offer anything in attack"

    If it doesn’t happen until the end of the season that is relegation guaranteed going by this run. League table looking a bit scary now
  15. "Shocking at the back, didn't offer anything in attack"

    Awful could have played for a month and wouldn’t score again. Orient should have had more Even the better players look lost. Heath has to got