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  1. Sellers

    It worries me that he was actually offered a new deal as he clearly wasn’t very good, tried hard but little ability
  2. Quigley Signs For Barrow .

    At first I thought Quigley would come good and just lacked confidence but really he just got slightly worse glad he hasn’t signed for town but 100% would have had him over Edwards if he is still around
  3. Music at The Shay

    I wish they would stop playing the music when they score (or that song at least) feels so outdated and on the occasions if say 3-0 down and pull a goal back with a minute to go it’s quite embarrassing 
  4. Season 19/20 players

    Johnson and clarke are a must, amazed they haven’t already been tied down for another year (maybe the club have been trying)
  5. Season Tickets

    Haven’t been in the south stand for a year or so but would agree with that. Would also say it was good in the east stand a while back but it’s cerainly got worse, shay cafe only for us now
  6. Season Tickets

    Just out of interest do you know how long the contract is with the company in the east stand. Over the last couple of years the prices have gone up and the portion sizes have halved. Even the cups used for drinks have shrunk in the last month.  
  7. Season Tickets

    I was seriously not going to renew next year after this season. I was very 50/50 last year and decided to at the last minute. This offer though really is a no brainier. £199  allowing 13 games to be missed, this last week alone would have been £60 with the 3 home games. well done the club for actually listening 
  8. Town penalty appeal

    It wasn’t a penalty, but neither should theirs have been
  9. Maidenhead today

    Never a penalty... 1-0 down   awful performance though
  10. Deadline Day

    Still think Hanley looked excellent as an attacking option, was never a full back though 
  11. Ebbsfleet at Home

    Something has certainly changed with Fullarton. Last few games he has been out on the pitch before the games involved in the warm ups, he actually has a presence on the bench and looks to be more inspiring and he has definitely set his sides uk to attack more.
  12. New Home Kit 19/20

    Really like the 3rd kit think the all yellow one looks good  give or take the away kit really not keen on the home one not sure why they always seem to be modelled on Chelsea kits the number of times people have come up to me when wearing the recent home top saying ‘oh I thought that was a Chelsea shirt” wouldn’t be too bad but I hate Chelsea.
  13. The pitch

    Can’t believe even with injuries and suspensions Ebbsfleet would want the game off after probably staying over last night and travelling the 200+ miles. The cost they will now have to do it again on a Tuesday. its a farce whatever the reasons given the current weather
  14. The pitch

    judging by  the pics if that today is off most games every week need to be called off