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  1. Hartlepool

    He doesn’t bring on fresh legs and have a go with 11 players on the pitch so couldn’t imagine with 9 he would have a go. 
  2. Hartlepool

    But that won’t happen. Unfortunately no doubt will be the same as today except for the suspensions... do they start immediately?
  3. Hartlepool

    2-1 great breakaway goal Preston and Hanson 
  4. Hartlepool

    However bad the referee is and that is bloody awful what gets me is at 1-0 down at home fullarton immediately took Southwell off and brought Maher on.. why Southwell which would have meant Edwards up alone. Settling for a 1-0 defeat? Kossy was irate after he just got booked after the ref missed a blatant push on him which incidentally led to their goal.. so if the ref had have given the free kick everything would have been avoided. But Fullerton is becoming so predictable in both his selection and substitutions
  5. Hartlepool

    And now kossy sent off
  6. Hartlepool

    And taking Southwell off ffs
  7. Hartlepool

    Well the referee has certainly struck here but yet couldn’t see a blatant foul on sellers when he booked brown and a blatant push on josh from 5 yards away   having a blinder
  8. Hartlepool

    Edwards is poor Southwell and Preston linking up well. Preston was unlucky with a great effort. Midfield not looking strong but that is the way this team plays.
  9. Music

    Hate the music they play when town score. So outdated
  10. Edwards - 'I nearly do everything'

    Edwards looks like he he could be a good player but at the moment does not seem ready for the conference. To me he doesn’t look switched on most of the time and really can’t understand why he is the main point of attack in the team. I’d love to see Southwell playing that role although suspect Fullerton prefers to have a taller player to put himself around against defenders 
  11. Orient at Home

    Not when your strength is to attack no by attacking them you could hurt them to sit back invited pressure
  12. Orient at Home

    Personally thought that again Fullerton’s substitutions cost 2 points today. 1-0 up and Orient had brought 2 more attacking players on. Halifax then take Southwell off for Maher leaving Edwards who was hopeless totally alone unable to hold anything up leaving the rest of the team to deeply defend the outcome was obvious. Sitting back trying to hold on to a lead again Orient won’t work and didn’t 
  13. FC Halifax v Dagenham Match Thread

    Still can’t understand why people think lenighan was so bad on Tuesday he was no better or worse than most on Tuesday 
  14. Salford Match thread

    Everyone was
  15. Salford Match thread

    Fullarton has to take responsibility for this defeat after getting back level his substitutions have been poor and allowed Salford to press again. Town had them rocking after the equaliser