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  1. Andre Gray

    Luton do stand to benefit
  2. Who knows London Town?

    Thanks chaps a couple of useful leads (not Shaymentilidie obvs). Windsor Castle would be perfect it's within a flare's throwing distance from where I'll be staying!!
  3. Who knows London Town?

    Poor planning or what? I will be down in London when Town play Guiseley. The plus point is that they will be live on BT Sport.  Does anyone know of a decent pub or sports bar in central London that is likely to be amenable to showing it, ahead of the minor teams Man City and Chelsea who wok be playing afterwards?!  
  4. Carlisle match

    Hi all Haven't seen mention of whether this is an East Stand only match. Anyone heard? Shame we didn't have the chance to give KRob the send off he deserved 
  5. Rochdale

    Are we sure they haven't just made an error and said the fixture is at Chorley instead of us? I can't find reference to our match on their fixture list...
  6. Eric Harrison

    There's a lovely article about one of our own in The Times today.  About the class of 92 All going to see him in Halifax recently after his grandson contacted them to say he has been struck by the curse of dementia ☹️

    It's purver and Taylor I believe 

    They've signed two lads released by Leeds Utd

    Some of them are already signed just not announced yet
  10. Sinnot & new signings

    Not heard of very many footballers called Fred. Other than Fred! Ljunberg must be knocking on by now...
  11. BIG SAM

    Very very pleased about this.  Well done to our Board and I look forward to the cheer Sam gets. Hope you feel at home sir.
  12. Forums

    This last few weeks as we have been trying to secure a playoff spot I have been looking at what fans of other clubs have had to say on their forums. And it makes you feel proud to be a shayman.  I know a lot of garbage is spoken on here, but at least something is being said!!!! Other forums are quieter than Richie Allen's agent's phone in comparison!! Don't despair Richie, I've heard Pizza Hut may be interested in doing an update of the Southgate/Pearce advert :-)
  13. The new Kit?

    Speaking of new kit. One of my proudest moments was to hear my daughter say today she wants next season's Town kit instead of Liverpool's!!!!! (Ok the fact that she doesn't like their new kit may have swayed it but a win's a win) Come on Shaymen
  14. Salford (H) 3-2-1

    Hotte  Brown Kosy shout out to Dion. Would love to see his stay extended 
  15. Chorley aeay

    Glad the fears regarding trouble didn't come to fruition. All in all a relaxed affair with fans passing each other without incident. though something happened at the back left of the stand Town were shooting towards in the second half. Seemed a bit strange from a distance , with comings and goings of stewards. Can anyone shed any light?