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  1. Alarming

    Just browsing the results pages and it shows we had the fourth lowest attendance yesterday. We got 87 more than Harrogate; 125 more than Solihull while relegated Braintree could manage just 331. There’s the real damage of a season of dross down The Shay. Look at yesterday - that’s JF, in his own words, preparing the team to play with the shackles off now that safety is assured. Heaven help us when he goes all defensive again.
  2. I never knew a former Shayman won the Victoria Cross fighting the Japanese in the jungle of Burma in 1944. In the latest edition of Britain at War ( there's a brilliant, in-depth piece on Hanson Turner, the Halifax bus driver who five times single-handily took on the enemy with grenades before being killed on his sixth sortee. As well as immense detail and evocative pictures, is the line: "By the end of the 1930s, Hanson was enjoying the settled life he craved, with a wife and daughter but with precious little time for indulgences beyond a spot of gardening and following the fortunes of his beloved Halifax Town FC". There is, what I guess, is a memorial rather than a grave to this blue-and-white hero at St Stephen's church in Copley. Wouldn't it be great if the club could formally recognise his heroic sacrifice on the 75th anniversary of his death and the award of the highest accolade for valour? The magazine is available on the above link and I've also seen if sometimes on sale in Sainsbury's.
  3. The Shayman who won the Victoria Cross

    Yup, the April edition.
  4. One adult, one junior
  5. Season Tickets

    Meanwhile, Chesterfield have tonight announced their season ticket prices - and the fans ain't happy. £462 anyone?
  6. Season Tickets

    Brilliant work by the board (not quite sure how they've pulled it off, though) but the other thing to do is push this offer as much as possible with mass publicity and getting into all the primary schools and junior football clubs  telling kids there're free season tickets waiting for them if they can get a parent to buy a cut-price adult ticket.  Great news.
  7. Poor crowd, poor manager

    Looks like that away win Maidstone could well relegate us. Bosomworth won’t sack Fullarton now, especially as we have pi**ed away the ‘easier’ games. Stuck with the Scottish dud until the end of the season, whether it be survival or relegation. Utterly depressing; utterly predictable from three months ago; board utterly culpable. They are the ones to blame. Why do they get such an easy ride?
  8. Lack of challenging media

    The reason is very simple. Everyone expects all their news for free so media companies can't fund any 'proper' reporting as we had, say thirty years go. Tiny digital revenue and the ever-declining print revenue means that, what money they do have, goes on 'trending' writing following the whims of the digital audience eg how to pack a dishwasher, Love Island  etc. Any news for the we-want-it-for free audience comes from, err, free sources. Press releases, police statements, social media, etc.   This worrying set affairs has even been picked up by Facebook (the author of many of the media ills) who are now funding reporters on newspapers/sites. And the BBC  are paying for 150 Local Democracy Reporters up and down there country to cover council meetings that would have otherwise gone unreported. I suppose what we're asking for here is a Local Football Team Reporter scheme. Was it Blur who said modern life is rubbish?
  9. Sack the idiot.

    How about crowdfunding to help pay his severance? I'd gladly give  a few quid to see off the charlatan.
  10. Boycott

     Turn up, but don't go in, wait in the car park. But surely, it won't be necessary. They've got to give him the bullet.  
  11. Today’s Game v Aldershot

    Beyond belief. Board now just as culpable as Fullarton. They must act tonight. Otherwise their contempt for fans is confirmed.
  12. Now Is The Time To Go

    You can forgive appointing a dud manager but can’t forgive not doing anything about. Bosomworth it’s time to go and take wee Jamie with you.
  13. Three wise monkeys

    Why focus on the symptom, attack the disease. Fullarton was given the job and who in the right mind would surrender to unemployment? The root cause of all this is the board and the contempt in which they treat the fans and the ineptness in which they conduct the business of running a football club. Eleven years on, are we in a better position to when they broke the old club? Does anyone seriously see a bright future? We are sliding inexorably to relegation. It’s one of the slowest car crashes in football history but the board  is blind to it. Or don’t care. So, don’t bawl at the Fullarton on Saturday, turn round and look up to the back of the East Stand and the three wise monkeys who see no fiasco, hear no fiasco and speak no fiasco. They are the true culprits. We’ll never prosper with them at the helm.
  14. Harrogate NYD

    Seen nigh on every game this season so have witnessed the odd blip when we win. But after that pathetic first half display it’s clear JF isn’t the man for us. Appalling football and clueless management will only end one way. As I’ve typed this, two of the youngsters with us have decided to go home. Nuff said!
  15. How many goals will we knock past Havant

    Money talks. Perhaps if the board see a new manager as the only chance of having a cup run, they’ll get rid of JF. No way this shambolic set up will get anything from Morecambe.  
  16. Todays Game - Eastleigh

    Right, I’ve tried to calm down over the last few hours ( and had a Guinness)) but my measured opinion is that this afternoon was the worst performance I’ve seen put in by a Halifax Town in my forty-odd years of following the Shaymen. Totally and utterly unacceptable. On that performance alone, Fullerton should be relived of his  duties. No desire, no postive purpose and no direction. There is no way that this guy should be in charge come Monday. A complete fraud and charleton. He’s suckered in most of us. Talk about a false prophet. If no-one down there can be arsed, I don’t think I can either after that debacle.  
  17. Poor from top to bottom

    See JF's trying a new approach to meet this dip in results and performance, according to the Courier:   “I’m not going to paper over cracks with stock answers or cliches,” Fullarton said..Read more at:
  18. Aldershot

    Jeff just called us ‘fading Halifax’ in the half-time round-up on Sky.   
  19. Bromley - match thread

    ‘Radio interview with JF tonight:’ “I couldn’t have asked more from the group – the unquenchable desire and passion to come back twice is the steel reinforcement to the concrete unit we are building. “I never single out individuals from within the group because I don’t want to unwittingly undermine their burgeoning cohesiveness they are building from within but I feel we saw performances which typifies the spirit of leadership which we will soon be commemorating on the 100th anniversary of the First World War armistice. “I’ve touched on this before, but  I am the sat nav that they follow but towards the end there the power cable came out and the boys were  working on instinct but these boys know these streets. “It must be my Scottishness, but I’m never happy when we don’t win but I think the Zygomaticus muscles in my face might be trying to force a wee smile tonight."     Well, that’s what he would have said . . . .
  20. Not Excited.

    “I think it’s burst the bubble of reality." Glad we've got that cleared up, Jamie.   
  21. Fullarton Out!

    Due to this debacle of a close season/pre-season, it feels like JF will be kicking off next week as the equivalent of  a manager who’s already lost five league games in the bounce. Really hope we’re in for a pleasant surprise this season, but if things go wrong, I’ve got a feeling it will go disastrously wrong very quickly. The silver lining being we can rescue the season. Unbelievable that I’m thinking like this before I’ve even picked up my season ticket.
  22. Boston Thread

    Looking forward to JF’s psycho babble after this shambles. Aside from the season we hastily reformed, have we been in such a mess pre-season ( and our goal just now doesn’t affect how things have been since May)
  23. Harrogate town v Bradford

    Love the match report on City's site. At no point is '7-2' mentioned -  just a reference to a 'high-scoring' game. Ha!