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  1. Altrincham

    Exactly. She knows what to expect and she isn't ar$ed to be honest.  Some will see it as being a traitor to her own!!! But she knocks around in these circles and she actually doesn't like Blokey lesbians and effeminate lads.  She is "one of them" so she's well qualified to say so in my opinion.  I'll applaud Alty though because bloody hell, it must be hard to come out and feel accepted. If it helps brighten up a few people's lives then good. 
  2. Altrincham

    I'll use the "some of my best friends are gay" line because my best mate is gay.  She's been to the match a few times and she enjoys it. Never feels threatened or out of place.   
  3. Boycott

    I clapped Matty Brown as he walked over because he's one of the lads and he's sound.  That Niall Maher however trying to kick off with me!!! Hahaha. I wasn't even booing him the idiot. But he's lost my respect now and I'll make a point of booing him. Don't sh*t on the fans that pay towards your wage. Especially when they've done Nowt.  Players were arguing and everything yesterday. We are a shambles at present. 
  4. Today’s Game v Aldershot

    Let's get behind them today and make some noise. They need us. 
  5. Today’s Game: Chesterfield

    He's one of these modern managers like Darren Kelly, Brendan Rodgers at Liverpool.  Theyre full of guff and their interviews wouldn't look out of place if David Brent was saying it on the Office.  Pyramids of emotion, Application and Attitude, Blind Pressure! Honestly what the **** does it all mean!!  I feel Fullarton's reign is coming to an end and when it does, I urge Bosimworth to change tack and go with somebody who is no nonsense and not full of stupid phrases that mean naff all.    
  6. The Cortina Is Parked

    Great thread and a real eye opener as to the lack of interest and boredom this season has created.  I also have a season ticket and to be honest, I won't be renewing if he stays on or we get relegated, I might not even attend the next 2 home games because I've a lot on at present, but in the past I'd drop everything to go to the game. I'm just not interested in watching dross and I'll save myself a lot of brass staying our of the pub before and after the match. 
  7. Message to JF

    Jamie Fullarton was sacked at Notts County for being a poor manager and he's been poor for us, every fan I speak to wants him gone.  So instead of BREXIT, I suggest we have FUXIT. Quite an apt name for the jobs he's had. 
  8. What to do Today

    What type of guitar? Anything posh like a fender, Gibson or rickenbacker? 
  9. What to do Today

  10. Meeting with DB

    See who can shove the most malteasers in their mouth, atleast that way they'll both shut up squabbling. 
  11. Meeting with DB

    Why don't you's just have a straightener?  Maybe in the centre circle at our next home game when it's half-time. 
  12. Chesterfield next up

    Attack Attack ATTACK ATTACK ATTACK.  I want us to go there and show some balls. Go at them and deal Chesterfield a psychological blow in their relegation battle. And if it doesn't work out we know we went there and put an effort in rather than lose with a wimper. 
  13. If you could choose

    Don't say that, they run with the service crew and they'll kick your head in if they see you!!  I see some reyt divvy Leeds fans about town when I go supping, I honestly hate them. 
  14. If you could choose

    **** Leeds, don't people realise the negative impact it'll have on our own club with the amount of gloryhunting scum that already live in our town. Leeds and Liverpool both doing tricks this April/May will hurt us. Think about it.  Atleast with Sheffield United and Wednesday nobody round here supports them bar one lad I know but he's a Shayman at heart and goes every game. 
  15. Big Interview With The Management

    I've really tried these last few weeks to refrain from saying this, but the soundbites are like David Brent!