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  1. Took them 5 mins to allow me to put my banner up in the South stand. They're idiots. 
  2. Our Fans

    What a great atmosphere today, it was superb and the roar when that goal went in was really loud. I loved every minute of it despite sweating my t*ts off and losing my voice.  It was good to see other areas of the South Stand joining in. 
  3. Michael Collins

    I get bored of all this chat about him and I believe it when I see it. I've heard a little rumour but I don't want to grass on my source so I won't be revealing.  Sorry to be cryptic. Not attention seeking because I've had my say on this subject. I'm just surprised at what I've heard. 
  4. Simon lenighen

    Please get rid of him for footballing reasons.  He sits too deep, the midfield and then strikers naturally drop back and we are either too deep or there's a large void in the middle between our front line and midfield.  He simply isn't good enough and it affects the whole team. 
  5. Fan names

    I'm a fan of the God that is David Icke. His theories absolutely crack me up. 
  6. Town v Chesterfield - Dumb and Dumber?

    I love your optimism. 
  7. FA Cup - Warrington Away

    Mate I'm only kidding with the misery guts.  You're reyt and we aren't good enough. I've got faith in a good run though.  We have had a S**t month, tough games home and away. Hopefully, and I believe we'll pick it up in the next 3 games. 
  8. FA Cup - Warrington Away

    That's the spirit. #MiseryGuts
  9. Brainwave

    I'm having a pint in town and I've had a brainwave. Halifax Town beer mats!!!  A cheap and and easy way to publicise our team. 
  10. FA Cup - Warrington Away

    Banana skin tie for me. Tricky. 
  11. Harvey and Collins

    This forum is like Groundhog Day. 
  12. Aldershot

    I agree with some points about having a ball player, but show some faith.  We have put out an attacking team with the best available players we have at our disposal at this current time. It's what some people have been screaming for lately, but I suppose you can't please everybody. 
  13. Aldershot

    I think our line-up today is quite an attacking line-up. Hope we get 3pts and shut up some of those whingers who say we are too negative in our approach play. 
  14. Kids for a Quid (Chesterfield game)

    This game falls on the same day as the Rugby League grand final. I think it'll knock the gate a little bit. Not by much but some will stay at home or in the pub. 
  15. Music

    Will you pay for my CBT therapy sessions after witnessing and listening to that?