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  1. Conference South

    I'm going to derail this thread a little bit and talk about the Conference North.  Darlington's position is a little bit precautious at the moment and they haven't kicked on the way they would have hoped or like us climbing our way back.  I think quite a few of their fans are tossers but deep down it's sad to see when you look at some of the rubbish we have visiting the shay. 
  2. 999 goals

    I'd go Macca. Last minute winning penalty. Roy of the Rovers stuff. 
  3. 999 goals

    Of course we want it in a winning performance but come on, don't be a misery guts. It's a nice little milestone for the club. 
  4. Town 3-0 Kettering Town

    Played some lovely football this day. I got back in my Dad's car on by that statue thing by the bus garage and listened to Sports Report on 5live, it was the day Paulo Di Canio pushed the referee! 
  5. Maidenhead Away

    Win your home and draw your aways, it's as old as time is that saying. If we don't win v Leighton Orient then maybe you've grounds for a little moan, but today is a good point IMO.
  6. Waide Fairhurst

    That is some drop. Talking of former players, Bohan Dixon has scored for Stockport today 
  7. Maidenhead Away

    Come on town. I'll take a hard earned point.
  8. Maidenhead Away

    How many games does Wareing have left? Isn't his loan up now? Id like to see him play because I think that lad has potential in this league. He's big and he's mobile enough. Tranmere fans I've spoken to can't believe he's even on loan with us!  Im not being fickle just because Wareing scored the otherday but it'll be good squad rotation too. Denton deserves a rest and is at risk of one game too many. 
  9. Kosylo

    I think it was to appease fans that give him stick and I reckon Heath was playing mind games with them!  "Look I'm playing Morgan, I'm playing fresh faces that you keep asking for, we had 4-5 different strikers on the pitch in Denton, Wareing, Morgan, Tomlinson, Morgan, Khan, What more do you want? now shut up!" Deep down I did find the Khan substitution quite pointless. 
  10. Kosylo

    Yeah, maybe I'm being a d***head and being very very presumptive.  You're right, could be lots of factors, from crying kids, woke up early and couldn't get back to sleep, can't handle 2 games in 3 days.  A bit like Andy Murray pulling out of the Aussie open.  As for Kosylo, I'm not pinning all my hopes on him. He'll be a little bit rusty after the spell out.
  11. Kosylo

    Dehydrated and faint after a New Years knees up?   
  12. 20/09/97 Farnborough 1-2 Town

    I tell you what, for an away day in Hampshire, that looks like a decent following! Superb.
  13. Turning out to be a strange league

    My minds playing tricks on me then. Ta for clearing it up though.  I'll give the passage of time and 20yrs as my excuse. For anybody my age, there used to be a supply teacher who worked all the Halifax schools and was called Mr Turnpenny!! (Mr Flip-a-quid) I remember planning the road trip to Morecambe with him in my GCSE Art class before I sneaked out before last lesson and drove up with my father! The game was huge at the time. Happy days.
  14. Turning out to be a strange league

    I'm sure it snowed or sleeted that night. Wasn't so bad otherwise it wouldn't have been played.  I blobbed the afternoon off school to go to that game! 
  15. Martin Naylor.

    Sad news mate. Games won't be the same but I'm sure you'll carry on your mates enthusiasm and love.