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  1. England v Sweden

    BBQ and a house full at my mates.  I went up morrisons earlier and to say there's a World Cup on and England have a decent chance, the beer offers are $h*te. I'm not the greatest England fan and I prefer club over country but even I've got a twinge for this game. I think it could be another period of extra time incoming because Sweden are very organised and hard to break down. The BBC showed some great analysis of their defensive shape and organisation before their game v Switzerland the otherday. 
  2. New Signings

    Ate the name rings a bell from seeing them in that cup run they had 18 months ago. Am I right in thinking he was a winger? 
  3. Fixtures Out Today

    I feel we can get off to a decent start and maybe pick up 11pts from August which is actual championship winning form! 10-12pts per month!  September looks tough though and the way them fixtures are set out over the season is annoying, some tough games that can stop you in your tracks and I think we'll have a stop and start kinda season.  It is what it is though and if we get behind them you just never know. 
  4. New Signings

    Can't see anything being announced tonight as everybody's attention will be elsewhere.  Im not panicking though. We'll have players lined up. 
  5. Jake Hibbs

    Spennymoor have confirmed that Hibbs has joined. 
  6. The Ultimate Hard Question

    I really think Belgium could do it. 
  7. The Ultimate Hard Question

    Inject that Cavani goal into my veins, get in.  Could be losing both Messi and Ronaldo tonight and most likely their last crack at a World Cup.  
  8. The Ultimate Hard Question

    Don't cry 4-3 Argentina! 
  9. The Ultimate Hard Question

    I really enjoyed that.  Great goals, great individual performances.  Lets hope we get to see many more games like it. 
  10. The Ultimate Hard Question

    I didn't know James Cordon was on the gear and into Argentinian football.
  11. The Ultimate Hard Question

    A fantastic performance by M'Bappe and the best of the tournament so far. Even better than Ronaldo's showing v Spain.  Really enjoyed this game.  
  12. The Ultimate Hard Question

    That Di Maria goal was something else, absolutely superb strike.  The fans are incredible too, I could listen to them all day long, it's not often the French anthem gets upstaged. 
  13. The Ultimate Hard Question

    I want Argentina because I love their supporters and how passionate they are.  The Falklands war happened 6 months before I was born and I don't have a clue, so I don't give a toss about liking Argentina and I don't care for any political agendas either.  It looks a cracking day of football and I'm really looking forward to it. 
  14. Jamie’s jalfrezi

    Curry is best when using thighs. Breast is too dry. Yours suncerely  Gordon Ramsey. 
  15. England v Belgium

    Switzerland held Brazil so they aren't mugs either.  Just take each game as it comes I suppose and don't run away with yourself.