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  1. Obscure Day Jobs.

    I've just read a tweet asking about which non-league player has the most obscure day job?  Have we past or present had any players with a weird job?  Include other club's players if you know of any daft ones. 
  2. Leyton Orient match.

    Tedious and I find it slightly embarrassing knowing Leyton Orient fans will be reading our forum to see our side of the story, whilst viewing the back and forth arguments of GROWN BLOKES with little else to offer but petty insults to eachother.  Just have it out with eachother ffs. We come on here to chat about football. 
  3. Random image of the day

    Trev wouldn't be so angry
  4. Random image of the day

    The original Adam Morgan
  5. Leyton Orient match.

    How many fans went today? 
  6. Leyton Orient match.

    Well I've been for a dump and shower before I go out supping and we haven't conceded in that time. Going to walk to my mates and hope by the time I get there we are still winning. C'mon Shaymen 
  7. Leyton Orient match.

    Seen an Orient fan on twitter call us 'Hoofifax!'  Sounds like we are playing attacking footballer from what I can decipher from twitter. 
  8. Leyton Orient match.

    Please have King further forward. Don't want to be too heavy on defence. 
  9. Accounts

    I feel like I've been sniffing solvents all season, or atleast some of the players and management have! 
  10. Another Announcement?

    Follow the club on twitter and retweet their tweet from last night. 
  11. Agent Fees

    Just found this on twitter.
  12. Another Announcement?

    Matty Brown and Sam Johnson sign new contracts? I'm guessing something contract related anyway. 
  13. Ebbsfleet

    Atleast Nathan Ashmore might lose some weight if he can't afford takeaways every night.   
  14. Rugby

    I love Food Friday, best day of the year!  Iphone spelkchecker deffo hone wrong! We know what you mean though. 
  15. Leyton Orient

    I want Orient to go up because they're a proper football league club.  Hopefully Salford stay down and they'll probably win the league next year if so, i'd argue they'd bring more fans and money to the Shay than Orient would going on the distance from Halifax.