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  1. Sutton Saturday

    I'm not confident for this game at all and like an idiot I'm writing us off before it's started! (Let's hope for a Shaquille McDonald Forest Green moment)   Not slagging anybody. Is back Sutton all day long if my life depended on it. God luck lads and I hope I'm proven wrong.
  2. 2 minutes silence

    A little confusing and the audio was a little bit dodgy but I thought it was observed ok and that's what matters.
  3. Woking

    I thought we did ok at times yesterday, we just didn't have our shooting boots on. Denton will be picked out for his miss, (yes it was a bad one but that's footy) his overall play was ok, headed the ball on, held it up at times but it highlighted the fact that we needed 2 upfront. It improved when Tomlinson come on to partner but sadly it was too late in the day. Like it or not, we are 10-11 points off relegation so for any Heath-outers that is 5-6 games grace atleast. i don't expect owt at Sutton next week but I believe we should win against Eastleigh. 
  4. Salford City taking the pi$$

    Haha, Lineker actually tweeted that he'd get a lifetime ban for his own actions!
  5. Salford City taking the pi$$

    I would have just faked an injury and gone whilst on the floor!  Only had to wait a couple if minutes before he was in the shower! 
  6. Woking at Home..Heaths last stand?

    But it's a football forum. Take it elsewhere and have a ding dong with eachother via another media specifically made for politics, or private message. You're both boring and you're both never going to agree. Why should we have to endure childish tit-for-tat arguments that are going nowhere except insults and back to square one. Brexit is massive, Brexit is life changing, but I come on here to escape the majority of the real world and immerse myself in my passion for Halifax Town and I very much doubt I'm the only one. Im sorry but somebody has to step in and say you're both doing everybodies head in. 
  7. Woking at Home..Heaths last stand?

    I might sack this forum off. If I wanted political debate everyday then I go on twitter or I'd join a political forum. Ive been guilty of political tweets but they tend to be football related or part of a huge national story that is happening on the day or that week. Its getting tiresome seeing the same argument over and over and on various threads.  it's not fair on the other users who have to trawl through page after page of Brexit bollox in the hope of seeing a post with a good football argument that is preferably about Halifax Town Can't the mods reign these in or what?   
  8. On Loan Manager and Assistant

    I'm not here to brown nose Heath but despite the losses in recent weeks. Some decisions Heath has made show that he is learning and addressing the things that are going wrong. We as fans can see it and more importantly Billy can see it, Sadly it just hasn't happened for him / us this October. • The midfield has lacked spark and so he's brought Batty in. • His interview after the Tranmere game in which he describes going back to what made us a force and defending well. I think the recent slump is the fault of some players desire, or their natural ability to change a game.  Im not burying my head in the sand and denying there aren't problems, but I'm cutting Heath some slack and I'm giving him every opportunity to work on these in the next 2 weeks before our next game. This is a welcome break for all involved and if things continue then yes it's time to ask some serious questions, just not now. 
  9. Woking at Home..Heaths last stand?

    Despite his faults as a player, Morgan is a "name" and he tweets halifax town things to his hoards of Liverpool supporters from all round the world. We signed him on the back of national media attention after his display against Wimbledon in the cup for Curzon. Surely he is marquee. He caused a reyt stir and ripple of excitement when we signed him. What do you class as marquee? What are the credentials? 
  10. Woking at Home..Heaths last stand?

    I don't wish to take the mick out of you, that's not my intention, but don't Adam Morgan, Sam Johnson count as a marquee signing? Could we say Kosylo was one?
  11. Tranmere game thread

    He was our bright light on a dour day, he ran at them, put in atleast 3 crosses which weren't bad either, they were just well defended by well positioned defenders. It was such a shame that on a couple of occasions he picked the ball up in such a deep position that he could have been the right wing back. I don't expect him to dribble 3 quarters of the pitch and put in a good cross every time.
  12. "Blue touch paper lit" Ha!  
  13. David lynch

    It's true that he's gone off the boil. He was superb for them first 25 minutes against Tranmere in the cup a few weeks ago and then fell awkward and grabbed his knee. The games against Torquay and Maidstone are ones to forget for him, the amount of misplaced passes by him was many.  I hope he isn't having a littlr crisis of confidence over the knee. He did well going forward yesterday in small doses but I think them wingers for Tranmere yesterday deserve some credit, that black lad was really good. 
  14. Tranmere game thread

    I'd love to know who the alledged perpetrator was. 
  15. Tranmere game thread

    Aye, I used to have my steaks dripping in blood but this was a burger that was most probably frozen. It just looked unhealthy.