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  1. Halifax Gala..

    It's the same blue/white/gold design as the posters and flyers that have been put up around town and on the website, Facebook, twitter ect. 
  2. Common sense prevails, many on here should take note of this post, perfectly summed up.  Just get a ticket. I admit that I don't have a clue who we sign and looking forward to seeing them play in the upcoming season is part of the excitement.  I don't care for money, wages, signings, internal things. I'm looking forward saturday sat the pub and shay. Just buy a ticket and get on with it. 
  3. Halifax Gala..

    Spotted a big vinyl banner hung on the railings outside that church at the bottom of Pellon Lane when coming home from work the otherday.  Its in a great spot and impossible to miss when in the traffic lights coming from Bull green to broad street.   
  4. Justin Edinburgh

    Bloody hell fire, such awful news. 
  5. Ryan Sellars article

    I have this thing in my head that this generation of players have grown up watching Dani Alves and the art of defending has been lost except for an odd few. Having Hanson and Duckworth gives us good options as one can get forward and the other can defend well. 
  6. Season Tickets.

    In the words of Kevin Keegan, "I would love it"  Some people just like to be awkward and moan no matter what the club do or say. It's in their DNA and make up. 
  7. Grant Holt

    I remember watching football focus when Holt was doing things for Norwich in the Premier League.  They listed his previous clubs and he said the less said about Halifax Town the better!  His style of play was never going to be successful for us or at that time of his career. He got good when he filled out and could throw his weight around. He was only a kid with us so I don't really hold any grudges or wish it could have been different. 
  8. Cliff Moyo

    Kiddy fans I've spoken to on twitter don't think that way. They say they just don't have any enthusiasm for the new season and reckon mid-table mediocrity. 
  9. Matty Brown

    Believe it when I see it.  I don't fear for Bradford, I'd laugh at them! but I think they'll have another poor season and struggle. Aren't they trying to do things on the cheap?  A bit like Sinnott going to Chesterfield and they suffered a second successive relegation. I wouldn't be too surprised if they did!  They just signed a centre half from Sudbury last week and Port Vale's no2 goalie. 
  10. Next Season's Strips

    He'll grow into it! 
  11. Fat Sportsmen

    McNulty was released by Tranmere the otherday.   
  12. Challenge cup

    It's good for the whole of Halifax.  It might re-ignite people's pride and passion for their hometown and we'll benefit from it. 
  13. 19/20 player rumours

    Spennymoor have tweeted that Jake Hibbs has been placed on the transfer list and has played most of the season at right back. I'd actually have him back, but he'd be a squad player, much prefer maher 
  14. European Cup Final

    It's embarrassing watching them gloat and laud it.  I used to see a Scouse lass and she would take me to games at Anfield, and big games too v Manchester United, Everton, and many European nights including semi-finals. I've been there and done it even though I'm a town fan!  These daft lads around town have never been and I can spot a fake a mile off.  Seen many tweets and had texts from friends who were in town last night and they're gutted that there's more of them than us!!  My best mate works in a town centre pub and she said it was full of arrogant pillocks pretending to be Scouse and said she felt embarrassed for them.  The real scousers hate them and call them Woolybacks!!! 
  15. Challenge cup

    It's been all fax but no imagination in that last 20