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  1. New Royal Baby Named ....

    He was conceived after William had a skinful of Spitfire and took the fish and chip supper literally.  
  2. Todays stewarding

    I ended up in that Attik with the players on Saturday night, the same steward was acting up because I had 2 bottles of Budweiser in my hand and said I wasn't allowed to carry 2!! They're all just jobsworth idiots and the sooner they're gone the better.  Any idiot can get a badge on their arm and pretend to be a steward, a bouncer or security. They're all fat scruffy pigs who will never intimidate me.  I go to the football to enjoy myself and support the team, I don't go looking for bother whatsoever and the vast majority don't, but with wannabe WWF wrestlers and fat lads as stewards then it's finding us.  Them stewards knew it was the last home game and they were trying their hardest to antagonise and get people in trouble. I heard everything that was said and one of them was getting gobby with me at the end. I'll admit that I'd love to break his nose but I won't give them the satisfaction of getting me a ban.  Theyre putting off decent families from coming to the game though and the club cannot afford to let these good fans go.  At half time I saw 2 women stewards going mental at a boy no more than 7 in the bar because he had a can of pop!!! Is that acceptable? They're bullies and words need to be had.  (Late edit)... Was having a pint with a friendly bunch of Tranmere fans outside the white horse in the sunshine when said Bearded steward drove past with 2-3 more stewards pointing and gesturing to me and my friends. Very professional. If they wanted us so badly then why didn't they pull over and have a do?  I spoke to 2 coppers, one a attractive young lass in the South stand and the main copper during and after the game. Both in agreement that our stewards are tools. 
  3. Tranmere thread

    Tranmere played very well and did wel to get bodies behind the ball as soon as we got the ball. It seemed a lot of our attacks tried to start down the left but what can Macca do when receiving the ball on halfway with 9-10 men behind the ball?  Their strikers were really good, superb movement.  The ref was an oddball but other then that, Tranmere deserved it.  Another game spoilt by stewards too. 

  5. Advice required

    My uncle had 4 bottles of green label in his cellar that we're there when he moved in in 1976. We opened one a few years ago and it was nothing on these Russians and their chemical warfare!  I think they still do it up Lee mount club. 
  6. Stewards

    My mate had a banner on the far side last Saturday. I asked if I could go and take a photo of it but they went mental at me just for asking!! They know my face, know I don't kick off, and what trouble can I cause in there!  Its little things such as that are building up and causing agitation.They're  beyond the word jobsworth. They are bullies who ruin things just because they believe they have power over us. Power mad saddos.
  7. Sutton thread

    Hotte was sound last night.  Sutton shot themselves in the foot with their cheating antics, especially number 11 who had to swap both corner kick duties and even playing duties at half time. If you can't handle it then don't give it. The Sutton players antics only served to pump us fans up and our lads were in earshot if it all and it made them react too.  Every failed shot, cross, and town clearance was net with huge applause. People have mentioned hoof ball last night, but we did what we had to do. Can't call that 1st goal hoofball. Fullarton has us playing with a good balance of long and short, at the right times and opportunities.  Weve been under the Cosh but we've took our chances. The Fondop-Talom miss 2weeks ago is a distant memory. 
  8. Stewards

    Right, I know this subjects crops up from time to time and I'll have many who support my views and many who just seem to think there is an element who cause trouble no matter what, but here goes. I am sick to death of our stewards attempting to ruin mine and my friends day or night at the footy. Their constant harassment, scowling, walking up and down, threats, bullying has to stop because me and others I know are seriously considering knocking it on the head.  We are constantly told to get off the yellow steps when nobody is on them. They go mad at 2 year old toddlers stood by his dad's side and who is in no danger of being hurt.  They are sanitising everything from shot reactions, referee decisions, even goals last night when I ran like David Pleat to celebrate a last minute winner which might just give us survival.  Theres the large lady with blonde hair down the front who seriously needs to go before she destroys the clubs finances. There was another lad dressed up as though he was a contract killer with stupid driving gloves on! They really think they are the police and are so over zealous that they're embarrassing, but it's harming our support. One last point, when the club announced they were shutting the far ends of the South stand, they said it was to keep steward costs down but there are now more of them and they're bigger and uglier than ever.  I might rant and I'll admit I'm not the greatest at getting my point across in a balanced thought out way but we need action against these clowns before the start of next season. 
  9. Sutton thread

    Chant of the night.  "Barney the dinosaur"
  10. Team Vs Boreham Wood

    Great win. Got legless, ended up being dragged to the acca at my age and weed on my floor at 4.30am.   Let's celebrate survival in style. 
  11. 04/04/1998 Town 1-0 Woking

    That Southport match is probably my favourite ever town match.  The game had absolutely everything and it meant so much. I've never known time stop still or turn into slow motion when Dave Hanson's shot went over the line. I ended up halfway down the Skircoat feeling nauseous after going absolutely mental. 
  12. Town vs Fylde 30/03/2018

    We could have Aguero upfront but it wouldn't mean anything if we tactically put 10 behind the ball.  Ive Nowt against Denton, I like his effort, I just don't think he fits in with the way Fullarton wants to play. He isn't mobile enough for it.  I know Fondop-Talom ballsed up his chances the otherday but Denton wouldn't have got anywhere near running through on goal 1 v 1.  Denton scored goals under a different style of play and system that was starting to stutter and falter and if left to carry on would gave got us relegated IMO.  I know it's in the past now but I do think we have shot ourselves in the foot flogging Morgan because Tuton and Fondop-Talom are only loan players, is their heart really in it? Tomlinson is our own and needs to buck his ideas up. 
  13. Town vs Fylde 30/03/2018

    Oh well, it was a hard place to go and let's just hope we bounce back on Monday.  Get behind the lads from the off on Monday afternoon because it's a very winnable game and quite frankly we have to. 
  14. Town vs Fylde 30/03/2018

    Sounds like a good end to end game judging to twitter updates. Some last ditch defending and hearts in mouths but it gives me hope if we are attacking ourselves. Many predicted a Fylde onslaught. 
  15. Traffic

    It's $h*t having your plans for an afternoon at the football ruined but a little bit of perspective, it's only a footy match.  I hope all involved in the accidents are ok and make a speedy recovery.