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  1. Young lad assaulted at the shay..

    They aren’t exactly normal people are they?
  2. Young lad assaulted at the shay..

    I heard before the game that some of our so called fans were drinking with Wrexham fans and planned a fight with them, The usual ones who planned bother at places like Chesterfield.
  3. Town Vs Wrexham

    Great performance Sam Johnson a couple of miracle saves Clarke and Brown usual solid games also thought Berret played well a couple of real crunching tackles .
  4. Bye Bye Kosy

    I think if they fail on Saturday there might be fans on antidepressants I want them up 2000 fans to Shay that around £40,000 better than Braintree
  5. Where’s Wally Fullarton ?

    You said you hadn’t abused the Manager but what is the title of the thread Where’s Wally Fullerton?Or we you thinking of the old Aussie Rugby league international Wally Fullarton Smith?
  6. Where’s Wally Fullarton ?

    If he gets sacked Greggs he will probably deserve it ,I will trust Chairman on this one even though he’s got things wrong in the past ,If we had converted 10 of our draws to wins we would be in the playoffs fine margins between success and missing out.
  7. Bye Bye Kosy

    Very popular player with fans Stephenson 
  8. Where’s Wally Fullarton ?

    I have been to a few Match dining and after match presentations and he tends to come up when the players have left and talks with the Chairman,Some Managers prefer to keep there distance from the players.Bottom line to disappointing a few he won’t be getting sacked anytime soon ,If you cannot handle it go and support ManCity they always have plenty of tickets available a real glory hunters club.
  9. Where’s Wally Fullarton ?

    Maybe he didn’t go because he doesn’t want to meet people like you who slag off for no reason.
  10. Players who will leave ??

    Southwell has another 12months doubt he will go Johnson wants to stay ,Berret might stay but the rest will probably go.
  11. Wilder

    Let’s all laugh at Leeds if Sheffield Utd win on Saturday against Ipswich automatic promotion is gone especially with Sheffield Utd goal difference.8th lowest budget in the Championship Wilder is Manager of the season.
  12. Bye Bye Kosy

    Stockport have a winger called Stephenson who they rate very highly and my cousin who supports them reckons he is there best player and better than Kosy.
  13. Disappointing

    That’s been nailed since the club took up an option on his contract when he really wanted to leave .
  14. Disappointing

    Is Odalusi contract up I would expect him also to go ,When you get the likes of Clarke who wants to stay and Brown still under contract for another 12 months they won’t come cheap you peanuts for poor quality players 
  15. Disappointing

    Erik are you thinking of Southwell ? he has got another 12 months on his contract he will not renegotiate unless it's in his favour and why should he?        Papa are you thinking off Edwards? I Reckon Preston will also be going too.
  16. Disappointing

    Think it was 83/84I think we got beaten 2-3 with them scoring the winner in the last minute .
  17. Disappointing

    It was actually Ron Atkinson when he was at ManUtd who said Mickey Bullock had the hardest job in Football,Bullock and Atkinson were teammates at Oxford Utd,Shortly after Atkinson said that he would sent a team to the Shay for a friendly everyone thought that Atkinson was going to send a decent team and it was there reserves which included a certain Peter Beardsley who was on loan from Vancouver Whitecaps.
  18. Disappointing

    Last season a large percentage of Ipswich Town fans wanted Mick McCarthy out said his football was Boring and terrible to watch ,So they got what they wanted a team that cannot compete against anyone in there division they were nailed on to go down from September,Let’s get 40 players in and sack a Manager every couple of months.
  19. If we sell 750 adult tickets that will be just short of £150,000 in sales
  20. Having a party!

    Fleetwood only signed him because they had a long injury list otherwise he would probably have stayed with us that season 
  21. Bromley match thread

    Second half we came out and gave it a go King and Rodney both had excellent second halves ,There are a few that say they were disappointed that we let the lead slip twice but if we are going to be honest Bromley were well worth a point and came here and had a go and in the second half we also responded to that ,Anyone who says the second half was boring is just a one eyed liar or never went to the game,Both teams gave it a go and full credit to Bromley for making it an entertaining second half.
  22. 14th April 1979 Halifax vs Huddersfield

    I remember the game well we lost 2-3 but we were probably beaten far more convincingly than the scoreline suggests both our goals came in the last couple of mins,I remember that season well it was probably one of the worst if not the worst in Halifax Town history also one of the coldest winters I can remember we didn’t finish our home games till the middle of May.
  23. Well, this week's been interesting

    Everyone knew what we needed TJ but it’s being able to bring the right players in Quigley was brought in and probably isn’t The right player for us ,If we can bring the right midfielders and strikers in  during pre season we should do well next season.
  24. Obscure Day Jobs.

    Ross Clegg Lord Lucan impersonater 
  25. Obscure Day Jobs.

    Or Hypochondriac consultant