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  1. Having a party!

    Fleetwood only signed him because they had a long injury list otherwise he would probably have stayed with us that season 
  2. Bromley match thread

    Second half we came out and gave it a go King and Rodney both had excellent second halves ,There are a few that say they were disappointed that we let the lead slip twice but if we are going to be honest Bromley were well worth a point and came here and had a go and in the second half we also responded to that ,Anyone who says the second half was boring is just a one eyed liar or never went to the game,Both teams gave it a go and full credit to Bromley for making it an entertaining second half.
  3. 14th April 1979 Halifax vs Huddersfield

    I remember the game well we lost 2-3 but we were probably beaten far more convincingly than the scoreline suggests both our goals came in the last couple of mins,I remember that season well it was probably one of the worst if not the worst in Halifax Town history also one of the coldest winters I can remember we didn’t finish our home games till the middle of May.
  4. Well, this week's been interesting

    Everyone knew what we needed TJ but it’s being able to bring the right players in Quigley was brought in and probably isn’t The right player for us ,If we can bring the right midfielders and strikers in  during pre season we should do well next season.
  5. Obscure Day Jobs.

    Ross Clegg Lord Lucan impersonater 
  6. Obscure Day Jobs.

    Or Hypochondriac consultant 
  7. Having a party!

    The biggest idiots are Crewe Alex they had him there twice on trial and let him go and signed a player we all remember called Jordan Connerton last I heard of him he was at Workington Reds ,I am sure a certain person from Norway will know were he is now.
  8. Shay photo found in family album from 1982

    Mansfield was a Friday night a 0-0 draw ,Does anyone remember Mansfield fans trying to get into the Skircoat End and copper grabbed hold of a Mansfield hooligans and handcuffed him to a Floodlight pylon and then Town fans started giving him kicking while copper went chasing after Mansfield hooligans.
  9. Having a party!

    Because they never made a bid for him.
  10. Having a party!

    Huddersfield could outbid Fleetwood everyday of the week.
  11. Having a party!

    No Lee Clark said his attitude was was all wrong I know Huddersfield fans who are still angry about that
  12. Having a party!

    Ironic that Vardy should score twice against Huddersfield the team when Lee Clark was Manager and he came to the Shay to watch him and said his attitude wasn’t right shows much he knows !
  13. Leyton Orient match.

    If he leaves Salford we would be more than good gig for him ,Where is he going to go that is better than here?
  14. That is around 25k in money so far.
  15. Leyton Orient match.

    I am positive and JF will be in charge next season and will take us on to bigger and better things ,Last week there was plenty of rubbish written after the Maidenhead game we have done badly against the bottom teams this season and that has been frustrating,Aldershot at home was one of the worst displays for along time ,Solihull a couple of weeks ago was probably our best performance of the season ,It’s time to stop questioning wether JF should be the Manager because he definitely will be Bosmworth won’t be sacking him anytime soon.