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  1. As long as...

    Matt Brown swore he never touched him I wish Kosy would have broke Noble in half the little Sh#t
  2. Maidstone

    Absolutely ridiculous why don’t we sign 10 on give them all 5 year contracts and bankrupt the club.Anyone would think we were struggling.
  3. Hartlepool

    Would guess this will be our highest home crowd so far this season?I would expect Pools to bring a decent following with them double what Orient brought with them.
  4. HRLFC

    In all fairness Col Football isn't a top sport in Australia, is it? When the capital city where I presume you live have not even got a professional team in the Hyundai League which is a league that struggles to attract any sort of fans and most of the teams are near bankruptcy.  
  5. It’s quiet on here

    sounds like one or two comments are trying to stir some s#it up!
  6. It’s quiet on here

    Is that a bad thing? 
  7. Gozie Ugwu

    JF seems to be able to get more out of players than most Managers especially those Managers who tell There players to walk around a town wearing a Placard saying I must try harder after they have lost.
  8. Tom Denton

    Always thought Denton had no interest in going full time.
  9. Player on trial

    Your right Big Vernon did become a prison officer quite a few of his opponents who he played against rated him one of the toughest players they ever played against,I think he still follows us on social media,Top Bloke should be invited back to one of our games.
  10. Player on trial

    I thought you were talking about big Vernon Allat he never took any prisoners 
  11. Edwards - 'I nearly do everything'

    I think Edwards works very hard holds the ball pretty well slipped around yesterday but so did s few more,I think there are one or two on here need to take a reality check we have made really good start.
  12. Radio Leeds

    Saying Orient expecting to bring 600 to 700 fans 
  13. Radio Leeds

    JF giving lavish to the fans saying biggest contributing factor in our good start.
  14. Radio Leeds

    Jamie Fullarton on live now
  15. 35 years ago today

    What a waste of space that bloke was! Saying that they were nearly all a waste of space and life from that season we could have changed our nickname to the conmen because they were in my opinion taking everything into account the worst team to ever represent any team with the name of Halifax Town.