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  1. Where do you EXPECT Town to finish this season.

    Haven’t got a clue haven’t done any pre season games and won’t be doing any until the season starts,People should never judge on pre season we have plenty different factors .More or less a new team a few players that have moved to West Yorkshire to live and will need time to settle not just in the team but also living in a new area too.No great expectations if we finish in a similar position maybe a bit higher I will be satisfied.The League will be tougher than last season more money with the likes of Salford Harrogate and Chesterfield have a decent budget ,But as Macclesfield proved great team sprit and great Manager anything is possible.
  2. Danny Lloyd

    Said that deal was done about 3 weeks ago on here and was ridiculed for saying it.
  3. light Hearted Brain teaser..........

    Alan Waddle JIMMY Case and Mark Pearson 
  4. Diarra from Barrow

    More like the Grinch than a dwarf 
  5. Diarra from Barrow

    Go to sports direct and buy him a new one his black and white armband won’t match blue and white .
  6. Diarra from Barrow

    Was he the Grimsby captain last season?
  7. Diarra from Barrow

    It makes perfect sense to all parties but as someone once said Football is a funny old game
  8. Diarra from Barrow

    I hope we do sign him but while he’s still down as a trialist he isn’t our player.
  9. Diarra from Barrow

    Have we signed Clarke or is he just with us until he receives a better offer .
  10. Sinnott Anyone?

    So what was he reputedly getting ?One easy equation Alfreton gates +FC Halifax Town Wages=Bankruptciey 
  11. Sinnott Anyone?

    Alfreton have no bottomless pit a 4 million pound lottery winner that won’t last long they won’t be getting Halifax Town wages .
  12. Absolutely Choked

  13. Tonight’s big game

    God help us if we lose this forum will crash ! Pre season games mean nothing just a case of trying out different formations and trying out trialists,If a trialist scores 4 goals tonight don’t expect him to get signed on the strength of doing it against Brighouse.
  14. Stockport Match Thread

    Exactly this is a marathon not a sprint like some think that we should be up to speed straight away.
  15. Stockport Match Thread

    Players are doing double training sessions every day it is going to take them a while before things come together properly the results of these games should be taken with a pinch of salt.