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  1. Bosomworth

    I agree with what your saying if there is nobody with any integrity out there then the future doesn’t look very bright,My hope would be that it would be someone with strong local connections who cares about the club and area ,Like Dean Hoyle has done for Huddersfield Town
  2. The club tweets about lack of signings

    Far too much panic it’s like kids waiting to open there Christmas presents ,Come early July not that far now news will start to filter through about new players coming into the club.
  3. Bosomworth

    If they wanted to develop the whole site and take over the club and guaranteed Football and the Rugby League I reckon they would if there intentions towards both clubs were honourable it could happen there are many on Calderdale Council who would want it to happen ,If it was some kind of company who wanted to takeover I would be more sceptical .
  4. Bosomworth

    In terms of running a Football club I reckon he will be one of the longest serving Chairman,In any Football league or club  11 years is along time ,I wonder if there is anyone out there who would be interested in taking over the club if he decides to go .I think if someone who is really wealthy wanted to take over they would probably want to buy the club and ground ,If someone wanted to buy the ground with the proviso that Football and Rugby League was guaranteed and safeguarded I am pretty certain that Calderdale Council would sell to the right person,Definitely no Tony Abbots or Bury Fc owners.
  5. Darlington

    It should have been played at Darlington 400 crowd tops at Shay ,If that is the best we can do for home friendly games then  just play them all away from home.
  6. Kingsley James.

    Probably one of the most over hyped players to ever play for this club ,Some on here thought when we signed him he was twice the player Matty Pearson was ,They have certainly gone in very different directions.
  7. New Major Signing Confirmed

    New season tickets purchased following the sale of Jonny Edwards.
  8. Edwards

    Someone said the other day we could put a team out if necessary .
  9. Edwards

    That’s spot on ,Last year we signed Southwell and Staunton both were under contract and we paid for them both that’s why they were announced were as the other signings were in July.
  10. Edwards

    I have said that he’s out of his depth numours times but I do hope he goes on and finds his right level ,I certainly wish him all the best and hope he does well in the future.
  11. 2 of my workmates have now bought season tickets neither of them have been down for years so that’s 2 new ones for certain , Huddersfield Town Do season cards wouldn’t be easier for us to do them or haven’t we got the technology.
  12. The club tweets about lack of signings

    So if these players don’t work out we go to the loan market like we did last season,It is really false economy ,In that case we might as well have gone for the better players than forking out on sub standard players ,I would be looking for players who are hungry and raw and might come from further down the pyramid other clubs sign them they are out there you just have to look harder but they are out there.
  13. The club tweets about lack of signings

    Let’s hope he doesn’t find another Jordan Preston or Melli Mcloud or Odlusi.
  14. V.A.R

    What I have seen so far I tend to agree with you,No problem with the offsides and goaline decisions but some of the handball decisions are a total joke.
  15. V.A.R

    I predict that we don’t see VAR anytime soon down the Shay.