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  1. Tranmere at Home

    Tranmere probably would have taken more fans to Chester if they could but were probably limited to what they took .It would be nice if we could put a special offer on for our fans for the last home game of the season,Being a season ticket holder myself I wouldn’t have any objections to this let’s get as many of our own supporters in as possible.
  2. Player of the season

    Matty Brown for me he’s been very consistent in defence and played probably more games than the likes of Matty Kosylo who spent a fare chunk of the season out injured.Collins has been really good but it should go to a player who has played all season not half a season.
  3. Mr B

    Must be related to him?
  4. Mr B

    The contract was probably linked to us staying up which we have done.
  5. Mr B

    Jamie Fullarton is on a 2-year contract already?
  6. Torquay See Our Danger Man As?

    Torquay fans saying on there Forum we are the worst team they have played this season, And we should be grateful for having such a large squad that we could rotate our players, My answer to them is good residence you have finally got what you deserve and will go down tough!
  7. Torquay Away

    Definitely safe next season Mr B can start sorting season tickets offers out now and Jamie Fullarton can start his search for players now and offering new contracts out.
  8. Tomlinson

    Jamie Fullarton knows how to get the best out of players does anyone seriously think that Mike FT would have scored 5 goals under Heath and improved the way he has not a chance ! The same with Tomlinson he is starting to get coached properly again and is starting to believe in himself again,I am not sure wether Tomlinson will get another contract but if he keeps playing the way he has been it will give him a chance.
  9. Torquay See Our Danger Man As?

    Are the team flying down or are they going by coach?
  10. Head thread (tonight’s match thread)

    According to BBC Sport we have 53 points still from 43 games we have 54 don't we ?or is that the useless BBC Sport again?Koyslo free Kick was a David Beckham England v Greece moment, 
  11. Sutton thread

    What an amazing display of defending apart from the 1st minute when we were still half asleep . No Kosylo,Collins ,Macdonald and most of the game without Matt Brown ,It just goes to show what a great Man Manager Jamie Fullarton must be .I listened to an interview with the Sutton Manager Ian Baird and he was generous with his praise for us saying he had a chat with JF after the game and said your boys were really up for it tonight JF replying it has to be like that every game.
  12. Team Vs Boreham Wood

    Romour yesterday is Kosylo and Macdonald are in training again so hopefully will be back in action for us soon which will be a big bonus .
  13. Team Vs Boreham Wood

    Bookies wrote us off today 3/1 outsiders to win and we stuck 2 fingers up to the likes of  Skybet and Betfair we showed today hard work and determination will take you a long way .Well done Jamie Fullarton to get such good result also says something about him as a Manager and every player who put there bodies on the line today.
  14. Today's matches

    Can we still sign any players on?Will we get any of our injured players back?We do need another striker.
  15. Solihull Thread

    Fullarton tries to play proper Football Heath played Hoofball 2 wins in 22 games do we have to go over it again he wasn’t up to this league getting bloody boring now. Fullarton will succeed given time he has managed to bring players into the club something Heath couldn’t do!