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  1. Tranmere thread

    The problem today was everyone has wasted earned money on a team today that knew they did their job of keeping us up. However it shouldn’t stop there we are fans who have paid money to watch in what I’ve seen today the worst performance of the season. That was worse than Fylde away couple of weeks back.  No urgency and a lack of effort and desire from everyone.  Im glad it’s the end of the season though, Fullarton can now re group players and get rid of the dross we currently have and bring better in. However as someone said I hope it’s not players like Hanley and Thomson.  Another big loss for DB today. Over 300 sponsors for today’s game who won’t turn up again, no wonder we have well poor/average crowds. 
  2. Tranmere thread

    We are staying up that’s the main thing 
  3. Tranmere thread

    This is awful to watch. £13 to not even see any desire. You’d think they would be fighting for the manager and showing why they should be here next season.  JF has done his job and got Heath out of **** so happy days but cmon town show abit of something 
  4. Tranmere thread

    Like a training game for Tranmere this. Probably the easiest game they’ll have this season.  Defending appalling and Johnson is not the keeper people think he is. Last half of the season pulls off a few good saves but overall very poor. Kicking **** and so slow and certainly not a leader.  Thought today we would play with a bit of freedom and have a go at them. Giving them way too much respect!!!!  More importantly next season under Fullarton with his own players and stuff should hopefully be a better season. 
  5. Sat crowd

    Omg haha 
  6. Heath to Chester

    Again, it’s a cup, it brings in revenue. It’s the most pointless cup going but brings in some sort of little revenue. 
  7. Kosylo not sure where his future lies

    Salford may go up again next season. They could quite easily have the best team this league has seen in a while. Might not perform but the players they will bring in will be more than most league 2 teams. 
  8. Kosylo not sure where his future lies

    My money is on him staying in this league and going Salford  city
  9. Heath to Chester

    You don’t understand it.
  10. Heath to Chester

    Yes and I said two seasons of  crap cup runs. West riding is still a cup and bring sin revenue as chadders would say. But anyway I’ve got my point across that it wasn’t a great cup run and that’s it.  Alsk many times on this forum I’ve thanked Billy and that I’m also glad he’s gone.  No not a messiah, more erm well a manager who is very over rated which me and trev will continue to have an opinion on. You cas I will say is the only decent person to have a debate with. No name calling (Like Chrisbo) who has also calmed down abit but can actually talk some sense and understands certain points.  Where as your Walsh Brothers, Pliny and grey goose etc just try and stick up for each other and arse lick everyone who likes heath or doesn’t have a bad word to say about anyhything to do with the shaymen.  See you tomorrow Cas. 
  11. Heath to Chester

    When you put it like that no. Still doesn’t look ridiculous. I said it was a crap two seasons with him of cup runs. Forgot about the Eastleigh Season but with FA Trophy’s, West Riding and the FA cup they were the best.  I said it was a decent cup run but not great like someone made out.  If it was that great I’d have remembered that Just like the Great FA Trophy final.  Billy has gone. I’m happy, it’s the weekend, it’s nice weather be cheerful he’s gone too  
  12. Heath to Chester

    Just for you Cas (NSD) 
  13. Heath to Chester

    Every home game since his charge. And Fylde away. Been very impressed apart from Fylde. But a good manager none the less and very decent football to watch. 
  14. Heath to Chester

    Oh how many times. It was a decent cup run. Not a bloody “Greatest in the clubs history” fml it’s not rocket science 
  15. Heath to Chester

    I really am struggling on where this “Great cup run” is coming from. Yes we got to the third round but did we actually play in the 3rd round? No!  Ashton Athletic, Stalybridge and Harrogate. Hardly bloody Great.  Not on the wind up at all, Trev maybe but never have I ever gone a season not bothered to watch a Halifax game. I didn’t care missing some of the games as I’m not paying £13 to watch utter **** that Heath produced last season and the beginning of this. Cue the “not a proper supporter” shite.  He got us promoted which was his job very well done heath JUST ABOUT.  But the football, his cockiness and arrogance I didn’t like at all. His job was to keep us up this season and he wouldn’t have done that at all. We’ve now finally got a manager with a footballing brain who also can get the players playing decent football.