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  1. Jonathan Franks

    And losses into draws and go unbeaten all season? 
  2. Jonathan Franks

    What can we build on next season Mate? We will still have this manager in charge, we will probably have a smaller budget and we still won’t be able to attract better players and we will still be part time 
  3. Board or Billy?

    You’re misssing the vital VITAL point flea.  It said THIS SEASON
  4. Relegation 6 Pointer V Orient

    Oh Chadders ain’t a happy bunny tonight
  5. Relegation 6 Pointer V Orient

    Aw bless and I will tonight thanks. I’ve had a week off work so I’m happy. Come 4:45 hope I’m still happy but you never know. Not stressed, don’t really get stressed at all to be honest. Anyway night 
  6. Board or Billy?

    No would never say that as he’s shown he doesn’t this season. I’m saying the manager knows that our youth players aren’t good enough for this level 
  7. Jonathan Franks

    Not a chance!! This man will be in charge next season too 
  8. Board or Billy?

    The youth option is a waste of time why don’t you get that. Yes I’d love to see Basic,Khan or barrows come into the 1st team and do well.  However they won’t as they’re not good enough and the manager knows that hence why he’s not playing.  God help us if you was our manager 
  9. Relegation 6 Pointer V Orient

    Don’t worry mate SOME people are happy with that 
  10. Relegation 6 Pointer V Orient

    You really are funny you.  How is this not a relegation 6 pointer. It’s more us than them.  We are a team in disarray and not looking likely to win a game anytime soon. No new signings, no decent striker at the club at all to partner Denton.  This is a frustrating time for town fans but obviously not for your camp but for most town fans.  Leyton Orient will come good at some point, good team, signings this month, and a good manager too in Justin Edinburgh.  So it is a relegation 6 pointer yes and we need the win but again doesn’t look likely AT THIS CURRENT MOMENT
  11. Leyton Orient /Saturday.

    Denton is world class 
  12. Leyton Orient /Saturday.

    No way have you said that. That is so negative. You’re a pathetic supporter and should never ever go to a game again .  I’m with Chrisbo he’s my best mate and I’m glad we agree on everything 
  13. Leyton Orient /Saturday.

    Hm I wouldn’t even say a slight edge just due to us not really changing anything we do in a game?
  14. Leyton Orient /Saturday.

    Also true which says something about the current team. I just don’t understand why we wait to announce a signing on the day of a game I really don’t. 
  15. Leyton Orient /Saturday.

    Ask chadders he was there?