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  1. Bromley match thread

    My mates said it was boring, some people on here say it was boring, the updates sounded boring and seemed like they were the better team too so I wonder who to believe?  A point gained in the table and another draw to add to the endless boring draws we’ve had. 
  2. Well, this week's been interesting

    Indeed. Not too sure on the manager but he has proved in some games we can compete. Get rid of some players and bring the right players and I’d agree we could hopefully be up there next season with something to play for
  3. Well, this week's been interesting

    The “moaners” asked for a change and did say we needed pace upfront and to change the team. It gets changed and we’ve done okay and we are now safe.  The moaners know what they’re talking about  Long Live The Moaners
  4. Obscure Day Jobs.

    Steve Williams- Robber/thief
  5. Leyton Orient match.

    I know I spout some **** on here and get on people’s nerves etc. But recently I’ve taken a break from it and all it ever turns out to be is you arguing with Hoddie or whoever about politics or other garbage.  Atleast if I say something it’s about the football club and although not always positive it’s my opinion.  You are on here everynight without fail talking and arguing about absolutely nothing. Just say it to their faces when you see them instead of being an immature baby saying “he said this, he called me that” you’re a grown man ffs
  6. Leyton Orient match.

    I can see orient winning it to be honest just to the fact the referee sounds like he wants them to win it.  How have we played? 2-1 up at half time down there still a good half 
  7. Leyton Orient match.

    If we lose this we’ve done a bloody good job. Atleast we’ve gone down there and given it a go.  Scoring 2 goals past the best defence in England and giving them a decent game so gotta give credit to the team.  Big 2nd half come on town!!
  8. Another Announcement?

    Someone new joining the BOD
  9. DB's Interview In't Courier

    Just read his interview and it is actually the most upbeat interview he’s ever done. Gives a really positive look for next season. All though this season hasn’t been the best next season seems like it’s going to be a good one. For once he’s said season tickets sales aren’t dependant on our players budget. Does this mean we might have another investor coming along with DB?  The kits are class, the playing budget sounds like it’s increasing and the social media side of the club is getting better all the time.  But a positive start to next season already  An announcement coming out tonight within the club so I wonder what it could be??
  10. Season Tickets

    I’ve said it’s a great offer and I’ll take him up on it
  11. Season Tickets

    Theresa May? 
  12. Season Tickets

    If Fullartons in charge that’s what he will make me do. 
  13. Season Tickets

    This is what’s worrying me. Recruitment is piss poor. 
  14. 2019/20 Season Tickets figures

    Woah. We will have less of that Thankyou. 
  15. Season Tickets

    Go on what have I said now that’s upset you. I’ve said it’s a great deal and will more than likely take him up on the offer. I can’t make every game next season as it is