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  1. HBOS (H) 31st July 2018

  2. Hopefully right. Most certainly need another 2 full backs! 
  3. Breakfast with the boss

  4. I’m gonna go with 13th-16th. The players we have attacking wise look/sound decent IE Southwell, Edwards and McLeod. So no doubt we won’t struggle for goals like last season however defensively I think we are going to struggle. Yes we have experience but so far it doesn’t look like we’re comfortable at the back at all.  The full back positions I think we are so weak and I’d say we are still 3/4 players short! 
  5. New Signings

    The defender announced today or should be is a great player. Very highly rated and still quite young. Another southern player too. 
  6. New Signings

  7. Jacob Hanson

    Tonight you mean
  8. Jacob Hanson

    Moyo not good enough. 
  9. New Signings

    Duckworth is going isn’t he?? Also it’s A very very young squad! Need to get experience in just hope we announce Nathan Clarke at some point 
  10. New Signings

    Good thing we’ve got news in 5 minutes!!! AJS calmmmmmm
  11. Fixtures Out Today

    Very wishful thinking already NICE 
  12. New Signings

    Exactly and more than likely tomorrow or Friday with our first game Saturday I’d expect 3/4 announced and some trialists
  13. New Signings

    Solihull and others are the same, Chester and many other as well. They will come mate just be patient. I’m sure one or two will be announced tomorrow if not Friday 
  14. New Signings

    Didn’t mean to like it actually that’s why it’s unliked. Every post I see it’s “do we reckon we will get one tonight or not”  “no need to not announce one tonight “ like ffs I’m sure we will have players signed and trialist just give it a rest man 
  15. New Signings

    Yawn yawn yawn