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  1. Woking

    Yes but a decent striker he would have been for us. 
  2. Woking

    I’d have him over morgan. 
  3. Woking

    Fylde have made a good signing today. Andy Mangan
  4. Woking

    Thought he played for MK a few times last couple of years. And has played a few reserve games or u21s or soemthing. 
  5. Woking

    We are crying out for a player like that. Remember him pre season a couple of years back and what a player
  6. Harry Middleton

    The money is clearly there to spend on a couple of decent players, K Roberts, Liam King, Gregory, FA Trophy final, FA Trophy winnings, Play Off Money it just doesn’t seem to get spent wisely on players now I don’t know if that’s because they’re scared to spend it or DB loves to keep a bit of it.   
  7. Sutton Saturday

    Correct. Denton needs a fast striker up top with him who can get in behind the defence as right now we have no one like that 
  8. Sutton Saturday

    The thing is with Denton he needs a fast striker to partner him and sadly he doesnt have that. Denton’s knock ons are usually great flicks but no one has the pace to catch on to it.  If I was heath Id get rid of Clarke and Charles and either Morgan/Tomlinson which will allow him to get another winger and a fast, powerful attacking striker who can score goals. 
  9. Sutton Saturday

    Was thinking the same mate. Genuinely this guy has popped up out of nowhere and just causes arguments with himself 
  10. Sutton Saturday

    Hah Slick Passing football and Halifax do not even go in the same phrase.  Useless punts up field and halifax town go though. 
  11. Sutton Saturday

    Do you actually realise what you put half the time. You actually talk so much shite it’s unbelievable. 1 up top with no one around him and you say it worked very well. 
  12. Woking

    Morgan won’t be missed at all. We need a fast, versatile powerful striker and it would be ideal with Denton.   
  13. Bottom Line

    Thing is with Heath we are never going to play brilliant football all game if any at all. But yesterday he did exactly what he said he wanted to do, Go back to basics, sort that defence out and get a clean sheet and that’s exactly what he did.  Its a point further away of the relegation zone and I think most people would have taken survival at the beginning of the season and kick on next season.  The signings do look good and he’s strengthened where we needed.  Yesterday was there for the taking and although this formation wasn’t the best but as I said before it’s another point away from the drop zone. 
  14. Woking

    Well Kosylo is injured tomorrow so a massive loss
  15. New Signing

    At last no more wasted 35 yard shots.