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  1. Our Fans

    I agree and the best atmosphere all season.  Its changed massively though and that’s nothing on your lads either. It’s just the way things have changed years ago the atmosphere against teams like Grimsby, Lincoln, Wrexham and Luton etc was electric.  Today was good though 
  2. Chesterfield at Home

    We are never gonna get there with this board in charge. 
  3. Fullarton Out ????

    Correct never thought I’d agree with you.  However this season has to go right. We won’t get in the play offs like but we have to stay up! Although DB has no passion, desire or anything to get us back into the football league he’s happy for Conf North for bigger crowds and less travel costs. 
  4. Chesterfield at Home

    I would honestly rather go to part time and pay £15 as this is genuine shite that’s getting produced! 
  5. Fullarton Out ????

    Surely won’t lose to Warrington.  A FA Cup run is a we’ve got to look forward too really. And maybe celebrating survival at the end of the season that’s it
  6. Fullarton Out ????

    I think if we lose next week then the board need to start thinking about it yes. 
  7. Chesterfield at Home

    To sum up the game, two terrible teams who will be nowhere near the top at the end of the season. Both teams with attackers who are poor, both teams looked happy sith a draw and the streaker on the pitch did more running than lenighan when he came on  i understand Edwards gets stick and was abit better today than usual however what on earth does Southwell do? Absolutely nothing and as soon as we go on a counter attack we are useless end of.  They missed a sitter and Edwards should have squared it at the end and we hit the bar.  A draw fair result, two poor teams and now 9 games without a win. 
  8. Chesterfield at Home

    A point is ****. Chesterfield are **** we are just worse AGAIN unfortunately 
  9. Chesterfield at Home

    We’ve been **** and we just sit so deep and was always going to happen.  Only highlight of the game today was the streaker 
  10. Chesterfield at Home

    King on for berrett now
  11. Chesterfield at Home

    Won’t happen by the looks of it
  12. Chesterfield at Home

    Collins is here again but he’s been here most home games since he’s been sacked.  Be a wonderful return to get lenighan out 
  13. Chesterfield at Home

    It really is a battle of two shite teams I’m afraid. Don’t know why lenighan got on and king didn’t.  Anyone guess what lenighan first did? Yep have a free kick away  Our attackers are useless they don’t know when to make runs or where to be. 
  14. Chesterfield at Home

    I also mean other seasons too
  15. Chesterfield at Home

    We never really get turned around so either Matty brown just gives the ref a double headed coin or he’s just really lucky at guessing.