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  1. England v Croatia

      It's just one of those things.  Nobody seemed to be complaining when Peter Crouch despicably yanked on the T&T defender's dreadlocks s few years back to stop him jumping to defend the header. 
  2. 3,000 season tickets

    Is this really living within the means though?  Or simply living within the means of a benefactor like Bosomworth ?  Surely the scenario is to replace an existing benefactor with a richer benefactor.  If the current benefactor's money disappeared, could the club survive as it stands ? - surely that tells you if the club is 'self sustainable' or not.
  3. 3,000 season tickets

    Most seem to have been sold prior to any of the signings.
  4. 3,000 season tickets

    Fair play 3000 season tickets is very good.  Although to be honest, at that price, and in London you'd of course expect it - frankly I'd expect it to be higher.  If you've got a money man backing the club then you've theoretically got someone to absorb the financial slack. The Hartlepool season tickets are being sold at a good price, they've done well to sell so many.  It would be interesting to know how many of those 2500 season tickets are the under 12's freebies. In comparison Wrexham have sold circa 2100.  The tickets seem to be priced similar to Halifax (perhaps a little dearer than Halifax).
  5. Yorkshire vs Colombia

    Colombia simply did what they needed to do.  They knew their team wasn't great, and of course they were also understrength with James R missing.  However, England were also fairly poor.  2 English shots on target in 120 mins of football (including the Kane penalty) tells you how lacking they were in the final third. It's interesting to see people plotting the route to the final.  The only positives have been the win against Panama.  Scraping past the heavyweights of Tunisia and Colombia, and losing against Belgium do not necessarily suggest 'it's coming home'. It's certainly the best opportunity for a long while that England have got to win the cup.  They're suddenly in the Q/Finals and frankly they haven't really done anything yet.  They really need to step up a couple of gears if they're going to win it.
  6. New Signings

    Yes - surely the whole point of having players in on trial is to get to see how they perform day in day out on the training field, where you also get to observe the character of the player, rather than simply observing them in a one off match (or half a match).
  7. New Signings

    Surely all clubs have to be invented at some point.  Some were invented 150 years ago, some were invented in the 1940s (ie Salford), and some were invented in the last 10 years or so.
  8. Not Town related so apologies if boring

    These were all for the Welsh squads at the time. 
  9. Not Town related so apologies if boring

    It might be a first in the Conf North.  Wrexham were the first in non-league to have a match postponed due to international call ups back in 2008.  1 player in the full squad, and 3 more in the U21 squad.  It was unprecedented at the time.
  10. GAME OFF!!!!!

    Why call it off so soon ?  Isn't it traditional at the shay to wait to call it off after 2pm on a saturday ?  ;-)
  11. Hartlepool tonight

    Is this the first time Riley has featured since his injury? 
  12. Appointment urgently needed

    I agree fans can work in tandem with owners - unfortunately, we had a couple of sets of asset stripping owners that seemed hell bent on destroying the club.  Fan ownership seemed the only way forward for us.  We're never going to pull up trees as our budget has to be well controlled - if we can't afford it, we can't spend it.  What is nice to see though that we're getting much bigger crowds nowadays than we were getting when we were bumbling along in league 1.  The Virtus Verona link is a strange one.  I think it's something to do with VV and Wrexham being involved in some sort of anti fascism organisation.  I think we've had visitors back and forth between the 2 clubs over the years. Probably the most interesting link is with FC Magdeberg in Germany.  We had a hundred or so Magdeberg fans attend one of our games a month or so ago.  This dates back to when the 2 clubs met eachother in the European Cup Winners Cup back in 1979 - and there's been a friendly link ever since.
  13. Appointment urgently needed

    Regarding fan representation on the board, how feasible is a fan takeover of the club? Do you have a fans trust?  Whilst fan ownership is definitely not easy, your destiny is in your own hands and there is ultimately nobody to blame. Quite literally putting your own money where your mouth is.  The likes of Wrexham and Chester are polar opposite examples of how fan ownership can pan out. Chester with their new club started from scratch with zero debt, climbed up the leagues, and ultimately the fans failed to attend games to meet the break-even attendances. Coupled with poor board appointments, they've found themselves in the brown stuff incredibly quickly.  We at Wrexham took over the club in debt and had to initially clear said debt. We embrace the fan ownership model and turn up in numbers to now turn a profit at the club. We club together to build a transfer kitty for the manager rather than relying on a chairman having to invest his money in the club.   
  14. Kingsley Joins Barrow

    James scored, but not Kingsley James.  Luke James scored the goal.
  15. Gary Mills isn't the manager

    Gary Mills does come with a reputation for playing nice football - that's what we Wrexham fans were looking forward to.  In the first half of his first season, he had us playing some lovely football, but things tailed off very quickly and the brand of football became dull and moribund.   He culled the majority of the squad the following season, most of them senior players and many promising academy players.  He replaced them with players sourced mostly from agents (and he hadn't actually had them scouted himself) - we seemed to end up with lots of players from Fifteen Eleven agency at the time, it was as though Mills was just shopping from a catalogue. There's also the drinking culture that developed due to Mills.  We had a manager that liked to take team meetings in pubs (same happened at York as well I hear - he was outed by some exiting players), form dipped, players start getting arrested for being drunk and disorderly or drink driving (striker James Gray even managed to get himself on a motorway cop tv show being arrested - classy).  There's lots of pubs in the Halifax area - Gary Mills would love it.   It might work out with Gary Mills at Halifax.  However, Halifax fans don't seem to be that much different to us Wrexham fans - there's an undercurrent of expectation and fickleness, so I'm not convinced Mills would last at Halifax.