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  1. Training

    Fair enough - I didn't read the later stuff.  It was the way you expressed it by saying the stacked budget and buying league player after league player, making it sound like we've amassed an enormous squad (like Tranmere have done for instance) - In reality, the squad is pretty small.  I didn't want people who might otherwise hang on your every word to get the wrong idea, by taking on incorrect facts.
  2. Training

    Far be it be from me to know more about my own club than you, but you might want to check some facts and adjust your wording before you state things as matter of fact, especially when you set yourself up with comments like "take it from me after doing the reports on all the opposition teams". Olly Marx certainly wasn't signed from Sutton Coldfield - he's a product of the Wrexham youth academy.  We loaned him out however to Sutton Coldfield last season as a youth player, and he signed his first professional contract with us this season. "players who played for Wrexham last year".  You thorough research seemed to have missed out goalkeeper Chris Dunn & midfielder Leo Smith.  Also, James Jennings & Massanka actually played for Wrexham last year - on loan, but they played for Wrexham.  Preston from Stevenage was not a free agent, he was a temporary goalkeeper emergency loan signing, who made one appearance whilst our other keepers were injured.    There have been 5 loan signings, not 3.   Wrexham may well have a large budget in relation to some other clubs, but that's not to say the budget is 'stacked'.  As Ashy1966 quite righty states, we're fans owned, so our finances are completely transparent.  There's no chairman willing to pump in money to fill the financial gaps.  At our club, our cloth is well and truly cut according to our means, which is ultimately driven by the number of fans we can get through the turnstiles.  More fans, higher budget.  Last season was an awful season for us, and we were lucky to average close on 4000 fans per match.  Halifax obviously had an amazing season, and averaged close on 2000 fans per match.  Surely you can see the reasoning why some clubs have bigger budgets than others? (before you take into consideration director investment of course). We have, as a one-off, this season had a 'build the budget' scheme where we fans have clubbed together and raised an extra lump of cash to add on to the transfer kitty, albeit our manager is yet to spend this.  
  3. Training

    I'd be interested to hear what you mean by a 'stacked' Wrexham budget ?  
  4. More good to news.....

    As a Wrexham fan, I've always said you've got yourself a good player at this level if he can stay injury free.
  5. No new signings ?.

    As an outsider, looking in (Wrexham supporter, living in Halifax for many years), I think it's a slippery slope to try to compete with the spending of this sort of club.  A club's budget should be based on what you can afford yourselves, rather than what other clubs can afford.  If a club carries on spending what you they can't afford, then surely it can only end badly long term. Our own financial structure at Wrexham is far from ideal - being fans owned, we have a fixed budget based on our income.  This leaves us in a situation where if the budget is spent up and we need an extra player to help push for the playoffs (or try to escape the relegation zone) then we can't.  It was the signings funded by the lottery-winning Newport fan/director that swung it a couple of seasons ago meaning they were able to get the quality of players in to beat us in the playoffs.  We came close the season Fleetwood went up - we got 98 points, but Fleetwood were rich enough to be able to turn down silly money for Jamie Vardy, and it was essentially Vardy's goals that won it for them. It's swings and roundabouts - We don't have anyone with deep pockets to give us the edge or get us out of trouble, but be do have the security of the finances being completely transparent to ensure we don't go out of business long term. Don't get me wrong, I'd love a rich chairman to own the club, but historically it's been our chairmen that have conspired to destroy our club.  Our fans have long memories and it would be an enormous decision to be made by the fans if someone wanted to buy the club. 
  6. Wrexham game thread

    I agree - and I think Tranmere play Chester next as well so likely to be another win for them.
  7. Wrexham game thread

    Boden has been poor.  He seems to play some nice football, and he scored a couple of lovely goals in preseason, but he's generally looking like hes' been a waste of money - which is disappointing considering the prolonged saga to get him here (football politics).  Reid with the gloves showed great promise when he first joined us, injecting a lot of energy into the team and scored a few, but more recently he's been poor too.  In fact tuesday night his all round play was better than it has been recently, but he missed one or two excellent chances. If our defence can hold firm, I think we're a striker (plus perhaps an attacking centre midfielder) from challenging towards the top.  I wouldn't be so bold to say we could win it, but I'd like to think we would certainly be up there once Keates spends his transfer kitty.  Keates has got to spend the kitty carefully.  Being a completely transparent, fan-owned club, we don't have the luxury of a benefactor to go cap in hand to in order to get more money to cover an injury or whatever.  So whilst we know that our future as a football club is secure and we won't go bust due to unscrupulous owners (they certainly tried, but we eventually got rid) , our structure does leave us a bit financially vulnerable.  I suspect this is why Keates has not frittered away the budget on any old crap to get players in the door (like Gary Mills did) and is playing the waiting game.  I just get the feeling he's waiting too long. 
  8. Wrexham game thread

    As a Wrexham fan myself (living in Halifax), I thought it was a very even game overall, over the course of the entire match.  We've been struggling all season to score, which was plain to see on tuesday night - it's all very well having the possession and creating the chances, but if you don't have a forward player of the necessary quality to put them away then you're going to struggle to win games. We've been fortunate that our defence has clicked and been relatively impenetrable so far this season, even despite our keeper injuries and having to draught in a number of temporary replacements - otherwise we'd be in trouble.  Whilst we're not scoring goals, our goal difference doesn't seem to be suffering too badly so far, being only the 4th highest in the top 7. We're desperate for a striker though.  Keates has been holding off spending the available budget for too long, and it's cost us dearly with so many draws that could so easily have been converted to some wins if we had that bit more quality.  We're now in a period where a month to month loan (maximum 93 days) takes us into January, so perhaps he's got some loan targets up his sleeve.  The money is there, but he hasn't yet spent it - he needs to pull his finger out whilst the league table is so tight. Anyway - I enjoyed being able to revisit the Shay once again to see my team, and be one of the 500+ fans to be there on the night, to contribute to Town's best league attendance of the season (so far) - I wish you the best for the rest of the season (except when you play us of course).  
  9. Wrexham game thread

    I'm sure the council won't be as slow to react when the boots on the other foot and the coins aren't legal tender any more.
  10. Wrexham game thread

    In reality, you can actually deposit the old pound coins into your account at a bank or post office well after the 15th October, albeit the mint haven't actually given an absolute final cutoff date.
  11. Tuesday 3rd October Wrexham at Home

    Good point.  Not sure if you'd be able to get a return train actually.
  12. Tuesday 3rd October Wrexham at Home

    It'll be interesting to see how the rail strikes affect the number of Wrexham fans.
  13. Hartleppol

    Harrison did well at TNS playing some very nice football, albeit that was mostly down to the coaching of the excellent Carl Darlington.  Carl Darlington left TNS at the beginning of the summer, for Wrexham.