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  1. Fan names

    In my opinion it started to go downhill once David Boyle came to power.
  2. Fan names

    Service manager was Customer Service but also included managing the parts sales team & the manuals section where Andy was working - I think Andy's job got expanded into 2 jobs in the end. A guy called David Freeman had the job before me, whom I recall was a referee at quite a decent level. Jamie was my boss :-(
  3. Fan names

    Mine is a part of my name, and the year my football club was founded.
  4. Fan names

    No, I wasn't the boss  :-)  I came in as one of the graduate engineers in Man Eng in '98 whilst you were there, and later went on to be Service Manager for a few years.  I recall having plenty of footie chats with you about our respective clubs (Wrexham).  I think Town had been promoted the previous season.
  5. Fan names

    Out of interest, are you the same Hoddie that used to work at Crosslee in the Man Eng dept about 15-20 yrs ago ?
  6. Aldershot

    52 according to the Aldershot official twitter
  7. Aldershot

    52 town fans announced.
  8. Aldershot

    Form suggests those 3 points may well cumulatively come over the next 6 games.
  9. Halifax Town and The Shay 1954

    Interesting to see one of the highlights was a Town corner that curled stright out for a goal kick :-)
  10. Flyde Highlights 4:02

    I'd say the Kosylo penalty awarded against Leyton Orient was pretty generous though to be honest.
  11. The Answer

    A case in point.  You used to be able to engage with the club, and you got hooked.  
  12. The Answer

    Certainly engagement with the fans is key.  How much does the likes of ShaymenTV bring into the club ?  Long term, i would say making video content free for all fans to see would be beneficial.  What's a reasonable guess for the number of shaymenTV subscribers, 500 perhaps?  That's £60k a year, but I doubt the club gets the entirety of this money.  It's not that much in the scheme of things. The club has over 700 youtube subscribers.  Get lots of video content onto youtube, and engage the fans. It works at other clubs - why not Halifax? Training out in towards Leeds can't be helping.  A local training ground where fans can pop along to watch players train would be beneficial to help make that connection with fans.  Let the kids get autographs from the players. 
  13. The Answer

    I agree - I reckon Town have a real bargain with regards what's paid to the Council for the use of the stadium.
  14. Fans

    Not quite captive, but I see what you're getting at.  They attract fans from all over North Wales - yet the area has always had a strong following of the local (ish) 'big sides' like Man Utd, Liverpool & (particularly) Everton.    
  15. Fans

    The Racecourse can be a good atmosphere under the floodlights.  Wrexham fans wouldn't dream up giving up the history of the Racecourse and moving somewhere smaller.