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  1. Kevin Roberts

    His temperament is the main reason why I've always not really been a fan.  On his day, it seems he can be a great player and can make things happen out of nothing, but it's his petulance which has always put me off. I assume if his temperament was good, he'd be playing in the EFL.  He does seem the ideal sort of player (ability-wise) that we seem to be looking for this coming summer, so I wouldn't rule it out that we might be looking at him.  Is he out of contract this summer then? 
  2. Kevin Roberts

    Wrexham fan here. I was a little disappointed to see Roberts released.  Early on he was integral in our excellent defence but later on in the season he was looking very ordinary. I see some people asking about Nicky Deverdics. For one thing or another, it just didn't work out for him here.  We started off playing him a little out of position but his poor performances were chalked up to him being out of position.  When we did play him in his favoured position then he didn't seem to perform there either.  He's therefore often been a bit part player.  I don't agree with him being lazy though as has been mentioned on here. Just like every summer, the 'Kosylo to Wrexham' rumours have started to crop up again on our forums. 
  3. Barnet (A)

    Barnet will be desperate to get this game played tonight.  Their schedule is already looking pretty packed with so many postponed games due to their cup exploits.  
  4. Colwyn Bay

    I suppose you'll just have to wait until both teams meet in European competition  :-)
  5. Quigley signs!

    I disagree.  Not only was it Manny Smith who was marking Denton for the majority of the game (as he's the taller of the 2 centre halves), the alleged elbowing incident towards the end of the game where Pearson went down, was from an aerial challenge from Kosylo.
  6. Quigley signs!

    As a Wrexham fan, I reckon you've got a good player there - he could do very well for you.  He's not the quickest, but he's got great feet and likes to run at defenders, and has a good shot on him. The only thing I would say is that he can sometimes have the tendency to look lazy and go missing in games, but then can pop up with a bit of skill to win the game.    Our fans were probably split 50/50 on wanting Quigley back.  Personally I think he would have been a good addition for us, but I'm not convinced he's what we need for the final push on to challenge for the league.  We're in the best position at this point of the season as we have been for a good few years (since the year we got 98 points but didn't go up, because of Fleetwood flashing the cash).  We've got some decent depth to the squad except for an out an out top striker  - if we don't get someone in, we'll likely drop away a bit.  Re MFT - I'd be surprised if he played much more for us this season.  We're looking at strengthening up front so he's going to drop even further down the pecking order.  There's a bid tabled for an undisclosed striker.  The new manager has done well to sign the likes of Bobby Grant permanently this week so fingers crossed the new striker also has a decent pedigree.
  7. Salford

    He started on fire for us but then the goals dried up.  He's still learning.  Apart from a short period whilst at Guiseley, this is his first season of full time training.  What has seemed apparent is his poor reading of the game on occasions - probably because he didn't come through an academy like many players have.  It's as though he tries too hard. I think there's a good player in him, but I think it'll take time for him to come good.  He played in the trophy the other week and got a goal so that should be a boost to his confidence a little.  I'm pretty sure we'll be strengthening up top in the January window (I'm still bitter that we're the only club in this division that has to comply with the international window, but that comes with FAW affiliation), so I wouldn't be surprised to see Mike leave on loan for a while.  Another stint at the shay may well be on the cards.
  8. Salford

    You say that, but after today's match, Salford are pretty ill-disciplined themselves, especially when they went a few behind.  At least 2 of the yellows given to their players could have been straight red cards on another day, with another ref.  The pattern was set when one of their players cynically took out a Wrexham player who was on the break (got a yellow) and Graham Alexander applauded it. The cynical yellows kept racking up, and eventually one of them got sent off for 2 yellows. 276 away fans for such a big game was poor.  We sold out our 1400 away allocation before xmas for the return match at Salford, and many Wrexham fans have already purchased tickets in the home stands.  After today's result, I bet there will be even more Wrexham fans buying home tickets.
  9. Harrogate Away

    Kosylo is the sort of player I'd like us (Wrexham) to be signing, but the petulance/attitude is the reason I think we should stay well clear.
  10. Sutton United Saturday.

    So, they make a sub at 0-0, close to the end of the game, and then they score and win the game?  Sounds like a good tactical move in my book. 
  11. Break Even Figure

    A 'controlled loss' doesn't sound particularly encouraging.
  12. “What if my granny was a man?"

    Another peculiar comment is when he said they didn't shut up shop, but then said they did sometimes.
  13. Dagenham Today’s game

    When you break it down, each party has it's part to play in the issue.  BOD potentially making a bad decision on going full time if it's not sustainable;  Manager spending the money poorly;  Apathy of the locals with low season ticket sales/attendances to boost the coffers.
  14. Dagenham Today’s game

    That's a hell of a loss.  Is this sustained since going full time or has it been building over time ?
  15. Staunton Red

    The D&R player did certainly make the most of it, but surely no more than the likes of Kosylo would have done if he was in the same shoes.  It's unfortunately part of the game nowadays.