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  1. Barrow Thread

    I’ll be coming up from London for the 1st home game of the Season and I’m expecting another positive performance. At Braintree we had a game plan and belief in it. More of the same please. So good to see so many threats up front. Last year it was so predictable and frustrating when we just banged it up to Denton on his own. Now we have 3 guys capable of looking like a centre forward and other threats as well. It’ll take time for such a new side to settle and I’m sure we’ll have the odd set back but I predict a 3-0 win on Tuesday. 
  2. Braintree Thread

    Home now and I can't stop smiling. I was optimistic JF knew what he was doing despite poor pre season results but that performance exceeded my expectations.  We had a great shape, closed down really well all day (is that because we're full time now?) and had real belief. We scrapped when we had to and played when we could.  The new centre half (Clark) looks like a real leader. Had read we had problems at left back! Well not on that display. Sellers was great defensively and going forward, as was Vera. Up front we have real goal scoring presence. At times I thought we had 3 centre forwards. If we can get all 3 scoring we'll be at the top of the table.  I'd like to find a role for Kossy but difficult to see anything but same again on Tuesday.  I really think we can upset the teams with bigger budgets than us and be a force to be respected this year.     
  3. Braintree Thread

    Brilliant header after another wonder save by their goalie. Tremendous performance & the faithful are in good voice 
  4. Braintree Thread

    It’s all Town. Need a 2nd though 
  5. Braintree Thread

    Very encouraging. I like the shape. A fluid 3-4-3. It’s hot here. Fancy Kossy to come on and do some damage. We look like we know what we’re doing and have some athletic footballers. Looks like we have about 80 fans here. Their goalie made a world class save before we scored.
  6. Braintree Thread

    Both goalies made 1 great save each. Besides that an entertaining 0-0, with both sides looking for a pass. Putting on some pressure now. 
  7. I'm really looking forward to the first game of the Season. I know preseason hasn't been great but i just don't think it matters. We'll know a lot more by close of play on Saturday. I'm optimistic we can outperform the bookies expectations and believe we are good outsiders to make the playoffs. The obvious challengers should be Salford, Wrexham, Barnet and Fylde but we have a great manager who needs to prove himself before moving on and a sensible board who have clearly put their hands in their pockets this Season. Onwards and upwards. Hope we have a good turnout on Saturday. Braintree is never going to be anything but a battle but i'm expecting us to hit the ground running.
  8. "Three points will trigger different mind-set"

    I'm sure it'll be better than the first game of last season. I had a round trip of over 400 miles to see us set out not to lose at home to Aldershot, with the inevitable consequences. I like JFK and believe we'll have a much improved season on last year. Braintree is  a tough place to take anything away from, but I'm optimistic we'll be smiling at 5pm on Saturday.  Hi Ho Shaymen, Shaymen Hi Ho.
  9. Not Excited.

    I'm excited. It was either The Neverworld Festival or watching our first game of the season. Braintree it is.