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  1. Sutton United

    Great equaliser but don’t understand why we aren’t injecting some fresh legs. It’s hot and several players on both sides are flagging. Red a homer. 
  2. Sutton United

    There a big strong team but haven’t looked like scoring. Tomlinson hit the post but if now off & surprisingly got booked. Hoping we nick one but look good for a draw. 
  3. Sutton United

    Beautiful day, 24 degrees. Hoping we go for it, but will be happy with a point. 
  4. Jim White Show

    The more people who hear about Town the better. 
  5. Sutton United

    Those who have been associated with the loose arrangement known as Shaymen Down South will be in The Hope in Carshalton.   Thanks
  6. Sutton United

    I'll be delighted with a point. Do Sutton have a bar at the ground? If not which pub will Town fans be in?
  7. I'm Bored

    Mark Hughes (Southampton) is my prediction. 
  8. Bloody marvelous

    I'd rather watch FC Halifax Town than Man Utd.
  9. Gateshead Game

    Can't understand some of the negativity on this forum. We played 3 days ago and some people expect to see us playing like a top Premier League side. It's the 5th Division and we have a mid table budget.  We're top of the league. Enjoy it. I can't stop smiling.  See you at Sutton. Hoping we get the support the team deserve. 
  10. We're a team in transition

    Feels like significant progress has been made since BH moved on. I think the Board have confidence in JF and are financing a big rebuild. Probably need a bit of muscle added to the team but I like the way we're going. I normally think we can start to  see how the league is going to pan out after 10 games but I think it could take a few more this year. 
  11. Gateshead Game

    Let's hope Flyde and Harrogate draw.
  12. Gateshead Game

    I can't believe "away days" watches the Mighty Shaymen". Think he must follow the Poodles and have ended up on this site by mistake.  I'm expecting us to fly into Gateshead today and win 3-1.
  13. Is he the first this season?

    Bet The Wally with the Brolly is next and Man U might have a vacancy soon. 
  14. Happy days

    Very happy. Great manager, Options up front, defence looking solid. What more can we expect from a side in transition?       
  15. FC Halifax v Dagenham Match Thread

    Good to see Chesterfield lose for the second time in a week, even if it was to Salford. League starting to take shape but we'll know a lot more after 10 games. I think Sutton and Solihull could be Playoff contenders. Surprised Aldershot seem to be miss-firing. 
  16. FC Halifax v Dagenham Match Thread

    Tremendous start to the season. Boreham Wood next. You wouldn't think we were bedding in so many new players. Only thing I'm concerned about is our disappointing support. 
  17. I thought things were going too smoothly.

    Well there is nowt as queer as folk. Good to see virtually everybody is so disappointed we've signed somebody capable of such terrible behaviour. I'm looking forward to hearing what JF and DB have to say about this matter because a statement needs to be made.  I'm an old man (58) who still idolises Lez Massey, Freddie Hill, Horsfield, etc. I certainly can't see anybody looking up to our latest addition. 
  18. Salford Match thread

    I’ll be happy with a point, delighted with 3. Clean sheet and 3 points and i’ll Be smiling for days.  What a difference JF has made. 
  19. attendances

    I hope the crowds rise to over 2,000 as I suspect this must be break even now we’ve gone full time.  If we can beat Salford on Tuesday we should get close against Dagenham.
  20. Salford away.....

    Yes, can’t believe they lost again to 10 men Sutton. If we keep another clean sheet i’ll Be delighted. Win and we are in 7th heaven. 
  21. Maidstone thread

    Any news re injuries?
  22. Lee gregory

    Wilder has sadly denied interest.
  23. Barrow Thread

    Top v 5th on Saturday. Could be over 2,000 at The Shay. The team certainly deserve a big crowd.  I believe because the players look like they believe. 
  24. Barrow Thread

    Braintree winning at Barnet.
  25. Barrow crowd

    Got to be over 1,500. We were fantastic at Braintree.