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  1. Transfers

    I think we’ll sign someone, probably a striker. With King coming back soon that’s the obvious weakness. 
  2. Gateshead Trip

    Impressive return from 2 tough away games. Confidence should be improving. Let’s hope we can win at home to Harrogate. 
  3. Clarke equaliser

    Many thanks for all your posts. Great to see this and all the others. 
  4. Dagenham Today’s game

    Great result. Sounds like the team played with some spirit that has often been lacking. Onwards and upwards. 
  5. Dagenham Today’s game

    I'll settle for 0-0. 
  6. Today's Game

    Promising start. Have to score to make our pressure tell. Not impressed by the ref .
  7. Depends whose controlling the purse strings. Current Board don't look likely to continue to finance full time indefinitely and the crowds are disappointing, even for us. If we get to the 3rd round of the cup and draw one of the big teams it could finance full time for a few years. On the other hand if we get knocked out (as expected) and current Board walk away (wouldn't surprise me) at the end of the Season, we'd be lucky to still exist. Sadly I can't see a queue of wealthy guys lining up, who want to take the club forward and are prepared to spend their cash on The Shaymen. When the Halifax Rugby League fans bemoaned Tony Gartland (rich local business man), he got fed up and left. They've never recovered. So I for one will not be slating the current Board.
  8. Actually get rid !!

    JF out. He was learning on the job but doesn’t have the personality to run a team. Simple as. Out out out. 
  9. Ebbsfleet

    I'll settle for another clean sheet tomorrow. Would love to nick it 1-0.
  10. You'll Never Walk Alone

    Said Bertie Mee to Bill Shankley Have you heard of the North Bank, Highbury  Shank said no, I don’t think so But I’ve heard of the Skircoat Boot Boys
  11. Spend it wisely

    I think Southwell's best game was away at Sutton, when he scored as well. Think he'd score plenty of goals if we added a creative midfielder and pushed him up a bit. 
  12. Best Game you ever saw !!

    Town 2 Fulham 1. The season before we’d lost 8-0 under floodlights. The winner came from a very unlikely source (Wallace) but was a really well worked goal. Happy days. 
  13. Jamie Fullarton’s future

    Out for me. Moral is simply not good enough. JF’s team is not fighting for him. 
  14. How many goals will we knock past Havant

  15. Solihull Thread

    Great point. 
  16. I'm as disappointed as the next supporter. I was a big JF fan. Turned things round last season and started this one well. The biggest concern for me is the teams moral, which clearly isn't as good as it should be. I always liked Helli in this respect. If JF can't improve this fundamental issue, he'll have to go. I say this reluctantly, but that's football.  The calls for the Boards head, however, I do not understand. In my view it's a case of be careful what you wish for. I'd rather be where we are than Hereford, Stockport, York, Chester, Southport and Darlington. I'm sure the Board can't enjoy the flack they get for running a tight ship. Be careful or they might just call it a day and pass the buck on to who? I can't see a queue of people wanting to spend their time and money on our team. DB gets loads of criticism, but take him out of the picture and our biggest sponsor is no more. Look at the effort that went into "Halifax Towns big night out". A great night that finished with the legend John Barnes singing with a crowd on the dance floor and more importantly, and this is a guess, approx £10,000 in the clubs bank account.  I suspect these thoughts will bring the usual suspects out claiming I'm mad! But there isn't a queue of people waiting to spend their cash on FC Halifax Town and take all the criticism.
  17. Todays Game - Eastleigh

    Vardy dropped today. Let’s hope he throws his toys out of the prism and asks for a transfer. 
  18. Warrington on Tuesday

    The next 4 games are winnable, particularly if JF plays a similar midfield to tonight. It's time we put round pegs in round holes. 
  19. Morcambe

    Not a great draw but if we could get going again we could win, perhaps after a replay. A good road trip / day out. 
  20. FA Cup Draw

    If it’s worth 25k to get in the first round, surely we want the weakest team in the competition at home as I assume the money on offer in the second round will be even greater. 
  21. Fullarton Out ????

    Confidence is a fragile thing but we look scared of our own shadow at the moment. On paper we've got some winnable games coming up. I was impressed by Fullerton when he joined us but he doesn't seem to be inspiring the lads, that he's largely signed. It's time to get going now. I'd like to see Staunton in front of Clark and Brown, with Kossy given a free role and King finding our players. Let's have Southwell up front, not behind Wootton and Edwards. I appreciate JF is learning on the job, but it's been a very disappointing few weeks. Injuries happen but we're nearly at full strength now. Time to lead from the front. A few wins and things will look different again. 
  22. Chesterfield at Home

    Let's get King on at half time. We need some creativity. 
  23. Mj85

    Success can bring the crowds in. Bradford City get much bigger crowds now than they did when in the old Division 3 in the early 70’s. 
  24. Midfield Crisis

    I agree and also desperately want to see Staunton back in front of the centre halves. Our defenders might then be able to find someone to pass to. This game has become a must win for both sides so it will probably be a boring 0-0 in front of the cameras. 
  25. Harvey and Collins

    I’d be delighted to see Collins return on the pitch. JF is learning on the job. Hasn’t had any luck with injuries or suspensions. Too early to put the boot in, but I’d like to see some tackles and more creativity.