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  1. Leyton Orient match.

    Great start. Hope JF plays King & Hanson for the rest of the season with a more offensive style as promised at the beginning of what’s been a boring season. 
  2. Maidenhead today

    I think JF has to go. Doubt he will because he’s expensive & has a 2 year contract. Managers have a responsibility to entertain but JF doesn’t get it. I can’t handle only 3 shots in 90 mins. It’s simply not acceptable. 
  3. League Two Relegation Candidates

    I’m hoping Notts County and Macclesfield get relegated. Also hoping Wrexham and Salford stay in our division. Would help with crowds next year. 
  4. Solihull Thread

    Great result against one of the Divisions best sides. Fingers crossed we can keep this run going. 
  5. Anyone recognise

    What’s he done to his hair? 
  6. Barnet (A)

    Hope it’s on but their pitch will have to have great drainage if it is, as floods all over London. Want to play them while Coulthirst is out and their moral is at a low. If it’s on fancy Duku to score. 
  7. Barnet (A)

    50-60 mph winds expected. 
  8. How many going to Maidstone?

    I was really hoping we'd have fired JF on Saturday night and a more charismatic man could have inspired the team on Tuesday evening. The silence is deafening and very disappointing. However, I'll be there tomorrow night. How many fellow Shaymen can I expect to see? My guess is 25. 
  9. Halifax Town v Barnet GAMEDAY! Vlog

    Wish he supported us. 
  10. Money

    Do we know the new signings are paid more than our contracted players?
  11. Barnet

    Back to back wins. 3 goals at the Shay. Happy days 
  12. Today’s Game Eastleigh

    Safe journey home to all who went. Great result.
  13. Today’s Game Eastleigh

    If the games stay like this we’re up to 14th, 7 points clear of 21st. 
  14. Today’s Game Eastleigh

    Aldershot & Havant both losing. 
  15. The best humour often has an element of truth. Excellent. 
  16. 22nd February 2016 - NLP TOTW

    I’d have Harvey back in a flash. As good a manager as you can expect to find at this level. Sense of humour as well. 
  17. Maidstone highlights

    Thanks for putting this on. Ref had a poor game. Let’s hope confidence grows on the back of a win. Massive match on Saturday. 
  18. Keep the faith or ditch the disaster?

    I need more information to make this decision now ( I previously wanted him out). Last night the team showed passion (which has been sadly lacking) and with a decent ref we'd have scored a few more.  1. How much would it cost to sack him? 2. What's happened to Hansen? Good managers get their best players on the pitch. 3. Why is Southwell played out of position?
  19. Hanson

    I thought Duckworth had a very good game last night. However, our midfield still needs help and Hansen gets in for me. Players showed some passion, which has been lacking, so credit to JF. Seems as if Hansen has misbehaved but so did George Best, Gazza, etc. Good managers get their best players on the pitch, firing on all cylinders. 
  20. Hanson

    We deserve to know what’s happened. The team is stronger with Hansen in it. 
  21. The game tonight: Maidstone

    FFS. Relief and a goal at last. Massive celebration by players and the magnificent 50. Should have had at least 2 penalties, hit the woodwork twice and credit where it’s due, positive substitutions at the end when we pushed on. I’m hoping the momentum will swing our way now. That goal could be massive for Quigley and the team. He suddenly looked taller, quicker and celebrated big time when it went in and at full time. Another clean sheet and another goal or two on Saturday and we can smile again. Safe journey home to everyone who attended. 
  22. The game tonight: Maidstone

    And Southwell off as well.
  23. The game tonight: Maidstone

    Their goalie carried off.
  24. The game tonight: Maidstone

    Away fans not allowed in the bar, not very friendly.
  25. Easy for Bosomworth

    It’s all about attitude and that’s so wrong. He’ll fire him today. Time for The Hampster to run the team.