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  1. Biggest ever signing

    Has to be Freddie Hill who played for England as a winger before Sir Alf decided to play without wide men. Easily the best player I ever saw play for us. We sold him to Man City who were a top team at the time. 
  2. Plans A, B, C and D, what happens next?

    A great description of our position. However, I think we’ve ran out of the cash reserves and the Board are digging into their piggy banks to fund the club. 
  3. Signs

    I’m a Ducky fan. Good signing. Now let’s sign some midfielders who can supply our strikers. 
  4. Town Dream Team!

    Gennoe Nichol Freddie Hill (the best player I've seen play for us) Vardy
  5. The Two Bradfords

    Home or away. 
  6. How long have you suffered (Tongue in Cheek)

    68-69 season. We beat Newport County 3-0. Lez Massey hatrick. First away game was at Bradford City, think it was 1-1 with Tony Flower putting us ahead. A lot of fighting at that game. 
  7. Excuses started already

    The most important characteristic of a great life is a positive outlook. 
  8. Playoffs

    I’d rather go to Harrogate than Fylde so for that reason I hope Harrogate don’t go through. 
  9. Music at The Shay

    Ben Bottomley is a good DJ so the music shouldn’t be a problem, but it is. Can’t he get involved & resolve matters?
  10. Nathan Clarke

    Our next manager? Fingers crossed. 
  11. Fylde Away

    Good result to end a disappointing season, when we played too deep, too often, even taking injuries into account. I believe a more positive attitude would have seen more points won over the Season. Fingers crossed JF can deliver the more positive style of play next Season, that we were promised this Season. 
  12. Fylde Away

    How many Town fans have made the trip? 
  13. Players who will leave ??

    I’m concerned we’ll lose Clarke. He’s had a great season & I think he’ll be looking for Player / Coach or Player / Manager. If I was DB I’d fire JF and give Nathan the Player Manager role. Think he’d be great for moral which was sadly lacking for much of this season. 
  14. Retained list for next season

    Didn't realise JF was going to have to work so hard this Summer. Let's hope he learns from last Summers disappointments and starts to play players in their natural positions (I'm sure he hasn't got the best out Southwell). I also want to see the tactics improve on this season, i.e, more offensive. I think we need at least 2 creative players in the side. King can't do it alone and I think Kossy will try his hand else where. 
  15. Retained list for next season

    Can someone please post a list of players under contract for next season. I know Kossy's contract is up, so I expect him to move on. Starting to think about the inevitable turnover.