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  1. FA Cup Draw

    If it’s worth 25k to get in the first round, surely we want the weakest team in the competition at home as I assume the money on offer in the second round will be even greater. 
  2. Fullarton Out ????

    Confidence is a fragile thing but we look scared of our own shadow at the moment. On paper we've got some winnable games coming up. I was impressed by Fullerton when he joined us but he doesn't seem to be inspiring the lads, that he's largely signed. It's time to get going now. I'd like to see Staunton in front of Clark and Brown, with Kossy given a free role and King finding our players. Let's have Southwell up front, not behind Wootton and Edwards. I appreciate JF is learning on the job, but it's been a very disappointing few weeks. Injuries happen but we're nearly at full strength now. Time to lead from the front. A few wins and things will look different again. 
  3. Chesterfield at Home

    Let's get King on at half time. We need some creativity. 
  4. Mj85

    Success can bring the crowds in. Bradford City get much bigger crowds now than they did when in the old Division 3 in the early 70’s. 
  5. Midfield Crisis

    I agree and also desperately want to see Staunton back in front of the centre halves. Our defenders might then be able to find someone to pass to. This game has become a must win for both sides so it will probably be a boring 0-0 in front of the cameras. 
  6. Harvey and Collins

    I’d be delighted to see Collins return on the pitch. JF is learning on the job. Hasn’t had any luck with injuries or suspensions. Too early to put the boot in, but I’d like to see some tackles and more creativity. 
  7. Aldershot

    King first touch good. Desperately need some creativity.
  8. Aldershot

    Odelusi is useless. Defence / midfield doesn’t close down. Their goals looked good but no one got in their faces. Aldershot are no great shakes and we can still get something. I’d like to see Staunton on for Odiuseless. 
  9. Aldershot

    20 mins to KO & only 10 Town fans here. Pissing down. Going to be very slippery. 
  10. Youth Cup goal from last night

    Well worked. 
  11. Aldershot

    I’ll be there. Like going to Aldershot. Good old fashioned ground. Fancy at least a draw. 
  12. Michael Collins

    Collins is exactly what we need. However, JF is learning on the job and it wouldn’t surprise me if he felt a little threatened by Collins. Pity. 
  13. Bromley - match thread

    Good build up and finish. 
  14. Bromley - match thread

    2-1 down now. Great goal in 81st min.
  15. Bromley - match thread

    Maher in the stand with a right shimmer to his left eye. We’ve just cleared off our own line twice in 30 secs. Wooton looking like a good addition.