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  1. Danny Clarke

    Sorry the clown is Kelly 
  2. Danny Clarke

    I know when josh was signed, I'd watched him three times previous to the trial game.  I said Billy didn't rate simmons, whether he knows his parents I've no idea.  Sorry I didn't sign any of the others.  The hat was neil brown was the clown  other 2 jim 
  3. Danny Clarke

    Enquired about kosylo and Elliot Osborne when Jim was manager. But nothing doing at that time . Billy 100% wanted drench whether David signed him or not. AT a pre season meeting the scout(s) presented Billy with 4/5 names for every position. One was simmons, he didn't rate him at that time. ( he didn't know him more like) I know as I was the scout that did the list( I've since left the club) Billy didn't know kosylo, David signed him on my recommendation, same as josh. 
  4. Danny Clarke

    Drench & Kosylo weren't Heath signings, so discounting loans he's brought in Moyo, Garner and Lynch (unless I've missed anyone) as his only non North Ferriby signings. drench was 100% Billy signing so that's totally wrong. Kosylo was not a Billy signing. 
  5. Phew that was dodgy Mark, Alty did well, Do we have Johnson for Wembley? or does he return to PV before?