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  1. Jack Earing

    I'm confused again. Courier says 1 yr and the club site says 2 yrs. Can anybody confirm the length of contract ??
  2. The club tweets about lack of signings

    It's not the despair that kills's the HOPE
  3. Random image of the day

    Salford at the bottom. What a difference 10yrs and a bucket full of millions can make !!  
  4. Sin bin

    How will this work. Is the 10 mins in the sin bin the total punishment and the yellow card rescinded ?. If they get sin binned again does it count as 2 yellows and therefore a sending off. Surely if this is to be a stand alone punishment, a different coloured card must be used. Or am I just being thick?
  5. Quigley Signs For Barrow .

    My wife has been telling me the same for years
  6. The Shayman who won the Victoria Cross

    Nice seeing you again mate. Sorry couldn't stop and chat for long as it was a busy day. Also lots of free ale needed drinking!! First time you've seen me dressed up properly
  7. Something a bit different

    It will "pop up " soon
  8. Playoffs

    I would presume that Wrexham are the same as us and pay rent. The ground has been owned by Glyndwr University for the last 8 years or so. May be a little less/longer as I am not sure on the exact year of the sale. The University also bought their training ground
  9. Shay Hotel?

    Cannot see this going ahead for at least 5 years. It would take that long to decontaminate the Skircoat toilets
  10. DB's Interview In't Courier

    Is that why you don't fly back home anymore Lanzo ?
  11. Obscure Day Jobs.

    Albert Valentine.......Card maker and flower salesman
  12. The Shayman who won the Victoria Cross

    From The Duke of Wellington's Regiment website ( 4624899 Corporal (Acting Sergeant) Hanson Victor TURNER Acting-Sergeant Hanson Victor Turner, although originally a ‘Duke’, was serving with The West Yorkshire Regiment (The Prince of Wales’s Own) when he was awarded his VC. When his medal was put up for sale it was purchased by the Halifax Town Council, as he was a resident of Halifax. The medal is displayed in the Duke of Wellington’s Museum for ease of access. At Ningthoukong,in Burma, soon after midnight of 6th of June, 1944, an attack was made by a strong force of Japanese.  Three out of four light machine-guns in Sergeant Turner’s platoon were destroyed and the platoon forced to give ground.  Sergeant Turner, with coolness and fine leadership, at once reorganised his party and withdrew 40 yards. When it was clear that the enemy were attempting to outflank the position, Sergeant Turner at once, boldly and fearlessly, went forward from his position alone, armed with all the hand grenades he could carry, and went into attack against the enemy single-handed.  He used his weapons with devastating effect and when his supply was exhausted he went back for more and returned to the offensive again.  During all this time the enemy were keeping up intense small arms and grenade fire. Sergeant Turner in all made five journeys to obtain further supplies of grenades and it was on this sixth occasion still single-handed, while throwing a grenade among a party of the enemy, that he was killed.  He displayed outstanding valour and had not the slightest thought for his own safety.  He died on the battlefield in a spirit of supreme self-sacrifice. (London Gazette, 17th of August, 1944) These are the type of people we  remember at our Regimental Re -unions and also why the memorial to the fighting men of The West Riding will be unveiled in Halifax on 17th May. As the regimental motto says "Virtutis Fortuna Comes" (translated as Fortune favours the Brave)
  13. Gateshead FC

    Possibly playing remaining fixtures at International Stadium
  14. Barometer of multi colours

    Thanks Erik, we also have our 6 monthly re-union round the pubs of Halifax on the 6th April. Plenty of tea and cucumber sandwiches will be consumed as usual
  15. Barometer of multi colours

    to be Unveiled on friday 17th May by the Duke of Wellington at approx 3.15pm. Money (£240,000) raised by private donations and Regimental functions. Regimental pissup(sorry that should read Regimental function) in Piece Hall afterwards. Timothy Taylor's brewery donating 4 casks of ale,so should be a quiet night!!