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  1. Connor Thomson

    Bloody luxury, I stood in the Skircoat for years !!
  2. Michael Collins

    As I said a few weeks ago on a different thread, nothing major seems to happen until the beginning of July. A lot of players are contracted to the end of June anyway
  3. Like pulling teeth

    How does the saying go ? "if you can remember the 60's you wasn't there ". I was too young for all the free love and LSD. Anyway don't think that stuff got as far north as Mixenden !!
  4. Spain v Portugal

    Don't think your clever as it's quite easy to spell c**t
  5. Club Secretary

    With Which fan would you like the club to arrange a relationship for you Lanzo ??
  6. Jamie’s jalfrezi

    i think there's quite a few with an unexplainable feel good factor for this season. JF has brought a bit of optimism back to a few weary old heads
  7. Jamie’s jalfrezi

    Welcome to the life of a SHAYMAN, you have the experience to go far Scot
  8. Want to play for the fans team?

    10.30 to 10.45 ?? hope there is a 10 minute fag and whisky break included in that or I aint signing !!
  9. England's World Cup run 2018

    Won't get out of the group stages with a certain A.Morgan
  10. Jake Hibbs

    El Kit
  11. England's World Cup run 2018

    Stalwart......... a loyal,reliable and hard working supporter of, or participant in, an organisation or team
  12. Sanmi Odelusi

    At your age you better get the doctor to check that out Lanzo Edit: Apologies WB, had not seen your post
  13. Leicester City

    Love it ,love it, love it. Are you Kevin Keegan in disguise
  14. The European Cup Final

    Everybody ,with the exception of a couple of evertonians, in my locality is going apesh*t about the final. Personally I am going to find a local cricket match to watch,have a relaxing day and stay away from all the d*ckheads who have never been to a game in their lives, as I could not give a flying fcuk who wins. Sick of the sight of flags and banners hanging from house windows. One idiot down the road has actually painted his house red and white the bl**dy dingbat !!
  15. World Cup.

    Have you "borrowed" DJ's happy pills ??