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  1. Bromley Thread

    From the Bromley forum.......... You've got to love the nicknames for Kosylo and Denton "Ouch. Poor performance against ten men, no doubting that. Top Knot ruined us but he could have been made to feel a little less comfortable. Lurch up front was the other one who caught the eye."  
  2. We're off to meet the Fleet

    Unfortunately mine will take place in The Queens Arms Liverpool as unable to travel due to work again
  3. Points watch

    Only Wembley for me had that effect
  4. Points watch

    Excited after the game are we Royals
  5. Bromley Thread

    1760 with 76 away fans
  6. Bromley Thread

    Many more games like that and I'll have a bloody heart attack before my 60th. Sounds like a great performance by one and all
  7. Bromley Thread

    Quietist game on here so far mate. My comment on another thread comes true
  8. Shaymen in the national papers

    Are you sure Erik.?  Only proves that a team called Halifax Town AFC once existed. No mention of FC Halifax Town
  9. The western front

    I bow to your superior knowledge and experience on that subject sir !!
  10. Can't make my mind up but it's one of these or maybe just Ashton Gate  ground Ashton - Western Cape - South Africa Ashton - KwaZulu-Natal - South Africa Ashton - Westmoreland - Jamaica Ashton - Saint Elizabeth - Jamaica Ashton - Grenadines - Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Ashton - Canterbury - New Zealand Ashton - South Australia - Australia Ashton - West Virginia - America Ashton - South Dakota - America Ashton - South Carolina - America Ashton - Rhode Island - America Ashton - Ohio - America Ashton - North Carolina - America Ashton - Nevada - America Ashton - Nebraska - America Ashton - Missouri - America Ashton - Michigan - America Ashton - Maryland - America Ashton - Louisiana - America Ashton - Kansas - America Ashton - Iowa - America Ashton - Illinois - America Ashton - Idaho - America Ashton - Georgia - America Ashton - Florida - America Ashton - Arkansas - America
  11. old Town programmes

    Don't forget the compulsory matching Royal Engineers Regimental Blazer and Tie
  12. Tomorrows Game - Weather

    Should have put some at the back of The Skircoat. It was lethal in there back in the day!!
  13. I know mate but just like the sound of the full title
  14. Tomorrows Game - Weather

    Why risk long term damage to the pitch for a reserve team fixture probably in front of 1 man and his dog. Its been a wet month so far so play the league fixtures only.