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  1. Rochdale Pitch

    Didn't Tranmere need re-election at one stage as well ?
  2. Board

    There's been some good times since I started watching in the mid to late 60's. Admittedly not a lot, but some good memories
  3. Board

    Please please please when do the good times start again !!
  4. Ebsfleet

    Barrow and Monkey Hangers with a game in hand as well. Something needs to be done before Tuesday. What that is , I don't know, it will take somebody more qualified than me to sort that out
  5. Who Will Be Our Next Manager?

    Keep practicing the power point presentations !!
  6. Who Will Be Our Next Manager?
  7. Ebsfleet

    Ring 'O' Bells. Come out of railway station and turn right at bottom of approach road. 2 mins walk on your left. After that straight up the road past the station again, and 5-10 mins to 3 pigs and the ground
  8. Who Will Be Our Next Manager?

    Just look at Chip Shop's situation to prove that point
  9. Who Will Be Our Next Manager?

    Totally agree WB,still a lot of work to be done and need to start asap
  10. The Cox is out.....

    With your tongue stuck so far in your cheek,it's a good job we have to type on here. Wouldn't be able to understand a word you say otherwise
  11. The Cox is out.....

    Sorry mate, unlike my clogs, my supply of brown falling down water is used on a very regular basis so none to spare
  12. The Cox is out.....

    Do you want to borrow my clogs Oli ? They've not been used for a while !!
  13. Gary Mills isn't the manager

    Somebody with a smile would make a change DJ. There's enough of us grumpy old gits on the terraces!!
  14. Today's Game

    Enjoyed the game yesterday, besides the infamous "chester toast" incident (need to know basis). Oliver and Hibbs totally shattered at end of game,also Kossy stretching his hamstrings out 3 or 4 times in the second half, I feel, shows we haven't played at match pace for a couple of weeks with postponements. I thought Dent's was unlucky with the diving header, but could not understand/ see properly when he missed later from a couple of yards. After watching the highlights it looks like he slid in on both knees
  15. Of local(ish) interest

    Ossett Towbion FC