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  1. Hartlepool team

    Welcome to my last 50 years mate
  2. Hartlepool team

    And sprinkles
  3. Hartlepool team

    Tried to make a similar comment on the official feed from the game. For some reason, which I cannot fathom, they did not put it on screen
  4. Discipline

    All adding to the fines pot for the end of season beano!
  5. Hartlepool team

    Help yourself DJ and anybody else. They will pass the time whilst queueing up at North Bridge !!  
  6. Hartlepool team

    Don't forget       " must get back to basics "
  7. Hartlepool team

    OOOOOH   my hopes are up now. Too little too late Billy !!!!!
  8. Hartlepool team

    The Manager certainly doesn't
  9. Hartlepool team

    Sorry Tony but as said on another thread, you were always sick. Mind you even a sick Tony Flower may do a better job !!
  10. Hartlepool team

    The omens are looking good for a repeat relegation and a trip to Wembley. Won't we all be pleased
  11. Hartlepool team

    More tablets needed DJ Anyone feeling the same as me
  12. Hartlepool team

    If it is, it will be at half time because there won't be anybody left at full time.    " Home early tonight dear"      " Yes love, felt a bit queezy so came home early "
  13. Hartlepool team

  14. What’s the score ?

    Superb idea, it's a wonder nobody has thought of it before. Well done Sir !
  15. Hartlepool team

    Think it was taught to us when we were 11. Mind you that kind of thing was expected at Heath