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  1. Kevin Roberts

    Going to be missed. An honest hard working and loyal player. Thanks for sticking with us Kev when you could have left. Good luck and I hope things work out well
  2. Kevin Roberts

    if not talking through another part of his anatomy he will not be allowed to comment on here
  3. Kevin Roberts

    Just for us oldies Lanzo please translate that into "old money"
  4. Ben Tomlinson

    Obviously you haven't seen him for a while
  5. Replica shirts

    I like the pants and flip flops mate. Not so sure about the hair
  6. Replica shirts

    Only 1500 sit ups??. You lucky git I will have to do way more than that to get into anything below XXL 
  7. town win trophy

    Was my form master in first year. Scary at first but took pity on and encouraged a rather wayward Mixy boy 
  8. Gainsborough (a)

    wonder what view people had of it. Was it left, right or straight down the middle ?.  ooops sorry politics again !!
  9. town win trophy

    Rather a tongue in cheek comment from me. the place wasn't too bad at all. Mind you it was a scarey sight when the Headmaster ( Mr Swale) came rushing down the corridor with his black gown flapping behind him .  
  10. town win trophy

    Seem to remember shouting that a lot during my school days. Couldn't wait to leave the place
  11. town win trophy

    My thoughts exactly Steve.................. as many a person has said before "What happened to the Vardy money ? "
  12. Police thanks.

    Merseyside Police have thanked the public for their help in locating 4 Scouse Al Qaeda suspects whom they have had under surveillance. Inspector Johnson stated " There has been plenty of sightings of 3 of the subjects known locally as Bin Robbin, Bin Claiming and Bin Dealing. Unfortunately the 4th subject, known by the rare name of Bin Working, has hardly been sighted at all
  13. Lois Maynard signs...

    read these and decide for yourself mate
  14. Lois Maynard signs...

    According to local papers Southport having problems at board level. Long-term chairman resigned, 2 directors not allowed to attend meeting. Bit off a mess at the moment
  15. If Halifax Town were a vegetable?

    Now that communication between the club and supporters has improved things are not too bad but only a couple of years ago I think we supporters were all mushrooms i.e. kept in the dark and fed on sh..t