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  1. Nike

    Take it he didn't tip you very well then Lanzo !!
  2. Fan names

    I just could not resist
  3. Fan names

    No mate just a p++s take.
  4. Fan names

    Mine is for the obvious reason that I now live in scouse land. My real name is Jamie and, a few years ago, i used to be the shop floor manager at Crosslee where my wife also worked in the sales dept
  5. FA Cup - Warrington Away

    Plenty of trains if you travel from Huddersfield, somewhere around £20 -£22 return.
  6. 22/09/1998 Bradford City 3-1 Halifax Town

    Still occasionally call it The Milk Cup
  7. Relegation form

    Thought that was a mis-print at first and he was being measured for a Wembley suit !!
  8. Music

    Thanks Shaymus, I knew it was one of the Georges, memory getting hazy about the old days
  9. Music

    We could always dig out the recording of the FA Cup final crowd that George Mulhall used !!
  10. Music

    Never forget the magic of the one and only TOMMY DEGNAN and also and (hope you don't mind Simon) last but not least The Grumbleweeds
  11. Music
  12. Music

    I'm probably the only one who would vote for this, but at least it has links to the local community/area
  13. Music

    I felt like slitting my own throat listening to the music before Orient, and that was only hearing it in the background on the live commentary. God knows how bad it was for the people who were there.!
  14. It’s quiet on here

    Is it Zionism ?
  15. If you have ten mins to kill

    I must be honest and admit,that on the day, when I saw that Josh was clear I thought to myself that it was staying 3-0. It was worth the journey from Liverpool just to see him hit the back of the net