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  1. “What if my granny was a man?"
  2. “What if my granny was a man?"

    From his interview with The Courier DJ
  3. Shaywomen

    I've woke up with worse
  4. Nile Ranger

    2 for the price of 1 as Tonto always seems to tag along with him
  5. Ebbsfleet     listening on Radio Kent
  6. 22 November

    Now give the pills back to the nice Nurse lady, DJ
  7. You'll Never Walk Alone

    Thanks mate I couldn't remember the second verse
  8. You'll Never Walk Alone

    We're the pride of west yorkshire, the cock of the north We all hate Barnsley and Bradford of course We all drink whisky and Webster's Sam Brown The Halifax boys are in Town  
  9. You'll Never Walk Alone

    You walk in alive and your thrown out dead You've just been a victim of The Skircoat one that sticks in my mind
  10. Morecambe

    IT'S CLOG DANCING TIME AGAIN followed by copious amounts of "brown falling down water" !!
  11. Illegal approach

    We will only accept somebody's last Rollo
  12. Dover

    A win's a win, especially as that makes it CLOG DANCING time again. Be afraid Scousers be very afraid, the crazy Yorkshireman is on the loose again !!
  13. Live on TV....

    At the moment JF needs TIME to get things right and, with the comments on here, is probably thinking I JUST WANNA BE LOVED or else he might just MOVE AWAY. I know we have not really got a STARMAN in our team ,and when it comes to injuries, the Club DON'T TALK ABOUT IT but as supporters we need MORE THAN SILENCE. THAT'S THE WAY we would all like it to be. If you think abot it YOU KNOW I'M NOT CRAZY..................or maybe I am after remembering all those Culture Club songs Edit: ok i didn't remember them all, I hate to say this but the wife has got an album!!
  14. Dover

    you say dentist DJ...........we say happy pills  
  15. Barnsley Away 1970

    Didn't they have the stupid idea of parking the away coaches behind the home end. I had gone in a mate's car but remember a Town coach going past with people holding the seats up against the windows (or what was left of them).