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  1. Sutton Saturday

    This team have a habit of producing the goods when us fans feel dissalusioned with the manager performances. While I'm not too optimistic about picking anything up at Sutton, we might just go there and surprise ourselves
  2. Where is he statto ?.

    Mr Heath and the BOD must have read the thousands of negative comments on here and got cold feet. 
  3. New Signing

    Heslop it is
  4. New Signing

    Lynch leaving paves the way for the new signing
  5. New Signing

    Midfielder coming in........
  6. Tranmere game thread

    You've hit the nail on the head with your comment. We don't use MacDonald enough due to our central players not being creative enough. 
  7. Tranmere game thread

    We've gone defensive. 
  8. Dan Batty

    Hull City are paying his wages so he's costing us nothing. 
  9. Connor Oliver

    I think there's one thing to remember here......... It's a TEAM game and all of the cogs need to be working to get the best out of every individual.  Theres too many square pegs in round holes. A left back playing right back, a centre half playing central midfield has been the case for a while now. Yes they do brilliant jobs under the circumstances but we need accomplished players playing in their correct positions.  Many point is, give Oliver a break, it's a lot deeper than one player. 
  10. Maidstone Thread

    The team and manager are doing absolutely nothing different to when we were winning games. The difference is down to fine lines and a little luck.  As ever, when points are dropped it highlights a host of perceived weaknesses   I think it's fair to say, we dont have an expansive team of players who play possession football and dominate games, but we do have a group of players who give 100% every game (despite what others say) when in truth, hard work sometimes isn't enough to break teams down.   
  11. Maidstone Thread

    No so long ago, we were winning games and 99% of us were shouting above the roof tops and Billy Heath was the messiah. Why do we get all twitchy when we go on bad run of form? It's madness
  12. Maidstone Thread

    Ever present this season I think. Heath obviously likes him or is it more of the fact we don't have any decent midfielders?
  13. Scouting Network

    Full time, part time argument is a cop out. Find the gems in National League North, Evo Stick, North East/West Counties who have the potential to not only play at our level, but to kick on in the game.  What level did Kosylo come from? Evo Stik. Think it's fair to say he is by far our most influential player. There's more of them out there, we should be putting our efforts into going and getting them. 
  14. Scouting Network

    Is it fair to say, our current standard of scouting is substandard? As a club we have always unearthed young talent from non league football who have gone on and being successful. It's proved to be a great income stream.  How many of our current squad have the potential to go higher? Kosylo at 25yrs old maybe, Macdonald at 22yrs old possibly. It's not good enough for me, we need to get our scouting network in order. Do that, and the club does well financially by developing players, as well as success on the field.  The part time competing against full time clubs excuse is a cop out. 
  15. Tranmere today

    Denton isn't the most gifted of footballers but he is ultra effective in the qualities he brings to our team. Defending set pieces, he's immense. And he gives us great aerial presence when attacking, not to mention chipping in with the goals.  The manager needs to pull his finger out and sign some players to give us more strength and depth.