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  1. Rochdale

    Could anybody else see a difference in MacDonalds physique on Tuesday night against Rochdale? He's noticeably bigger than last season. 
  2. Rochdale

    Fully agree with this statement, however, i can't see the manager playing all three together.  Morgan will always score goals, Kosylo is a game changer on his day and MacDonald looks like he is back to his best with a visible change to his physique. 
  3. Alfreton

    All about first game of the season. Hopefully we peak at this time. 
  4. Jake Hibbs

    1 - Hibbs is not in the managers plans and has no future at the club hence getting a major cold shoulder  2 - Hibbs is hanging tight due to the lucrative contract he signed last summer.  It's a very complicated scenario in that, at our level of football, normally players move on when they are not playing in the quest for playing regular. Not only is Hibbs not playing, the actions of the Manager last season and more so this pre season must be seen as humiliating.  The question is - Is Jake Hibbs wrong to keep picking up his money? Or should he look at others options which are open to him?
  5. Alfreton

    Having watched the interview, it certainly seems like Billy has rail roaded the team after losing a pre season game.  Lynch makes reference to Gainsborough and Alfreton labelling the performances poor and indicating the results are vitally important which surprises me, because unlike every other team in the land, pre season is and has, always been looked upon as fitness exercises In the early part and to work on shape, tactics and identifying your strongest 11 as pre season draws to a close.  I admire Lynchs passion but the interview was way over the top. 
  6. Callum Hassan

    Dents was guaranteed his game week in week out last season, even if he played terribly, at least until the fans become very vocal on the matter. We all know what Dentons strengths are, and he will cause defences problems from an aerial perspective, but my point was merely stating, Hassan has more attributes in general than Denton. In my opinion, if he was given a good run of games, he would be more productive than Denton. 
  7. Town V Brighouse

    King was transfer listed at his own request. There is no psychosis involved. 
  8. Callum Hassan

    I think many of you are being very harsh on the boy Hassan. I see his profile is uninspiring, having numerous clubs with no real statistics of excitement but........ Hes a trial isn't, that's all. Over whatever period of time he is with us, he will have been given a fair crack of the whip to show Billy what he's got. If he earns a contract, then fair play to him.  I do actually think he's better than Denton having more all round attributes. And for the argument, he is twice as fast as Denton, he's no slouch. 
  9. billys balty night

    Agree 100%. The signing of Oliver now provides us with vision and a range of passing we've not had in a very long time. If we play with wide men, they will now finally get the ball at the right time and not when the opposing team have had enough time to get men behind the ball. Oliver is a very very good signing. 
  10. I Owe An Apology

    Billy fulfilled his remit last season which was welcomed by us all.  I just hope we get off to a decent start in the National League, otherwise I fear out fickle sides will return and Billy will find himself being taunted yet again. 
  11. V9 Academy

    Fair point, you did say "Virtually"  
  12. V9 Academy

    Nonsense. The participants are not owned by Vardy or any other 3rd party. Player ownership is forbidden according to the FIFA Regualtions. 
  13. Peniket

    Morgan is the best finisher we have but the manager doesn't fancy him because he doesn't work hard enough. 
  14. Peniket

    It's great how opinions differ so much when it comes to football. I'd have Burrow over any of our current strikers
  15. Peniket

    im hearing the club did everything in their power to re sign Peniket, but he opted for full time football.