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  1. Playing Contracts

    When did MacDonald sign the extension? 
  2. Playing Contracts

    I believe the following are out of contract at the end of the season. While most are probably not good enough, there are a two or three I think we need to be keeping.  Denton Clarke Nicholson Hotte MacDonald Moyo Wilde Brown Oliver Opinions and thoughts?
  3. Who Will Be Our Next Manager?

    Nicholson will be unveiled as our new manager
  4. Who Will Be Our Next Manager?

    The BOD need to get this decision right. Somebody who in the short term can get a reaction from the current group to stave off relegation, and in the medium to long term, have the ability to recruit and develop young players. 
  5. Heath’s gone!!!

    I'm all for Tommy Miller. 
  6. Heath’s gone!!!

    What exactly has he achieved? In the same league Spennymoor Town and Tommy Miller are flying. Why not Tommy Miller?
  7. Heath’s gone!!!

    With the decision now made, I hope the board have targeted somebody with enough acumen to get us performing to higher levels. Young, even in the short term doesn't fill me with confidence.  The BOD need to pull there fingers out and get cracking on with appointing the right man for the job. 
  8. Leyton Orient (H)

    Fickle Fickle Fans!!
  9. Bromley

    Is there a winger who does produce over 90 minutes? Wingers can only affect a game from an attacking perspective when they get the ball in the right areas (final third) and on the side they are vacating. To get wingers involved in a game, you need ball playing midfielders and a forward line which has the ability to hold the ball up. Our squad has neither the ball playing midfielders nor the forwards to hold the ball up so the wingers are always going to be pissing in the wind on a consistent basis. If they're not getting the ball or being actively involved for whatever reason, you ask them to work their socks off. I think Josh does that, and he probably doesn't get the credit he deserves for his defensive work. He worked tirelessly today!! 
  10. Adam Morgan

    Is Peniket better than what we have already got? 100% in my opinion. 
  11. Adam Morgan

    Left club
  12. Kosylo

    Brentford surely won't sign a dud. It's in Kosylo's interest to get back to full fitness and return to the form he showed pre injury for the deal to happen this month. 
  13. Josh MacDonald

    How long is left on MacDonalds contract?
  14. Sutton Saturday

    This team have a habit of producing the goods when us fans feel dissalusioned with the manager performances. While I'm not too optimistic about picking anything up at Sutton, we might just go there and surprise ourselves
  15. Where is he statto ?.

    Mr Heath and the BOD must have read the thousands of negative comments on here and got cold feet.