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  1. Agents fees

    MacDonald - iPro Sports Management Riley - Fifteen Eleven Management Moyo - Inspire Sports Management Oliver - Quantum Law LLP Duckworth - Quantum Law LLP Garner - Fastrac Sports Management    
  2. Summer Recruitment

    The club have an option at the end of the season on Collins. He’s one of the biggest earners at the club so I guess the option was a safety net for the club if relegation became a factor.  McManus did sign a 2 year deal after Wembley, however it did contain an option in the clubs favour. That option has/will be taken.  MacDonald is out of contract. 
  3. Summer Recruitment

    Incorrect Chadders. I thought you were in the know!
  4. Summer Recruitment

    Under Contract - Johnson, Hibbs, McManus, Kosylo (if National League status is secured), Garner Out of Contract - Moyo, Brown, Hotte, Wilde, Clarke, Riley, Denton, MacDonald, Nicholson, Oliver, Tomlinson, Maher, Thomson, Collins, Barrows, Khan, Basic  
  5. Back to Uncertainty

    Kosylo and MacDonald out for the season means if our top scorer does find himself back in the team, he will be devoid of crosses. My concern is, we can’t score goals. That is enough of a worry to suggest we may struggle to onpick up wins. 
  6. Back to Uncertainty

    We are now back in the position of massive uncertainty. What looked last week as being virtually safe from relegation, to now being back amongs it. The clubs below and in around are picking up points.  With this in mind, it makes planning for next season pretty much impossible. 
  7. The Josh's

    Both out for remainder of season
  8. Summer Recruitment

    It's looking increasingly likely we are staying up which means Kosylo will definitely be retained for a further season, phew!!  MacDonald at only 23 and out of contract, im sure will have options, staying with us being one of those options. 

    Soul destroying weather conditions. The positive is, we got a point we probably didn't deserve. Forget and move on rob Solihull Moors now. 
  10. Adam Morgan

    Im bored of these Adam Morgan posts. Yes he is a goal scorer, but he was moved on due to being a bad egg. For that reason, we were right to move him on. 
  11. Neil young

    Make no mistake, we need a Chief Scout. Fullerton may have contacts, and he may know plenty of players......... but he can't do everything. Opposition analysis is one of probably the most important area of preparation, so who is going to watch the opposition? Theres plenty of video footage out there but to be thorough, and see the things the camera doesn't see, we need a Chief Scout at these games.
  12. Dagenham Tuesday.

    2-1 yesssssssa
  13. Summer Recruitment

    The information is compiled using the National FA Database and updated on a monthly basis. 
  14. Summer Recruitment

    Agree to disagree Steve. Stand corrected if you can show me otherwise but I'm factually correct. 
  15. Summer Recruitment its updated on a regular basis.