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  1. Bromley Thread

    I understand your logic, you are correct. Some centre halfs step forward, mainly because they don't want the ball back, but it does leave the option to go back to the goalkeeper. 
  2. Dagenham match thread

    They will score today, but we will score more!! THE SHAYMEN, THE SHAYMEN, THE SHAYMEN
  3. Dixon to Stockport

    It's the right move for the player and club in the short term. 
  4. Wingers

    I get the consistency argument but the point I was getting at was as a double act. I can't think of a team where I've gone away thinking The opposition had 2 exceptional wingers.  I gather teams look at Denton as our main threat so double up on him. I think they now have a problem in that they need to take special attention in Kosylo and Macdonald too. 
  5. Wingers

    With Kosylo and Macdonald, I am thinking we have the best wingers in the league. One is old fashioned in that he can glide past full backs with ease and provides assists, the other is clinical and scores goals. The other important factor is, they both work exceptionally hard for the team defensively.  Has anybody seen better? Or is there better at our level?
  6. What do we need?

    Morgan is invariably a lazy player, but he scores goals, and for that reason, he should start week in week out alongside Denton in a 4-4-2 formation. 
  7. Neil Aspin

    As far as managers go, Neil Aspin was and is a class act both on and off the pitch.  Admittedly, he had a very sticky spell which led to his sacking but invariably it happens to all managers at all levels unless you're  Mr Arsene Wenger or Sir Alex Ferguson.  You look back at Aspins era with us, there is probably a full squad of players who have gone on to have very good careers in full time football. I just done think he was appreciated as maybe he should have been when he was with us.  Clapping the fans after Gateshead game shows us all he appreciated us even though we gave him a lot of stick. Class Act Neil Aspin
  8. Free Solihull highlights

    Morgan  • Breaks his neck to run 50 yards on a break away counter attack (chances of getting the ball very slim) - DESIRE • Positions himself between 2 opposing defenders so they can both see him - SMART THINKING • Makes a 5 yard forward burst so they both gamble on following him - OUTWITTED  • Checks to give himself all the space in the world, and on his deadly left foot - TOP CLASS MOVEMENT • Goaaaaal - DEADLY Morgan might be lazy at times, many strikers are tbf, but when the lad can finish as he does, he has to start football matches. He can win games out of nothing.  Good work by Kosylo too. 
  9. Solihull game

    I think Billy has selected our strongest line up today. 
  10. Solihull game

    4-3-3                           Johnson           Moyo.   Brown.   Garner.    Wilde.                 Dixon.    Oliver.    Lynch.          Macdonald.    Denton.    Kosylo
  11. Team for Solihull and beyond

    He's got a contract at a football league club but has never played a game in the football league. Still young so could make the grade but he hasn't achieved anything to note as yet. 
  12. Team for Solihull and beyond

    In his time with us, Macdonald has roasted a number of left backs including established football league professionals. I think he needs to find consistency to his game, but that comes with playing games week in week out. Examples of this would be under Jim Harvey where solid performances were a regular occurrence in a struggling team, and under Billy Heath at the beginning of the 16/17 season where at times he was un playable. Billy Heath needs to give him a run in the team, the potential will then flourish.
  13. Dover match thread

    There's plenty of gems out there for me. We either have a terrible scouting network or the manager doesn't have the balls to or judgement to sign them. 
  14. Dover match thread

    I don't like speaking negatively about the Manager, but in the opening four games I have seen, I have seen no improvement which leaves me worried as things stand. Hopefully the next 2 games change that. 
  15. Post match messageboard

    Recruitment has clearly been a struggle. The post above is bang on in that all of the players signed have been deemed surplus to requirements at their previous clubs. We had a long list of targets and failed to sign all of them, which is why all of our business was done late.  Im not one with huge expectations this season, given what we are competing against in this league from a financial perspective, but I would like to see us organised and well drilled playing to the strengths we have in the team/squad. I didn't see it against Aldershot and I certainly didn't see it against Barrow. The point we gained is a massive bonus but we were more than lucky to get it. I don't want us going through a season relying on luck to gain points, I'd rather we get them through performing in the right manner.