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  1. Barrows and Khan

    I know someone who knows jack Atkinson, the youth team keeper with a first team contract, and he says that if he gets any offers from elsewhere he will be taking them as he can't see a route to our first team. Would be a shame as he looks a top keeper It's players like jack, Marco, Ross and shiraz we should be keeping and giving chances in cups etc
  2. Jon stead

    My friend is a Notts county fan so I went to the play off semi vs Coventry. Based on the players I saw play, I am very surprised they have released forte as he looked comfortably their best striker. Can't see us signing him. He may go back to Oldham Wouldnt mind signing Rob milsom, Nicky Hunt, Curtis Thompson or Adam Collin though
  3. Cliff Moyo

    Think we've made a mistake letting him go. Just needs to improve his positional sense
  4. Cliff Moyo

    Where have u found this?
  5. World Cup.

    Brazil if we win our group, Germany if we come second, so I'd say Germany probably more likely
  6. World Cup.

  7. World Cup.

                           Pickford            Walker  Stones   Maguire  Trippier              Dier                Young                 Alli                Sterling                Vardy           Kane   England 1-0 Tunisia England 3-0 Panama England 1-2 Belgium Last 16-  England 1-0 Colombia (AET) Quarter Final- England 0-2 Germany   Semi finals France 1-4 Brazil Germany 2-0 Spain   Final Germany 2-1 Brazil                         
  8. Retained List

    What a signing that would be
  9. Jordan Sinnott

    He hasn't been released, still under contract, but they will accept offers of nothing for him
  10. Jordan Sinnott

    He was fantastic when he played for us. Jak McCourt available to be signed for free too so hopefully can snap him up
  11. Jordan Sinnott

    Apparently released by chesterfield according to their fans. Hopefully will return to us
  12. Sam Wedgbury

    I think we are probably his most likely destination
  13. 17/18 Squad

    Shouldn't this be unpinned now? And a 2018/19 one started 
  14. Nathan Hotte