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  1. Kiwomya, my Lord

    He scored a great goal in the 6-0 vs Stafford Rangers after dribbling around half their defence
  2. Cameron King

  3. Cameron King

  4. F.A.O.real ale fans .....

    This is one of Keith Middleton's photos from Bristol City in 1983. Early SDS. Brian's the one on the left.    
  5. Michael Collins situation

    If, after all this, Collins did re-sign for us it's guaranteed he'd pick up a season-ending injury in his first game!
  6. Will Bosomworth be making a move?

    Wembley aside the old club was far more successful simply because it spent most of its existence in the league
  7. Nile Ranger

    You may need this later  
  8. Best ever FC Halifax Town game

    Not sure if it would class as best but that match at Ossett in 2008-09 was the most eventful
  9. Ebbsfleet

    If Denton was playing, yes. Possibly King, undecided at the moment.
  10. Ebbsfleet

    Clarke & Hanson would get into last season's side, plus those already here. Can't think of any others.
  11. Ebbsfleet

    Seriously or wishful thinking? We all hope to, but I suspect you're on your own in expecting it.
  12. Ebbsfleet

    To be fair, Scot the first two are/were loan signings from clubs with whom we already had connections
  13. Actually get rid !!

    Didn't he get sacked by Hartlepool?
  14. Ebbsfleet

    containing the mummified remains of the club?
  15. Ebbsfleet

    If the Board want him then it sounds like it's this week or forget it. I suspect they couldn't afford to change the manager even if they wanted to & the Cup windfall will go on running costs.