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  1. Josh MacDonald

    Seem to remember somebody said after last home game that the injury is the same type as the one Scott McManus had.
  2. Michael Collins

    Can't blame him for doing it & I'm sure he leaves with everybody's best wishes. It does make next season look a lot more difficult than a week ago though.
  3. Argentina vs. Croatia

    Croatia looking very good.
  4. Good Luck England

    Agree with this except I'd leave Walker in for now.
  5. Tacos For Tea I Think

    The standard of this World Cup has been very average so far (Spain vs Portugal excepted).
  6. Let's hope it starts a trend
  7. World Cup Predictions thread started up.....

  8. World Cup Predictions thread started up.....

    Does anybody know a decent preview website / magazine? World Soccer's seems to have been printed well before the squads were finalised.
  9. What is your "Golden Era" of watching Town?

    Our Yorkshire Cup Final at Rotherham was the first match after David Longhurst's tragic passing. A minute's silence followed by a huge chant of "there's only one David Longhurst". Very moving & commented on in Peter Barrow's report in the Courier.
  10. What is your "Golden Era" of watching Town?

    Yes. Intended as a snapshot of current fans rather than a scientific study on the merits of the various eras.
  11. Somebody made a comment on another thread that his Golden Era supporting Town coincided with the late Franny Firth's spell at The Shay. I'm just wondering, as we have posters covering half a century, what our fans feel was the era with which they feel most affinity. This may not necessarily be the time when they first started to attend matches. Mine would be the early 80s due mainly to the Man City match. Paul Hendrie has a lot to answer for  
  12. A little bit of heartache for your bank holiday

  13. Denton

    Did a job for us, particularly in that league. Good luck to him.
  14. Franny Firth

    Part of the side that beat Man City and was with Town for 5 years. RIP. This is a Courier photo of Franny playing against Darlington in 1978. The other player went on to be a team-mate of his in 1980-81, Clive Nattrass
  15. World Cup.

    Agree with the above. Should get out of the group then it's probably Poland. Last eight almost certainly Germany or Brazil.