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  1. Club statement regarding lenighan signing

    He's here for now & we either accept it or not. Either way there's nothing we can do about it. Think they may struggle for volunteers to sponsor his kit though.
  2. Maidstone - no repeat of this!

    and the great Donald Duckett
  3. Maidstone thread

    Great start, great spirit but we still need a couple of additions to keep a cool head as it won't always be like this. Much credit to Fullarton so far.
  4. Kosy

    His team-mates won't begrudge him playing if he helps earn them some win bonuses.
  5. Well done town

    A lot around 1981. The club sent players out to local schools to distribute them. I also seem to remember a small square blue ticket. I think it cost about 50p & covered the last half dozen games of 1981-82.
  6. Well done town

    or result in a charge of aiding and abetting child torture if things are as bad as they currently seem!
  7. Well done town

    If a business did that it would be unbelievable PR
  8. Media Team

    Suits me. I stood there for 30 years and would still if I could.
  9. Mark Roberts

    That's quite downbeat for you. Now I'm starting to worry!
  10. Lower league player biogs

    Not a lower league player (unless you count Garforth!) but Socrates' biography by Andrew Downie is very good.
  11. Salford splashing the cash again

    That'll be the fairy tale where a group of philanthropic passers-by armed David with a set of napalm bombs so that he could compete with Goliath
  12. Salford splashing the cash again

  13. Salford splashing the cash again

    Maybe but it's mainly a one-sided rivalry. Since 1990, if not earlier, England's main rivals have seemed to be Germany.
  14. Salford splashing the cash again

    After last week's gloating my well of sympathy for Scottish football fans is pretty dry at the moment. As for Salford, get rid & the rest of us can play for 2nd place.
  15. Team of the World Cup

    Modric, Mbappe & Ronaldo will be in it. Probably Godin & Cavani from Uruguay, Herrera from Mexico. Pickford or Ochoa for goalkeeper.