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  1. Random image of the day

    Phil Gordos didn't do his homework. This was our 5th season in the Conference, Gary Wilkinson = Gary Worthington and he seemed to forget we put 6 past them in 1993!
  2. Random image of the day

    Yes Town's Dave Staniforth & Wimbledon's Dave Beasant. We reached the heady heights of 11th that season & would have been in contention for the play-offs under the new system.
  3. Away kit

    Both look good. If option 1 is chosen as the away kit what colours do we wear at home?
  4. Match Offer Aldershot Confirmed

  5. Three wise monkeys

    Some worrying parallels with our last season in the Football League (2001/02). Decent enough start followed by free fall.
  6. Mick Kennedy

    I think that's Tim Gregory. The "Conway" that Shaymus is thinking of is probably Tim Conway that used to run the Brown Cow. Sadly both gentlemen passed away in the last few years.
  7. Random image of the day

    Amazing what a difference 2 new full-backs and an experienced centre-half made to that side.
  8. Mick Kennedy

    That's a shock. Part of the side in my first season. So soon after Franny Firth. RIP MIck.
  9. Halifax announce £175 season ticket

    " Ticket prices go as low as $199 plus tax for tickets in the “Kitchen Section,” I can see this being popular with Gilly
  10. Ossett next Up...tonight

    Exciting times
  11. Ask Away................

    As in Championship/Football Manager.
  12. Mekhi Mcloed contract

    The brevity and lack of good wishes seems unusual.
  13. 25th January 1969 Stoke City 1-1 Halifax Town

    You'd have to walk further for a goal from the current crop of strikers
  14. Barrow

    Agreed. Looking forward to it. Then we can have the "why haven't we announced any signings?" threads for some light relief.
  15. Barrow

    Belated happy new year everybody