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  1. Potential Signings ?

    Sign the whole team if we want to beat Brighouse Haggerty F., (competition for Johnson) Haggerty R., Tomkins, Noble, Carrick, Dobson, Crapper, Dewhurst, McIntyre, Treadmore, Davitt (could take over penalty duties from Kosylo)  
  2. Matty Brown

    And possibly free up funds for Rodney & Hardy.
  3. Champions league big call

    Same ref
  4. Town Dream Team!

    Roche Galloway O'Regan Davison
  5. How long have you suffered (Tongue in Cheek)

    40. I blame Paul Hendrie.
  6. Thinking Back - Thanks

    Alan Waddle, but he probably didn't play enough games to get a medal
  7. Thinking Back - Thanks

    Bob Mountford, Dave Harris, Chris Dunleavy, Johnny Hough, Paul Hendrie, Geoff Hutt. Hereford no.10 is Bobby Gould.
  8. Thinking Back - Thanks

    Hereford 1979-80
  9. Leyton Orient match.

    To be honest I think his reputation would neither be enhanced nor diminished if he left at the end of the season. The football has mostly been dire but turning around a relegation scrap last season & a mid-table finish this year wouldn't look too bad on his CV. Hopefully any prospective future employers wouldn't look at the highlight videos!
  10. Highland League Ref

  11. 18 Clean Sheets

    They had  a few seconds to run from the half-way line & take a shot. Which would be uncharted  territory in a few games this season.
  12. Random image of the day

    The current central defenders & keeper would get into that side. Not many others.
  13. History

    It would be interesting to know if anything exists from the match vs Man City on 05/01/1980 with the 40th anniversary approaching.
  14. Emley

    get their name back. Time for us to ask?  
  15. Random image of the day

    He was a highly-regarded coach in Australia. One of 3 members of the side that beat Man City to emigrate there, Chris Dunleavy & Peter Burke being the others.