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  1. Modern Football

    I liked the comment about the forthcoming  "Wheels On The Bus" parade through Manchester.
  2. Player of the season

    Certainly most improved player
  3. Modern Football Truly awful  
  4. Money

    There is one important difference though. Askey is a Macc club legend and was in it for the long haul, whereas Fullarton probably doesn't yet have any emotional attachment here.
  5. Predicted table.....

    Woking's next result under new management should be enlightening
  6. Today's matches

    I'm beginning to think we may have enough points already.
  7. Today's matches

    Not sure if mentioned elsewhere but Woking have sacked their manager
  8. Traffic

    Have the team arrived?
  9. Tonight's Games

    Maidenhead & Woking both in freefall. One of them could drop into the bottom 4 quite easily. Advantage Salford tonight with Harrogate losing at home.  
  10. Halifax v Rushden 97/98 Extended Highlights

    The middle one shows Jamie Paterson putting his specs on just in time to prevent a werewolf from stealing his trophy.
  11. Halifax v Rushden 97/98 Extended Highlights

    I forget where I got these. May have been SDS.
  12. Jamie Fullarton

      Yes 1980-81.
  13. Jamie Fullarton

    Top photo is Firth's penalty. Others as listed plus Billy Ayre & Malcolm Goodman.
  14. Jamie Fullarton

  15. On this day in 1991

    At their best maybe. Certainly Davison (Mk 1). Norris was 29 & at his peak while with Town whereas the three above were work-in-progress. Same could be said of Galloway, Holden, Nicholl, Gould, Gennoe, C Fleming, M Kennedy etc in other positions. If only we had one season with that lot.