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  1. Adam Morgan - Next big thing

    Bit harsh to say Rick Holden’s career fizzled out. I don’t think he did too badly whilst playing in the top flight with Watford, Oldham and Man City. Did it all with an undiagnosed cruciate ligament injury that he sustained playing for us. He did like a drink though. Had he been one of the ultra professionals  we have today he may have achieved more. 
  2. 11th September 1998 - Town 1-2 Cardiff

    Having had Chris Foy for the Brentford game, the red for this game was Phil Dowd. No mistaking that disdainful brandishing of the yellow card. 
  3. Manager of the Month - Jamie Fullarton

    Weaver is too busy getting ready to film the sequel to teen wolf. 
  4. Halifax town v man united 1990

    I was there with my dad. Went to the front of the stand, through the gate onto the speedway track and got Fergie and Steve Bruce’s autographs. 
  5. 4th Sept 1998 Halifax vs Hartlepool (Full Match)

    3 future town players in the Hartlepool line up that night. They had some really good players. 
  6. Jim White Show

    You think it’s been instigated by White? Seriously doubt that. People day there’s no such thing as bad publicity but Jim White is a real life Ron burgundy. Can only read off a TelePrompTer. Will have been spoon fed any info. 
  7. Jim White Show

    The club has tweeted to say that JF will be on the Jim White Show on talksport today.  Yes, the media exposure is good but going on Jim White is pointless. The man couldn’t give a flying f#<k about anything other than premier league football and brown nosing the owners and poisonous agents.  Will probably spend 10 mins asking why Simon Jordan doesn’t like him. 
  8. Loan signings

    What he said.  Legzdins has followed the well trodden path of Richard Wright and Stuart Taylor. It’s amaz how much better you get when you don’t play. 
  9. Halifax ref quits

    Yes it’s not great, but worth losing your job over? This would have blown over soon enough. Today’s news is tomorrow’s chip paper. 
  10. Loan signings

    No, went to barrow via Singapore after he left us. 
  11. Loan signings

    Grant Holt was never with us on loan. Signed permanently from Workington. 
  12. Blast from the past - Terry Mac

    Played in the cup against Man U but got frozen out as we’d signed a certain S. Norris. 
  13. Loan signings

    Michael Proctor, Jon Cullen and Stuart Parnaby were excellent. Sam Johnson and Lee Gregory not half bad.  Worst ever for me was Lee Power. 
  14. Loan signings

    Andy Rhodes was awful. Was lucky we were so good. 
  15. 28/08/1998 Halifax vs Shrewsbury

    My favourite was the 4-0 away at Scunthorpe.