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  1. Salford

    On another note, does anyone know why Kingsley James glued himself to a train today? Certainly looked like him. 
  2. That’s harsh on 12 year olds. 
  3. Agent Fees

    There are good agents and bad ones. In my humble opinion a good agent helps negotiate new deals or packages in contract renewals or transfers. Bad agents fill clients heads with rubbish and insert clauses into contracts stipulating they get a percentage of any future signing on fee or transfer fee so that they can line their own pockets. Pogba’s agent is a bad one. I’d go so far as to say a cancer within football who has been allowed to grow and infest various clubs. 
  4. DB's Interview In't Courier

    1500 optimistic but I’m certainly considering my first season ticket since 1998/99.
  5. Season Tickets

    I’ve heard we’re bringing Peter Shilton in to run it. 
  6. Random image of the day

    Wonder if we’d have beaten them at Wembley in the sherpa van trophy final too. If only Paddy Roche could take a penalty!
  7. Random image of the day

    So who are the players in this? Jamie Wood? Steve Gaughan? Paul Stoneman?
  8. League Two Relegation Candidates

    You’re thinking of Paul Futcher. Looked rubbish for us but the reality was that the rest of the team were nowhere near good enough and made him look stupid. 
  9. League Two Relegation Candidates

    You’ve got the added bonus of 4 southern teams going down. Mr B will be rubbing his hands at the thought of 3 fewer overnight stays. 
  10. New Home Kit 19/20

    Love it. Already asked her indoors to get me one for my birthday. 
  11. Orange Shirt

    You’re right. We wore the previous seasons white away kit with purple scribbles on the arms at Stalybridge. Everyone was booing til “Killer” emerged from the tunnel and we realised it was us. Stoneman fired in the winner. 1-0.
  12. Orange Shirt

    Nope. I had a short sleeve home shirt. 
  13. Orange Shirt

    Is it long sleeved? I got a long sleeved one as the club ordered a kit for the youth team which arrived with Holland Decorators on but they couldn’t use it as they were sponsored by British Bacon Supplies. They sold them off instead.
  14. Barnet

    Isn’t it a bit early. 
  15. The pitch

    Pitch wasn’t exactly in top condition anyway. It’ll get rolled and cut but that’s it.