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  1. Getting worried

    I wouldn’t bet against him signing for Altrincham. His old boss from Nantwich is there and it’s closer to home and part time. 
  2. Getting worried

    Contracts run out 30th June. Some new signings might get announced on 1st July but I’m sure negotiations are ongoing with a number of players. We won’t be short of triallists either so there’s no way we’ll be struggling come the first Saturday of the season. 
  3. Connor Thomson

    Relegation certainties. 
  4. Good Luck England

    Unofficial player ratings from me (6/10 is average) - Pickford 6. Had little to do but distributed well when called upon. Walker 6. Soft penalty but badly positioned for it. Defended competently other than that.  Stones 7. Nearly scored but also missed a sitter. Looked comfortable on the ball. McGuire 7. Nervy start followed up with some confident runs forward and attacked the ball well for the 2nd goal.  Trippier 8. Defended well when needed but was a threat all game and his corners were excellent   Young 5. Good corner for the first goal but no left foot. Slowed things down too much going forward and only just contained their right midfielder. Henderson 4. Great through ball for Alli in the first 5 minutes but then spent the night playing one twos with Stones and constantly stopped any speedy forward progress. Kept hiding behind their centre forward instead of running into space to set up an attack. Lingard 6. Started brightly but faded fast. Alli 5. Again started brightly but faded and should clearly have been subbed before half time. Just kept giving it away. Kane 9. 2 chances, 2 goals and spent the rest of the game being wrestled to the ground. It was as if Danny Hone was coaching their centre halves. Stirling 4. Looked like he couldn’t trap a bag of sand and spent ages trying to run up his own arse. Rashford and Loftus-Cheek 8 each. Both had impact and affected the game positively. At least 1 should have been on at half time.  
  5. Signings so far?.

    Without wanting to clutter the pinned squad post I would estimate JF is going with a 4-2-3-1 or 4-1-3-2. That gives me -  Johnson ?-?-Brown-? Collins-Maher Kosylo-Preston-Odelusi Southwell Need first choice defenders. 
  6. Preston

    No because Kosylo should be on the right. 
  7. Preston

    Signs from Gateshead
  8. Shaun Rowley

    Patience royals. The experience is on its way. Anyone go for Nathan Clarke?
  9. Scott Garner

    No doubt about it. Those teeth look like they cost a few bob. 
  10. Scott Garner

    Don’t think it would and he lives in Coventry as I understand it so the full time model we’ve adopted was unlikely to work for him. 
  11. Dayle Southwell

    Papers don’t normally announce before the clubs. 
  12. Sanmi Odelusi

    Courier’s shite. Can’t read too many articles without signing your life away. 
  13. Still waiting

    I certainly wouldn’t begrudge MFT a contract. Thought he showed some decent quality and with more coaching and time spent practicing his finishing I think we could have a good player on our hands. His work rate really would give us a good base to work from if we signed him. 
  14. Still waiting

    You seem to not understand the system the manager plays. We need someone in between MFT and a 20 goal a season man. If the main striker gets 12/15 that represents a good return given he’ll probably be up on his own most of the time. Our pace will come down the flanks. 
  15. Still waiting

    Any clues? Guessing it isn’t MFT.