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  1. Sutton v Town game thread

    Worth pointing out that we won the first 6 games in 2014/15. Results which saved us from a relegation scrap. The writing should have been on the wall for Aspin at the end of that season. Just hope Mr Heath sorts it out quickly because if we haven’t got 30 points by Christmas we’re really struggling. 
  2. Sutton v Town game thread

    Clarke wasn’t good enough last season so why is he still here? Makes no sense having him in the squad let alone on the pitch. Batty must be wondering what’s going on. He’s come to what he and his club thought would be a decent standard for him to develop in men’s football and ends up playing with some Sunday league forest gump. 
  3. Sutton v Town game thread

    I’d say 4-2-3-1 with Hotte and Middleton sitting in front of the defence with Josh and Tomlinson either side of Batty with Denton up top. 
  4. Towns youngest player.

    Was Carl Rezai the last one? What a stellar career he had after we gave him a chance. Do we get to claim Cameron Jerome?
  5. Dan Batty

    Hence my reference to a month and “if” we can keep him for 3. 
  6. Dan Batty

    Just think we need to be careful. He’s a kid playing regular men’s football for the first time. It might take him the month to adapt but if we can keep him for 3 months we might see him running games by the end of his loan if he’s as good as the reports suggest he is.
  7. No new signings ?.

    Avoiding what I said. I referred to squad size not budget. You're implying we were over budget prior to offloading Dixon. Not like we're going to stick Riley on the bench now is it?
  8. Team for Tranmere

    You try name a 7th! There are only kids left. 
  9. No new signings ?.

    Struggling to see how the squad is at maximum size. We have 2 long term injuries and lads playing with heavy knocks so we're down to the bare bones, even having to put King on the bench on Saturday.  God forbid anyone else got injured and we had to put Hibbs or a kid on the bench. 
  10. Boreham Wood Thread

    Couldn't agree more. Really need a centre back and right back and could do with a centre midfielder. Said on Tuesday that, even though we were only missing 3, we were down to the bare bones. The team hardly changes and that's because we haven't got options. God help us if we lose any more to injury or suspension, especially at the back. 
  11. Garner

    Did Hulk Hone ever get another club? What price a 2 week contract?
  12. Solihull game

    I just have an inkling that we'll put 4 past them today. Hope it's a good performance and we win above anything else. 
  13. any sell on fee?

    Totally agree. 
  14. any sell on fee?

    Great move for Matty. Lucky they weren't at the welling game scouting him. 
  15. NFU game

    Unless Billy is playing silly buggers with the numbers again just to get tongues wagging.