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  1. Solihull game

    I just have an inkling that we'll put 4 past them today. Hope it's a good performance and we win above anything else. 
  2. any sell on fee?

    Totally agree. 
  3. any sell on fee?

    Great move for Matty. Lucky they weren't at the welling game scouting him. 
  4. NFU game

    Unless Billy is playing silly buggers with the numbers again just to get tongues wagging. 
  5. billys balty night

    Only if he puts his giant gangly fingers in a plug hole. 
  6. Whatever happened to..... George green

    A forward who doesn't score. If he hasn't found his shooting boots by now I doubt he's going to. 
  7. "Bad Boys Eleven"

    Barry Richardson Paul Cox Macca Danny Hone Stoneman (in his early days) Karl Colley Hulme Matty Pearson (just for Welling) Colin Lambert Mick Norbury Karl Cochrane (just cos he's got a black belt in something or other)
  8. Signings for next season

    Jacob Brown hasn't a number yet but he had 26 last year and I fully expect him to get more game time this year. He's better than Payne and Jackson. Tuton not even close. 
  9. Rumour mill

    Not player related but Orient seem to be on the verge of liquidation. Would that mean a reprieve for York?
  10. 17/18 Squad

    If Hibbs and King leaves and we replace them with better I think we  just need 2 forwards,1 with a bit of pace and the other a workhorse, and a proper left midfielder. I feel that gives us enough variety to change systems to suit how we want to play and to nullify the opposition. Supplement the squad with a couple of loans at the right time and I think we'll surprise a few and be pushing for the extended play offs. We saw last season against Dagenham and Eastleigh that we could match / better higher division opponents so why not on a regular basis with a better squad this year?
  11. Signings for next season

    And release Jay Lynch. 
  12. Dan Gardner

    On the whole Chesterfield fans weren't sad to see him go. They reckon he was on £1600 a week and can replace him with far better for less money.
  13. BIG SAM

    True. Must just be caught up in the excitement. 
  14. Peniket

    Badly let down having to play out on the left for the most part. Looked ok as central striker but not enough goal threat, especially in a higher league. Probably never fully recovered from his knee injury. 
  15. BIG SAM

    Club twitter said earlier that they were hoping for 2 more today when they posted about the Riley signing.