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  1. Fullarton In

    Exactly of course it’ll be up and down. We don’t have a squad which is large enough to compensate for the missing men, or good enough to be putting a big run together (other than that poor one!!!). The stars have aligned for two good results and it isn’t just Tommo returning. JF would’ve got pelters if we had lost and he had dropped Hanson for Ducky.... Things are looking up finally. Now, can we please move away from being stuck in 16th place?!
  2. Harrogate Away

    I didn’t hear a single bad word said about JF at any point where I was stood, and he walked past us four times. He hardly stropped off either; he walked slowly across to the officials and shook hands and left the players to take the plaudits. Superb shot by Southwell. Really pleased for him and the lads. 
  3. Mark Bradshaw

    Ex-Shaymen left back steps up to first team manager at Curzon Ashton.    Apologies if already mentioned
  4. Live on TV....

    The winners of Shaymen v Morecambe replay live on BT Sport 12.30 on Saturday 1 December
  5. Todays goal

    He saves a hell of a lot more points than he costs us. Move along please. Nothing to see here.
  6. Todays Game - Eastleigh

    Well at least we have proof he isn’t at North Bridge yet.  Come on man, have you bitten your tongue off?
  7. Fan names

    If Nick is your name what is your nickname....! mine was a nickname from school as the rugger ball always seemed to bounce helpfully into my hands
  8. Jake Hibbs

    On the bench in the NLN team of the weekend. Ironically.
  9. Maidenhead

    It happens. At every level. The manager and players won’t dwell on it. You regroup and focus on the next available three points. Can you really lay into them after that? For me the general trend is good. Relax and enjoy your evening. Cut them some slack as they are well in credit for me so far this season.
  10. Orient at Home

    Even when he isn’t at his best Kosy is incredibly useful as he drags two sometimes more players players out of position. Of course this is only of benefit if we retain the ball and get chance to exploit the space...
  11. Michael Collins

    Out of interest: 1 Did Collins help with our coaching during his time at the Shay? 2 Would there even be a slot for him - doesn’t our manager have a number 2 already? personally I’d welcome him back as a player as he was a class act. But our current position would indicate that our management team are doing a rather good job.
  12. JF Interview

    Thanks Mr Scot. Enjoyed this. Confirmed what I already think. Jamie talks a cracking game, but to say that it almost has negative conurtations because it almost implies he doesn’t back it up with results.  But so far he is producing the goods superbly. He speaks sense and he knows what he wants. I know the stars have to align in order for success to happen - time and again in football players are recruited who look good on paper but it just doesn’t work out. I feel the most positive I have done about a manager for a very long time. Long may it continue and I hope the players and management know that they are appreciated even though we as fans can be very quick to be vocal about things.  
  13. Adam Morgan - Next big thing

    Interesting extract from a book about nearly men.
  14. Maidstone thread

    I just really hope the players are enjoying tonight. They seem tight as a group and are clearly working very hard. I’m not used to seeing players being able to maintain that level of physical effort for 90 odd minutes so I’m chuffed the board made this possible.  I’ve no doubt Jamie will be taking the ‘enjoy, but there’s work to do’ line because we all know how small the squad is. Did everyone groan when Maher went down injured?! Fortunately he’s hard as nails. We have replacements in the front half but we are already at the limit in the rear half. Fingers crossed this can be remedied soon. Can’t wait for Tuesday!!!!
  15. Braintree Thread

    Thanks guys. Glad the reception for the lads is far better !!!!!! Looking like a great start for Jamie and the team can’t wait to get down the shay on Tuesday