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  1. The club tweets about lack of signings

    Maybe we have maybe we haven’t.  To my mind DB may even be being intentionally economical with the truth in order to put people off the scent. All part and parcel of being a public figurehead of the club. Yes it’s frustrating for the fans but if the radio silence helps the club in getting their men on the dotted line then great.
  2. 19/20 player rumours

    It’s only a year since he was being mentioned in more esteemed circles. is this one of those sites where agents big up their clients?! Or has he gone off theboil.....
  3. All talk?

    Amusing interview on national illustrating the gap between hype and reality. New Gateshead manager Mike Williamson emphasising how many contacts he has and how he plans to exploit them. Namedrops Shola Ameobi, Hatem ben arfa and Rob Elliot. So far so good.      Included in his recruits for next season so far..... Connor Thomson, Connor Oliver.    
  4. 19/20 player rumours

    Doubt you’ll get many Guiseley fans agreeing with this !
  5. 19/20 player rumours

    Have to respectfully disagree re: Clarke.  If he had struggled with injuries perhaps, but this is the man who played every minute of every match!!!! Even if there was a slight drop off then he’s clearly still more than capable of holding his own.  Add the experience which comes with his age to the mix and at this level we are very lucky to have him.
  6. Bolton

    So can someone kindly give a reasoned assessment of how our three division  punishment compares with Bolton’s.  Are the circumstances similar enough to stand comparison?
  7. Johnson !!!!!

    Great news. Welcome back Super Sam
  8. Another Announcement?

    As with many things it’s an iterative improvement. I’d noticed previously that the ‘tease’ would happen a very short time prior to the actual announcement which is pointless.  The media team should be congratulated on realising this. Next step is to tweak which announcements merit a big build up. No biggie.
  9. Another Announcement?

    I’d go for the a major season ticket sales milestone surpassed.  Well done everyone, 10,000 sold. We’re going to need a bigger stadium.
  10. Duku and Rodney

    Being a positive sort I’m going to take no news as good news. In view of the big improvements being made in communication I suspect they would have told us if Manny and Devante had returned to their clubs. I have everything crossed for a grand unveiling of our ‘new’ players tomorrow!
  11. Barnet (A)

    6.4.8 A Club may name up to a maximum of five (5) players on a Team Sheet who are either Short Term Loan, Long Term, Youth Loan or Work Experience. Any Club in breach of this Rule which results in more than 5 of such players entering the field of play during the course of any one fixture will be deemed to have played an ineligible player(s) and will be dealt with in accordance with Rule 6.9. 6.4.9 The Company may, at its discretion
  12. Barnet (A)

    It’ll be ok so long as quigley doesn’t come on though. We have king and Preston as alternative attacking options?
  13. The pitch

    If only. Come friendly bombs...!
  14. The pitch

     Shipley is deffo closing.... 
  15. Queen experience

    I see there’s an outdoor cinema experience at The Shay in May....... i can picture it now    “....I see little excuse of a man FULLARSHITE FULLARSHITE  Will you let the damned reins go? Full throttle playing  No he’s really lying to me No goals  No goals No goals  No goals For far too long   Oh relegation  Relegation  Relegation  Here we go D Bosomworth has some money put aside for the team The team The teeeam   ahem.     Just a wee jape