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  1. Bolton stands

    Anyone know if Michael Bolton is still churning out his mullet-bilge?
  2. Bolton stands

    Does anyone know if it’s East Stand only tomorrow? Thanks
  3. Absolutely Choked

    Complete epitome of a Tit. “Shouldn’t be losing to a country that didn’t exist”...... yawn. That’s exactly the kind of arrogance that England USED to show and didn’t do in their preparation and execution during this tournament. 
  4. Cliff Moyo is no more-o
  5. on the move

  6. Jamie’s jalfrezi

    A Guiseley season ticket used to give you access to all their pre season games. Three people are up in arms that they’ve removed that perk even though price has gone down by£90
  7. Pre Season Training

    The boys are at Weetwood Hall today no idea if any trialists are there
  8. Daz’s Kelly

    An unsurprisingly long article. Did the interviewer get a word in edgeways?!
  9. Chester

    Ah Jamie P! One of my favourite memories watching him at Old Trafford nutmeg Pallister and crawl through his legs after the ball!!
  10. Getting worried

    Unlikely as he’s just got a two year deal with Grimsby 
  11. In Whitby yesterday

  12. Tom Nicholson signs for?

    Did the Nicholson move to Alfreton go through? looks like he’s turned up a bit further afield....
  13. Peniket Alfreton

    No! Don’t go back! in Jamie we trust.
  14. Busy Billy

    Well he struggled to bring bodies to the Shay but maybe he’s learnt his lesson..... or perhaps history is repeating itself- how many of his own do you reckon will be in the eleven?! “New manager Billy Heath has been busy during the close season in regards to new acquisitions to the club, with 11 new signings being made to date. Details of these will be released in the forthcoming days.”  
  15. Guiseley have not one, not two....

    The Bignot who smacked one of his own players as they surrendered to us 4/0 at the Shay? Their full time ‘model’ was short lived. Let’s hope ours lasts much longer than half a season