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  1. The club tweets about lack of signings

    I never did. Football is a cut-throat business at any level.
  2. Grant Holt

    Who'd be daft enough to grapple with you? The man's an idiot!!
  3. Grant Holt

    I'd love to hear your account of the pool cue incident in the Rose & Crown once again. Incidentally, a month or so ago, Tom Scargill did a feature in the Courier on Halifax-born footballers, and he got in touch asking about Peter Butler, because he'd seen he'd played in the Premier League and, to quote Tom, 'He seems to have had an interesting career.' He wanted to know if I had contact details for him. I replied to Tom and said it was a pity he wasn't around following Town twenty years ago, because Butler was like poison to Halifax Town, brought to the club by his brother-in-law chairman seemingly against the wishes of George Mulhall and Kieran O'Regan, refused to appear on the 1998 team photo because 'this club's won nothing yet', bullied junior players to the point that Kevin Hulme walled him up, belittled a Supporters' Meeting by saying, when criticised, that 'I've been in bigger meetings than this,' and was generally an arrogant, nasty piece of work who took action (I cited the pool cue incident) against those who dare to criticize him and ripped the soul out of the club. Tom replied, 'I don't think I'll bother,' which made me chuckle. 
  4. Grant Holt

    Not heard that one, but I'll ask Fred next time I see him. I wonder what he'd done wrong!
  5. Town Dream Team!

    It says much about Freddie Hill that he missed almost half a season with Town yet still picked up the Supporters' Player of the Year award. Seen here on the left (Town v Orient, 7 October 1969).
  6. Maurice Bamford

    Remember him well at Thrum Hall, took Second Division Halifax to a Yorkshire Cup Final, then to the semi-finals of the Challenge Cup, defeating First Division Wakefield on the way, 1979-80. Great days back then. 
  7. Yes,  I was on that bus.
  8. Phil Roscoe may not have been the quickest of defenders, but with his sizable frame and crunching tackles he made life difficult for any opposing attacker. One of Harry Hooper’s key signings, Roscoe remained a feature of the side over eight seasons with the club.   Counting future wrestler and actor Brian Glover among his team mates, Roscoe was a member of the Barnsley Boys’ Club which defeated Derby over two legs to win the English Schools Trophy in 1949. He then came through the youth ranks at Second Division Barnsley before signing professional forms in August 1951, though he was never to break into the first team under manager Angus Seed, not his successor Tim Ward.   Roscoe joined HalifaxTown in July 1956 as manager Hooper consciously assembled a side of big players, though he was far from an initial first choice. In fact, it wasn’t until Town had qualified for the newly created Third Division in 1958 that he cemented his place in the side, the Roscoe-Lonsdale full-back partnership becoming most effective. Later, he struck up partnerships with Paddy Stanley and Malcolm Russell, filling both right and left-back positions.   Not a noted goalscorer, Roscoe was, however, a scorer of noteworthy goals. Against Southampton at The Shay in September 1959, a free-kick taken from his own half sailed over the head of goalkeeper Tony Godfrey. Later that season, he repeated the trick from just as far out in Town’s 4-3 FA Cup victory at Gateshead, his free-kick this time deceiving keeper Williamson.   Roscoe took his tally to 257 League appearances and six goals with the Shaymen, but having spent one season in the Fourth Division, was released by coach Don McEvoy and joined WellingtonTown.    
  9. 22/04/2019 Player of The Year Awards

    This just shows what a special club we had back then. 
  10. Roy Lorenson still living on Merseyside but suffering with dementia. I am in contact with his wife, Sylvia
  11. Charity auction items 18th May

    That's his signature?!
  12. 22/04/2019 Player of The Year Awards

    Probably Jamie Paterson. 
  13. 22/04/2019 Player of The Year Awards

    Personally thought that this presentation was a sad reflection on the way the game has gone. My feeling is that players can't be bothered turning up for a special event (as we did in the past at the Weavers, North Bridge and Elland CC) and can't wait to get away quick enough. The whole presentation took less than fifteen minutes, players stood there in single file like children in a school assembly, and then it was all over and they trooped out. Do these players really ever engage with the fans like Rick Holden used to do?