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  1. Lenighan's contract

    Meanwhile, is there any news on Lenighan's contract?  
  2. Maidstone - no repeat of this!

    Wait until the A-Z comes out. You'll know everyone then, including the likes of Archibald Duffy, Ernest Ferneyhough and Jimmy Grummett. 
  3. Maidstone - no repeat of this!

  4. Maidstone - no repeat of this!

    Jonathan Gould, ended up at Celtic!
  5. BT Sport Highlights

    Phil McCarthy.
  6. Media Team

    Yes, but people need to see each game from the same position and angle so that they can give well-balanced critical analysis and compare it with previous matches. Although usually, no matter where you sit, and Town don't win, it's always the ref's fault.
  7. Lower league player biogs

    Three times.
  8. David Bosomworths Interview Online

    John Madeley once sponsored my mate £1 to do a parachute jump to raise money for our ailing Sunday League club (which is still going under the banner of Halifax Rangers). That was in 1986. I'd also sponsored him the same amount, and to be fair to Mr Madeley, a quid was a lot of money in those days and could get you a long way. In my mate's case, around 15,000ft.
  9. Paul Madeley debut

    The passing of Paul Madeley, one of the greats of the game, had me trawling my notes for I recollect that he once scored an own goal for Halifax Town. Checking up, it seems that that came in a game when he made his first team debut for Leeds in a West Riding Senior Cup semi-fianl on 29 May 1963, having joined the club the previous year. The Leeds side was made up mainly of reserve players and Town won the game 5-0, with Madeley credited with scoring the fifth when he flashed a header past goalkeeper Williamson. He had also been responsible for conceding the penalty, converted by Barry Tait, for Town's fourth goal. Do any older Town fans happen to recall that match; were any of you actually there?  Two days later, Town lost in the final 3-0 to Bradford PA.  
  10. Lower league player biogs

    Roy McFarland claims Carlin's signing was more significant to Derby's Second Division title success in 1968-69 that that of Dave Mackay, who arrived at the Baseball Ground at the same time.
  11. Breakfast with the boss

    It says 'coffee morning' - no mention of bangers, greasy bacon rashers, or hash browns.
  12. Bolton match thread

    Their odds of 66-1 in 1997 were based on Town just avoiding relegation.
  13. Absolutely Choked

    Well, I've just watched it again, and I'm pretty sure he jumped to avoid being clattered. He had players coming at him from two directions. I watched it at the time without knowing a goal would come from it, and I wondered immediately as to why he jumped out of the way. Was he simply trying to let the ball go out of play. Here's how it looked, what do others think?  
  14. Absolutely Choked

    Obviously Shearer and Owen, but it's worth remembering that Sheringham was part of that squad still and his brains would have been better than battering ram Heskey.  
  15. Absolutely Choked

    We had some great players in that squad, but I seem to remember we were desperate to get Beckam fit, and everything seemed to be about him and how we couldn't manage without him. He wasn't fit! That squad also did include the likes of Wes Brown (one of the worst players to play for Man Utd, let alone England), Danny Mills and Wayne Bridge.