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  1. On this day in 1991

    I'm in touch with Roy Lorenson's family. He was centre half for Town in the Fifties and Sixties, and a player who played in the early rounds (and scored v Ashton) of the famous 1952-53 FA Cup run. I was hoping for Roy's memories of all that, but sadly, he too is suffering with dementia, and can recall little.
  2. Does anyone remember this from January 1971?
  3. 1982/83 season

    The team picked up after Davison had gone!
  4. 26th February 1977

    "Wait for the foul...there it is."
  5. Board

    That would suggest the old club had high expectation but never achieved it. Hardly true, as they hardly had any money and survival was often the best they could hope for (but at least I felt it was still 'my' club, and I would put my money in when asked for it). The new club have found their level (based on gates) so I wouldn't say they've overachieved. They were a big club in all the divisions below this. Won't be the end of the world if they go down, because they'll still be here next season, probably winning more games, so there's everything to look forward to. I've said it before and I'll say it again, this club could never sustain League football. I don't feel this club is 'my' club, and never will be until they allow new board members or at least offer up shares. I don't know why some supporters think they've got a right to complain. The board have 'resurrected' football so at least you've somewhere to go on a Saturday afternoon. I hardly go these days and can't say I miss it.
  6. Play with Passion and Play for the Badge..

    Jacko won't be returning to football, he's said that.
  7. Gary Mills isn't the manager

    You're such a romantic. 
  8. Would it be worth a try mr b. ?

    Definitely worth a try.  Better advertise something that's due rather than something already gone.
  9. Game off

    Far too sensible an idea.
  10. Ian Helliwell

    He was known by his alias, Booba.
  11. Heath’s gone!!!

    I'm out of the loop these days; who are Kemp and Queenie?   
  12. Ian Helliwell

    Yes, she lit up Boothtown surgery the other week when she popped in to pick up a prescription. I was waiting to see the doctor about a damaged knee but got treated instead for a swelling in the loins.
  13. Mickey Bullock

    Great to hear. I got to know Mickey Bullock quite well when I did the Sunday morning car wash, 1983-84. He used to give us double money (£1), but then again, his car was full of cigar ash and dog hairs from his two English sheepdogs. I was the first person he saw at The Shay the day after the Whitby FA Cup defeat, and you could sense his pain. Did well in 1982-83 (AFTER Bobby Davison had been sold) but never built on that. In the end he was made a scapegoat when the directors told him to cut the wage bill, and we said goodbye to our top players, Dave Evans and Paul Hendrie among them. I believe he's now living in Huddersfield. By the way, I know he's a legendary figure at Leyton Orient, perhaps why he was there last night.
  14. Halifax Town FC 2003/2008 CVAs

    AFC were wearing blue until the manager asked if we could order a kit through the club. As if DB should have say in what the supporters' team wore. Utter disgrace. We were the only club at the Worldnet tournaments not wearing the colours of the team we supported.  
  15. Halifax Town FC 2003/2008 CVAs

    But not allowed to represent the club, nor wear the club's colours. As I recall.