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  1. Passionless

    Correct. Johnny Whalley was once spelt S.O. Else.
  2. Fullarton Out ????

    It would be the board's decision (to approach him, that is) - I wouldn't expect them to consult us, other than gauging the feeling on here, which we all know they do. Given the fact that he would have to inherit a squad and need to bring in around six or seven new faces, I think he'd struggle.
  3. Chesterfield at Home

    Aspin had had his day. What sort of loyalty did you expect the board to give him? Given there's hardly such a thing in football anyway, and Aspin would always have been looking to go onto bigger things given the chance. 
  4. Fullarton Out ????

    But only because Aspin wanted him. It's a well-worn story that Aspin went to check out Vardy on at least two occasions, midweek, only to find the player who was banging them in for fun on Saturdays was not in the team (under curfew). Bosomworth went to watch him himself before parting with the club's money, and rightly backed Aspin then as he should Fullarton now, as they were both the board's choices.
  5. Denton

    And what debate would that be? Edwards is supposed to be a target man. Denton is clearly that, holds the ball up, lays it off, brings other players into play, and scores goals and therefore would be a better asset to this team than Edwards. Simple. 
  6. Denton

    But better than Edwards.
  7. We'll have a wheelchair ready at the far end.
  8. Fullarton Out ????

    Do you actually feel you've been entertained whilst watching Town this season? I've seen five games and thought the standard (certainly compared to former Conference Town sides) is pretty appalling.
  9. Fullarton Out ????

    Good idea, I'll recommend it to the House.
  10. Fullarton Out ????

    Yes, that may be true, but just think how we'd be competing at the top end and possibly making the play-offs, with the chance of giving the fans another afternoon like the Chorley game two seasons ago. Fans wouldn't be complaining then. They seemed to love it.
  11. I need a pair of glasses like Fullartons

    Incidentally, having spent most of the second half watching the game in the South Stand Bar, I went back onto the South Stand terracing after Denton's goal. There were three stewards nattering away just at that exit point, when all of a sudden, one nudged another and they pointed, and yards to my left was the said streaker. He seemed to evade two other stewards, jumped over the barrier and tried to get his thirty seconds of fame (though with around a ten second delay in transmission, the cameras panned to something a little larger, so he never made it onto the big screen). The stewards near me were in a flap, and of course once he'd set off they weren't going to catch him. But if they have a job to do to ensure no one encroaches onto the field of play, clothed or unclothed, why weren't they spaced correctly ready to stop anybody? You see stewards at all manner of events with their backs to the action, but not at The Shay. Many of them seem to spend their time talking tittle-tattle and looking for little boys with their feet on the back of seats.
  12. I need a pair of glasses like Fullartons

    The only guy who left The Shay with a spring in his step was the streaker.
  13. His mate took them in a carrier bag, and met him outside the ground.
  14. Nicky Wroe

    He was crucially involved in FC Halifax Town's most memorable goal at Wembley, and you can't take that away from him. I saw a few games and thought he was a calming influence in midfield. I even remarked to one messageboard poster on here who's already said his piece, about how well Wroe was playing in one game and he agreed. Thought Wroe was OK, but maybe he just turned it on for my benefit.  
  15. Simon lenighen

    It's OK. Chesterfield are worse than Town, so after we scrape a 1-0 victory, there'll be loads on here saying we've turned a corner.