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  1. Hi Andy,

    Really sad news about Franny. He was one of my favourite players from that era - part of the Town team when I first started going down in 1979.

    Do you know who broke the news. I know you say you don't have details of any funeral at the moment, but are you in touch with his family?


    Johnny Meynell,

    Halifax Town historian.

  2. 10 years ago. Death of a Club

    Don't you think it's about time we showed them who the club actually belongs to? Mind, come Friday's Courier, I think they'll get the message.
  3. Macca

    Workhouse as a thick sandwich - do I get a prize?
  4. Financial Crisis

    The clueless one says we would have made it all ticket. 
  5. Financial Crisis

  6. Financial Crisis

    Plenty of sense, as you know. Sam Rorke renegotiated the lease which eventually gave Halifax Town a good hand to deal with. Rorke put his own money into The Shay (then took some out) but how could he ever want to own the place? As with Madeley. Show me where he wanted to own The Shay and I'll start believing something you say. I wasn't a fan of Madeley and I'm certainly not sticking up for the guy, his reputation was certainly tarnished, but where did he ever try to get his hands on The Shay? There was a deal on the table whereby Gateway would come in and buy the land from the Council and Town would have another stadium built (North Bridge was suggested) but how could Madeley have ended up getting hold of The Shay? All news to me, but there's always those who have 'inside information' wanting to tell us 'I know more than you.' So tell us.
  7. Financial Crisis

    Madeley wanted Halifax Town to survive. If that meant The Shay being sold to a supermarket chain and a new stadium being built, then so be it. But Madeley wasn't part of Gateway, and The Shay belonged to the Council, so how could Madeley have been eyeing it up for himself?
  8. Financial Crisis

    Town were all set to move there again in 1995 when Jim Brown was chairman, and it was the Council who prevented it, so nothing to do with a covenant then. Cue Brown's resignation. 
  9. Financial Crisis

    I don't think this is true at all.
  10. Financial Crisis

    To be fair, they were his!
  11. Question for the BOD

    That would be a great idea, but of course it would be a reference to someone connected with the old club, so in that respect, it'd be a non-starter. Sadly.   
  12. Question for the BOD

    That's about the crux of the matter. Plus we share with another sporting body. The Shay belongs to Calderdale Council.
  13. Now or never

    Hi Spud, no, it wasn't Ian Mac, but a fellow County fan who presumably forgot the same though!
  14. Now or never

    I don't have an opinion either way. I can only go off what I was told (and the comments that appeared on this board when he was appointed). Obviously Fullarton came into a difficult situation at Notts County and I dare say he wasn't given enough time. Regarding FC Halifax Town, time will tell. Obviously I wish him well. He's let a lot of players go so one can only assume he's got players lined up. 
  15. Now or never

    This is really where we'll find out what Fullarton is made of and rightly how he'll be judged depending on the calibre of players he brings in. According to a Notts County supporter I spoke with on Friday, Fullarton was one of the worst managers they'd had (and I know he was only in the job for something like ten games). It's OK saying the club is going full-time, but it all depends on how good the players are that he's bringing in, and that'll be a good few. Halifax Town remained full-time in 1993-94, brought in a manager who knew the Conference well (Peter Wragg) but still we didn't win our first game until the eighth match.