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  1. Hull City (A) Saturday 13th January 2018

  2. Leighton Orient (H) 20th January 2018

    available, and for food please.  if needed.
  3. Ronnie Lane...Shayman

    we've not done too bad in the last couple of years to be fair, stone roses, courteeners, Paul Weller to name a few , be class if they could keep getting them and more!
  4. Huddersfield Amatuers (A) 5th August 2017

    unavailable boy's apologies 
  5. Rumour mill

    imagine if Greggs signs for Huddersfield and scores **** loads of goals......gets picked for England for world cup! ha ha!2 Shaymen up front for our world cup!

    that was what his wife said......
  7. salford pubs

    just got to salford, any pubs local for town fans to go to?wee in a pub now, but it's.........boring
  8. 2 tickets for tonight HOME end

    still got 2 spare if anybody wants them?salford end tho?
  9. Town fans in the Home end tomorrow

    I got the home end tickets through a pal who lives in Manchester, he had to prove address when he was getting them, so I think they are trying to stop halifax fans getting them, 
  10. Town fans in the Home end tomorrow

    iv got a couple of tickets for the home end, I managed to get an away one last night so no longer need the home ones, if anybody knows anybody who wants the tickets let me know. no point in wasting them?
  11. Martin Parr photographs 2

  12. Favourite players

    sir Geoff
  13. Martin Parr photographs 2

    my mate woody lives in Perth and he's a shayman!you should meet up for a beer!I'm sure he'd be happy to talk shaymen face to face rather than over the phone with me!2 town fans in Perth? you should open a shaymen fan club Perth branch!