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  1. Chester FC - our next opponents

    Two types of town fans use  this forum. The blind faith variety and the pessimists. Trouble is neither is right . The manager either knows how to set up his team or he doesn't . This manager got promotion which tends to suggest he knows his business. But he has failed to recognise it's a different kettle of fish in this league. If BH intends to persevere with big Tom up front he will need to use him in a  different  way to his present plan. BT needs to play deeper so his distribution can be picked up by other members of the team.  
  2. Bradford Game

    Billy seems to have the same problem as me. Neither of us know what the starting line up is going to be!  Why were three players brought in to strengthen the squad on the bench  on the last game before the big kick off? why can't we play Hibbs at right back? He has played there before and must be at least as good as anyone else I have seen pre-season.    
  3. Jake Hibbs

    One is young with lots of potential. The other much older with very little future in the game as a player. youth every time for me.