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  1. Was just going to post the exact same thing - If there are offers throughout the season (and I strongly hope there will be) I would hope those who have bought season tickets welcome them, recognising that these additional offers are there to encourage new or occasional fans and aren't designed to make ST holders feel ripped off, especially as the deal is such good value to begin with. Having lapsed last year with the sharp price increase, I'll be getting a ST again this year at this excellent price - just hope my win ratio is better than this season (yet to see us get 3 points...)
  2. Should have waited til half time.
  3. Cavell Coo-oo HEY Cavell Coo
  4. Makes up for the clear penalty we were denied in my book. Both poor decisions by the ref, mind.
  5. Get ****ing rid before its too late.
  6. Very very glad I wasn't there today. Utter toss by the sounds of it, both us and officials.
  7. Funny, was just going to mention Gateshead... Was a bit pissed off at that one as it was quite clearly unilateral, at least in this case it (might) benefit both teams. Still not sure I agree with it though.
  8. Well perhaps calling for the manager's head has a different meaning to usual...
  9. Was going to go and heckle a certain Mr P Butler at a game in Borneo while there on holiday, he was 'managing' the visitors, but couldn't in the end as I had to cut my trip short for family reasons. Apparently they take it quite seriously out there, some of the rivalries can get rather tasty.
  10. IIRC because of league reorganisation we went straight into 1st Round for the WBA game despite getting relegated to non-league that summer. Doesn't take away from the fantastic achievement that day though! Btw for the stat-heads among us have a look at fchd.info (they list HTAFC and FCHT separately but I've whiled away many an hour on there!)
  11. Wimbledon putting on free supporters coaches so maybe that would convince a few floaters to make the journey.
  12. I'm struggling even to get upset about today, somehow. I've been drained of all emotion when it comes to Town at the moment. I know we've had our hard times, with only a few (very few) good ones too, but I can't remember ever feeling so apathetic towards Town as I do currently. I try to support them when I'm there, obviously, and I don't think it's particularly through lack of effort that we're in our current rut, so it's not as if I feel angry with them for that, but by god it's boring to watch.
  13. Very creditable point, clearly second best in the first half but more than held our own in the second half, although for all that we had spells of pressure and some decent moves there was nothing like a cutting edge. Now let's hope Havant have got all their goalscoring out of their system, that's the big one this week...
  14. Not going into Tuesday with any expectation so Saturday's visit to Havant could be make or break. We've maintained our 9 or 10 point buffer over the bottom 4 largely through the ineptitude of those bottom 4 rather than anything we've done, but a loss there would close that to 7, maybe 6 depending on other results guaranteed (obviously not taking into account the full set of fixtures Tuesday) which, the way thing are going, is really too close for comfort. I'm planning to be at both but more out of feeling that I have to (as a relative 'local') than because I'm actually looking forward to it. Hope my lack of enthusiasm is proved wrong...
  15. Shayman Matt


    Might we not have a few postponements for waterlogged pitches under this scenario?
  16. An absolute embarrassment first half, redeemed marginally second half but probably only because they had the game won already. No lack of effort, just completely outmuscled and outplayed. Massive improvement needed.
  17. That's missing the point completely. It's supposed to be a football forum. That's not to say that I don't think anything else should be discussed, but it has got to the point where every single match thread, and every other that makes it past 4 or 5 pages, descends into childish arguments - not sensible debate, which I could tolerate - and it is putting me off coming on here. I'm clearly not the only one. It's nothing about entitlement, it's personal choice, and my choice is becoming to use this forum less and less, and if others do the same (well, those that post anyway) it'll become a dead forum, unless the children start to behave or, as some have suggested some means of attempting to stop the dilution of the worthwhile threads with crap. Nobody is blaming moderators as far as I can see, and I don't advocate bans for anyone but there have been one or two sensible suggestions which could perhaps be acted on if the will was there. Of course ultimately if people want to talk shite that's their prerogative, I'd just rather not have to wade through it to find out how we played.
  18. They've had some Welsh and Northern Irish teams for one, maybe two seasons already. Hadn't spotted that National League teams were in though. It's all a bit odd, but this early season, as long as costs are covered, can't say I'd be too bothered about rearranging a league game or two - for a season or two. Not sure it will last longer than that (see also: Setanta Cup)
  19. Sigh. Not been this apathetic about a Halifax Town club since 1993. If we somehow manage to cock up being (as good as) top after 10 games to relegation, I don't see myself being motivated enough to get to more than a handful of games, if even that, next season from the south. A bit "woe is me" I'm sure, but I won't be the only one and the more people drift away for whatever reason the less chance the club has of ever being a success. God knows we just need to scrape 5th bottom now and hope for some serious movement in he summer, but if I were a bookie I wouldn't be offering very long odds on that.
  20. Hard to believe everyone was so jubilant after Orient away. Can't buy a point at the moment
  21. Shayman Matt


    Are we adjusting for inflation here? Wiki says it was 760k in 1990, which if true, inflation adjusted from 1990 to 2008 is £1.3m so the 'fraction' is about 2/3, far from an insignificant one.
  22. Yes, not good indeed. The (very slight) positive is that with that result Southport are still catchable, but we could really do with Boreham Wood's recent upturn in form coming to an abrupt and permanent end...
  23. I think every time this topic crops up on here we should have a 'Like this' amnesty. I've reached my limit 2 days running now...
  24. http://www.reactiv.co.uk/lead-generation/insurance-data #justsaying
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