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  1. Leyton Orient (H)

    Sigh. Not been this apathetic about a Halifax Town club since 1993. If we somehow manage to cock up being (as good as) top after 10 games to relegation, I don't see myself being motivated enough to get to more than a handful of games, if even that, next season from the south. A bit "woe is me" I'm sure, but I won't be the only one and the more people drift away for whatever reason the less chance the club has of ever being a success. God knows we just need to scrape 5th bottom now and hope for some serious movement in he summer, but if I were a bookie I wouldn't be offering very long odds on that.
  2. Weather

    Of course the match is off, it's the annual "spend shitloads on train tickets to travel from all ends of the country to get as far as Todmorden only to find the match is called off for SDS members expecting to have a pre-match meal" day. If you're gonna blame anyone blame us it's about the 4th time it's happened in last 6 or 7 years!
  3. Hartlepool team

    Hard to believe everyone was so jubilant after Orient away. Can't buy a point at the moment
  4. We're off to meet the Fleet

    Not disputing that, it was the lack of effort that pissed me off, pretty sure if they'd been leading they've have sent the ground staff out.
  5. Orient Away

    Thinking that too as it unfolded. Wasn't quite as one-sided as that one - on another day with luck against us we'd have been 2-1 down at half time, or worse - but, in this case having rode our luck a bit at 1 up and got the second, we closed out the game so well in the second half. Very proud and happy Shayman tonight!
  6. Orient Away

    Which bookies this with? None of my 'regular' online ones are offering goalscorer odds (that I can see anyway)
  7. Town fans in London!

    I genuinely did that when I first went in my new local in Oxford... (apologies for double quote phone won't let me delete one) Edit - although as it happens, my evening has begun with a relatively modestly-priced £3.35 beer at Didcot Parkway station after the bus didn't get me to my intended train to London on time...
  8. Orient Away

    We got there about 10 minutes late thanks to dropping my great auntie off in Stamford with my late grandma getting the directions totally wrong, bless her, and my dad then haring down the A1 at 110mph in driving rain and wind only to hear the Orient fans cheering as we got through the turnstiles. No way game should have survived the weather but hey ho. Hoping for a better experience this time!
  9. Coach to orient

    And going anywhere inside (or worse, on) the North Circular Road, you never know when you'll need those 2 extra hours...
  10. Welcome to the Shay

    Burton's Derby nightclub bouncers were deeply unpleasant back in the day. Sad that we're continuing to hear stories such as these about our/Council's 'security' but appreciate there's very little the club can do.
  11. Shaun Constable

    Currently assistant manager at Sandefjord, been out in Norway for almost 10 years. Unsure if our resident Norwegian posted this before? Anyway, a mate of mine did a brief interview:
  12. Forest Green Rovers

    An Ecotricity Smart car on a motorway of Teslas?
  13. town win trophy

    Would this be the first time Halifax Town have ever played at Stamford Bridge?!
  14. League AGM

    After the AGM this is standard procedure I believe for most non-league divisions. Really hope it doesn't happen though.
  15. 7,700 ...........................

    Thought you were downgrading the Whitby away support for a moment...