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  1. Forest Green Rovers

    An Ecotricity Smart car on a motorway of Teslas?
  2. town win trophy

    Would this be the first time Halifax Town have ever played at Stamford Bridge?!
  3. League AGM

    After the AGM this is standard procedure I believe for most non-league divisions. Really hope it doesn't happen though.
  4. 7,700 ...........................

    Thought you were downgrading the Whitby away support for a moment... 
  5. If Halifax Town were a vegetable?

    Rhubarb. Grown in Yorkshire, kept in the dark for long periods, and often leaves a sour taste in the mouth. Only joking of course!
  6. Drench and Hone

    And also apparently blocked Town fans on Twitter!

    There was something on Twitter, if that makes any difference... Don't know whether an official account or not.
  8. Salford 2nd leg

    1-1 for those not aware via other means
  9. Darlington

    IIRC they can in theory go as far down as 7th, maybe even 8th place for playoff teams, if teams above don't qualify. Only after that do they do byes. Unless they've changed the rules again (which I could easily have missed)
  10. The idiots

    Suspect under these circumstances WYPD Blue will 'politely' ask for ££££ per match.
  11. Butterflies

    Well I hope you're right, but it will have to be as  a substitute apparently ...
  12. Teams Coming Down From National

    Pretty sure Brackley would be the first to ask to move South were the need there. It's actually surprisingly not that difficult to get from anywhere north of Bristol on M5 to Manchester, whereas getting to Brackley is an arse from anywhere.
  13. Travel for a Fiver

    Not necessarily suggesting Fylde will end the same way, but would be interesting to see how their attendances hold up if the Oystons were to finally be forced out of Blackpool.
  14. Brackley Away

    Thing is, they might have put in a great performance at the Shay to turn it around, but obviously they haven't been performing to that level the whole season otherwise they'd be up there with Fylde. It's a winnable game, same as any other (though must admit I'm not expecting to win it - then again I didn't Saturday). Just have to hope the reason for their display at the Shay was a one off rather than having 'sussed' us in some way, or if so that we've changed our style/improved performance levels enough since then that their response isn't as effective.
  15. Harrogate away

    Not as catchy as the original.