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  1. Maidenhead

    An absolute embarrassment first half, redeemed marginally second half but probably only because they had the game won already. No lack of effort, just completely outmuscled and outplayed. Massive improvement needed.
  2. SOS Moderators

    That's missing the point completely. It's supposed to be a football forum. That's not to say that I don't think anything else should be discussed, but it has got to the point where every single match thread, and every other that makes it past 4 or 5 pages, descends into childish arguments - not sensible debate, which I could tolerate - and it is putting me off coming on here. I'm clearly not the only one. It's nothing about entitlement, it's personal choice, and my choice is becoming to use this forum less and less, and if others do the same (well, those that post anyway) it'll become a dead forum, unless the children start to behave or, as some have suggested some means of attempting to stop the dilution of the worthwhile threads with crap. Nobody is blaming moderators as far as I can see, and I don't advocate bans for anyone but there have been one or two sensible suggestions which could perhaps be acted on if the will was there. Of course ultimately if people want to talk shite that's their prerogative, I'd just rather not have to wade through it to find out how we played.
  3. sutton and borehamwood

    They've had some Welsh and Northern Irish teams for one, maybe two seasons already. Hadn't spotted that National League teams were in though. It's all a bit odd, but this early season, as long as costs are covered, can't say I'd be too bothered about rearranging a league game or two - for a season or two. Not sure it will last longer than that (see also: Setanta Cup)
  4. Barrow Thread

    Get the **** booked. If they announced they were going to do this at the start of the season and adhered to it, this kind of tripe would stop soon enough. Law 12 Fouls and Misconduct Cautionable Offenses. A player is cautioned if guilty of: [amongst others...] – Entering, re-entering or deliberately leaving the field of play without the referee’s permission”
  5. Spain, Morocco, Iran, Portugal

    Brandishing an imaginary TV is the new brandishing an imaginary card.
  6. Season Ticket prices.

    Tough call, but from a personal point of view I think 1. It's too much for neutrals at £20 a pop so crowds will be down for sure unless we fly out of the blocks, and 2. I won't be renewing my season ticket, which I've had due to the great deals for the last 2 seasons despite only getting to 3-4 games myself. May think differently if I lived in the town. Just hope the 'family silver' isn't being sold for this gamble and they're not expecting miracles with the crowds (1700 S/T sales etc) to balance the books. 
  7. Town 5-1 Morecambe

    Sure I've mentioned this before, in fact I think I mention it every time there's a Ceefax/Teletext thread, but this was the only home game I missed that season due to a school trip to Arran, a few Town fans were huddled around the only TV in the place we were staying when we managed to wheedle our way into the staff office at 9.45pm to check Ceefax, but the reception wasn't great and all we got on the first pass was something like HA I  X  -1 MOR   B  and we were all on tenterhooks waiting for the next pass so the gaps would be filled in - our joy held no bounds when the number before the dash was revealed as 5! Happy days.
  8. Dagenham Tuesday.

  9. Remaining Games

    Including contriving to lose a game we were winning going into injury time last match of season only a few years back.
  10. Leyton Orient (H)

    Sigh. Not been this apathetic about a Halifax Town club since 1993. If we somehow manage to cock up being (as good as) top after 10 games to relegation, I don't see myself being motivated enough to get to more than a handful of games, if even that, next season from the south. A bit "woe is me" I'm sure, but I won't be the only one and the more people drift away for whatever reason the less chance the club has of ever being a success. God knows we just need to scrape 5th bottom now and hope for some serious movement in he summer, but if I were a bookie I wouldn't be offering very long odds on that.
  11. Weather

    Of course the match is off, it's the annual "spend shitloads on train tickets to travel from all ends of the country to get as far as Todmorden only to find the match is called off for SDS members expecting to have a pre-match meal" day. If you're gonna blame anyone blame us it's about the 4th time it's happened in last 6 or 7 years!
  12. Hartlepool team

    Hard to believe everyone was so jubilant after Orient away. Can't buy a point at the moment