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  1. I wondered when someone was going to pick up on it.
  2. I know Town fans were pleased with the game been called off but it was always going to be rescheduled during the footy season for reasons mentioned multiple times. No real surprise trying to get it on as soon as possible.
  3. We can't play on the pitch in the summer months. It would mean us playing home games away from home again which isn't really ideal.
  4. It was from a spectator point of view more than thinking of the longterm effect it could have on our season.
  5. The long and short of it is that it isn't down to a common sense decision as per the other threads. What could hamper one team could help another and vice versa its just the way it is. Our coach obviously would have prefered to get this game out of the way as our already cluttered schedule just got harder now but it is what it is and the fact that it could affect our chances of getting back in to Super League is just something we will have to worry about later.
  6. Id rather not watch us play Dewsbury in these conditions if I am honest. It will be a poor spectacle(insert obvious jokes) and we would probably do better against them on dryer ground.
  7. To be fair if you did move out would this mean we could let the grass grow more than a couple of mm in height? To be fair though Im not sure if todays game will go ahead or not.
  8. I also mentioned about this for anyone desperate to have us play Wednesday nights. We have a stretch of nearly 2 months where we are not allowed to play a game on the pitch so repair works can be done and that coincides with the start of a cup that is played on wednesday nights so after that break there are not going to be loads of free time to re-arrange games so the likelyhood would be the club playing them before that break which would surely hamper Towns promotion push and ruin the pitch even more. Can you lot not find another pitch that is half decent to play your important games on?
  9. As I keep mentioning, the pitch was not great before we had even set foot on it but that escapes some people on here. Hardly any grass in the goal areas and patchy at best in the centre circle. Why dont Town try using the wings, there looks to be plenty of grass there.
  10. Fax have tweeted and it looks like our game will go ahead. Pitch is marked, posts are up and barring a big amount of rain Ossie has done a great job in getting the pitch ready for tomorrow.
  11. Don't even think they are having a pitch inspection.
  12. I totally agree apart from the last part. Im on the wind up now though after a few select comments by one or two on here.
  13. Why would I love to knacker the pitch? I want Town to do well, I would love them to make it back in the football league. A small minority of football fans make it very easy not to feel like that though.
  14. Yep won't be long now. You must have the games mixed up though as everyone knows its just fat lads bashing in to each other so hardly touch rugby.
  15. Good luck then, I will keep my fingers crossed for you.
  16. Ive been out side most of the day and its rained on and off but nowhere near a deluge.
  17. The pitch didnt look good before our first friendly, we to blame for that as well?
  18. Unfortunatley it is something that is out of most peoples hands. You could have played your game today.
  19. Which pitch would that be? Last time anyone checked you don't own a pitch. Also been the newest tenants maybe thats why you don't get priority?
  20. And you missed a capital, you thought of playing rugby?
  21. Todays postponement looks a bit daft now especially with footy not damaging the pitch and all that.
  22. Totally agree anyone thinking footy is too soft is just chucked in the rugby team, only thing to think about is catch and run and tackle.
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