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  1. Shay Pitch

    Truth hurts eh?
  2. Shay Pitch

    Time lines are mixed up lads. I don't believe Town were a new club when Fax joined the party. To the council at that point they were probably considering Towns history of been bad payers and probably had no reason to look on Fax the same way. We obviously proved them wrong.
  3. Halifax RLFC

    Surprised you wern't involved in the discussions to be honest.
  4. Shay Pitch

    The sad fact is that if HXRLFC hadnt descended then the Shay would probably be houses now. The council probably thought they had a better chance of getting some money in having 2 bad payers than just having 1.
  5. Shay Pitch

    I prefer to deal with facts rather than some of the rubbish that is posted on here. Everyone knows Fax have been run poorly in the past just like Town have been its the other BS posted that winds people up like the stuff that Crowther posts, most of it turns out to be rubbish but like anything, you spread enough shite then some of it will stick. Its like the Brighouse thing, some people will take that as gospel that we must owe then loads of money but some people will see through it.
  6. Shay Pitch

    You sling mud, I can sling plenty back. As a previous poster stated, its boring. Historically both teams have been run like a shambles trying to argue which is worst is like trying to argue who is the better football team between Town and Boreham Wood. 
  7. Shay Pitch

    I wonder if FC Halifax Town ever made good with all these? Halifax Town Creditors  The "funny" one in there is that despite not paying hardly anyone Halifax Town allegedly kept paying their rent, or at least that is what is assumed with the amount they owed CC. If rumours are to be believed they actually did get help with their rent from another sporting team in the town over this period..........
  8. Shay Pitch

    Which new people involved? Everyone who voted is new? This should be interesting.......
  9. Shay Pitch

    But this is now the Brighouse Ladies team that has been re-branded as Halifax Women which if HXRLFC owed Brighouse money would be a very strange thing for them to agree to? Wouldn't most people down there have voted against this?
  10. The pitch

    None at all. It is some Town fans default argument though whatever the situation.
  11. The pitch

    I think the IQ of the average rugby player and the IQ of the average football fan are probably on a par.
  12. The pitch

    I enjoy it.
  13. The pitch

      But Town contributed to that right? Probably explains the ignorance of some of the football lot.
  14. The pitch

    I always find it funny when either teams fans try to take the moral high ground about who's club was less badly run in the past. 
  15. The pitch

    Is there a balanced argument for Town not paying their rent, not paying contractors and essentially causing at least 3 or 4 small businesses to fall on hard times? That's before the Thrum Hall fiasco by the way. Just answer the questions