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  1. Heartbeat of Sport

    Id remember but it might be late.
  2. Heartbeat of Sport

    Congrats. Mine wouldn't get filed at all if I didn't have someone to tell me when to file them. Not everyone is lucky enough to have that support but it gives me one less thing to think about. If you have never forgotten something important then you are a lot better man than me.
  3. Heartbeat of Sport

    I couldn't tell you, why don't you go after them and find out. Hopefully this way you can stop them getting defibs in to schools and sports teams and providing first aid training. Be a proper hero then.
  4. Heartbeat of Sport

    Because there are only 1 or 2 things to remember running a business/charity.
  5. Heartbeat of Sport

    What price to get our hands on the deleted emails from CC?
  6. Heartbeat of Sport

    Good post. Maybe its a simple case of forgetting or not been reminded, I know Ive run in to that problem a couple of times as its a long way down the list on the daily ritual of running a business/charity, but it really can't be used as a point to prove someone is up to no good.
  7. Heartbeat of Sport

    This. Tony Tonks and his Mrs do an absolutely phenomenal job for this charity and for such a good cause. If people knew half of what they put in to it then posts like this would be unlikely.
  8. resignations

    More good news with the addition of this very reputable and well respected gentleman.
  9. resignations

    I love football.
  10. resignations

    I can believe that.
  11. resignations

    I feel the same way about Town from a sport perspective, I really would not like to even begin to imagine what watching football at that level is like but each to their own. The worrying thing in what you say is that you actually believe Fax leaving the Shay would be good for the football club.
  12. resignations

    My mistake then it just seems that your posts are intended for the exact opposite to happen.
  13. resignations

    Im sure you will be keeping your fingers crossed for our demise. Until then Im sure you can come up with some other treacherous thing that we have supposedly done.
  14. resignations

    He left due to ill health and no, he brought the new director to the club. You get your info from Christmas crackers?
  15. resignations

    I think we would be ok this season although IMO we could do with a couple of fatties to beef up our pack.