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  1. Flares on Saturday

    Not been a thread about this on the Fax board.

    Ah the make believe world of Town.  
  3. Latest financial results

    Some never look healthy though.
  4. Latest financial results

    How come?
  5. Latest financial results

    Looks pretty healthy unless you get a drop in income.
  6. Shay Lock-in

    Not the nicest place to travel to but never seen an ounce of trouble when Fax played them. Maybe that's because we usually lost but hey ho.
  7. Shay Lock-in

    I dont often agree with you but this is spot on.
  8. Shay Lock-in

    You see my reference to the Boulevard?
  9. Shay Lock-in

    Im getting like Wenger, I didn't see it. Like I say on my way home happily chatting to a couple of Fev fans.
  10. Big couple of weeks for the Rugby Club.

    Its all bollocks anyway teams are still classed as franchise and have been for a very long time. True story that Fax nearly ended up re-locating to South Wales when all the SL stuff was just starting and that would have been along the same lines. Any team is free to relinquish their place in any division if they see fit and franchise is just the glossy name they give it.
  11. Shay Lock-in

    Every year without fail. I am yet to see any real trouble there. I know theres that youtube video but there does not look to be much going on. I remember the game in question though because I walked back to my car with a couple of random Fev fans discussing the game. I remember the Boulevard used to have an awful reputation but again I never saw any trouble there.
  12. Shay Lock-in

    As people have said I can never understand why people cant go to the game and then afterwards either go home and moan or go to the pub and either moan or laugh and joke. There has obviously been isolated incidents at major rugby games but it seems like something that happens or lingers beneath the surface at a lot of football games. Touch wood in my 30 odd years of watching Fax I have only ever seen one fight at a game between fans and that was 2 drunken idiots at Thrum Hall in the late 80's and they were both oldham fans fighting each other. Just walk away its really not that difficult.
  13. Big couple of weeks for the Rugby Club.

    Wakefield and a couple of other teams have been playing these pressure games for a long time now. It might raise some eyes to outsiders but to anyone following the sport its hardly even worth a read.
  14. Big couple of weeks for the Rugby Club.

    Im not sure it is though, I must admit the logo looks similar but I cant ever remember them having those colours and a quick search on the web I cant see that coat. I do hope in some little way he is from Leeds or something along with his mates as I wouldnt want to be associated with them.
  15. Big couple of weeks for the Rugby Club.

    Lets not go there. Fans fighting and fans acting like they are in that video are completely different to someone walking back to a coach and getting blindsided. Theres no point scoring, I simply asked where the thread for it was as I assumed something like that would be taken seriously on this board but struggled to see it on first glance.