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  1. Rugby

    If its the official line then point me to it. Ive heard nothing of the sort from many discussions with officials from the club. None of our officials had any say in whether that game went ahead yesterday or not so why some people are obsessed with stirring up trouble between the 2 clubs is beyond me.
  2. Rugby

    Just hit the ball along the deck, might score some more goals, every chance of a Collymore now.
  3. Rugby

    One thing is right though and that is the pitch is in a shocking state and I doubt the overnight freeze will do it any good what so ever.
  4. Rugby

    You have to laugh at some of the stuff posted on here. You have to laugh more that some people will actually believe that.
  5. Game off

    I dread to think how it will hold up for the Rugby season if its already knackered. About time the council provided a pitch fit for purpose at the Shay.