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  1. Breakfast with the boss

    Are you suggesting you do not like the gloriousness of hash browns Chrisbo? *BLOCK LIST*    :-)
  2. Salford splashing the cash again

    Some of what Lloyd writes RE: living costs and earning decent prior seems to make a bit of sense, but i just can't help thinking as i read the article, in the main -  'what a pompous whopper' ? Could just be me...
  3. Away kit

    Surely you could look at it as - variety being the spice of life?! You aren't forced to buy one and now you can choose.... I for one do not buy both home and away kit year in year out, i choose the one i favour? Surely the same will still be apply for when we have 3?
  4. Away kit

    We have played in some right kit mix concoctions this last season to try and avoid clashes! Blue and yellow together was an interesting one, so i can see how the 3rd kit can be of use! 
  5. Preston

    No, but he does have a hair band?!....
  6. Shaun Rowley

    Don't know anything about this guy, but certainly looks like backup to SJ. (Hopefully) If that's the case it will be nice to have an actual decent keeper (as it seems) to provide the competition. Wasn't a fan of Nicholson for a few reasons and unfortunately when playing had a couple of shockers from memory!
  7. Peniket Alfreton

    Along with Bateson.... Somebody on here called that after Craig King signed. Not sure who, but well done! :-)  
  8. Denton

    Correct. Tom Nicholson the latest..... still expect some more! 
  9. Denton

    Completely agree, on both counts.
  10. Denton

    Signs for Alfreton.... No surprise there!
  11. Salford

    I notice that Richie Allen will be released when his contract is up in June....such a shame, such a nice bloke! ;-)    Better not rock up at The Shay!! :-D
  12. Jordan Sinnott

    32 Collins... but with a lot of intelligence. Means he doesn't have to run :-D  
  13. Jordan Sinnott

    I would take Holman all day long, he is still young enough and a good player but i don't think he would come so far north. Danny Wright i do not like, seen a few incidents in the passed and as Haldo said above he is 33 now. 
  14. Jordan Sinnott

    I see Dan Holman has not had his contract renewed.... no chance of getting him i wouldn't think he will be well desired and has had a few clubs in our league on loan so likely on their radars. He was certainly a key player against us in recent years!  And Danny Wright.... though i cant stand the whopper he was on fire that season, he too is released.  
  15. Sam Wedgbury

    I wonder if the management has anything to do with it also, he signed the contract Feb-March which was just as / before Keates left and they management was announced there. Always a possibility, i would like to see him but Chesterfield would be my guess.