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  1. Retained list for next season

    That, and generally turning sh1te when signed permanent...
  2. Another Announcement?

    Yes, i believe he is! 
  3. Another Announcement?

    Beat me to it! 
  4. Ebbsfleet at Home

    Maher passed forward and had a 50 yard assist from his own box, for the second goal :-D 
  5. Random image of the day

    Nah, they are all defenders (playing in midfield) 
  6. Today’s Game: Chesterfield

    Apart from Villas-Boas had a great win record  
  7. Boden

    Good point.
  8. Boden

    Interesting to see what shirt he gets! Always takes the 19 shirt but it’s already taken there I see....
  9. Boden

  10. Boden

  11. Cameron King.

    Yep, thought it a while!   
  12. Anymore signings ?

  13. Mekhi Mcloed contract

    Whilst I don’t disgree it’s the right call for the player (though I would of happily viewed more) and the right move for the club to a free a wage of somebody clearly not in the plans (again, rightly or wrongly for whatever reason or another) it does make me raise the thought - what about Odelusi? As I know I would rather see mekhi make the pitch let alone warm a bench?!        
  14. Injuries Update

    Good to have 'some' communication, are we to assume that as there's no time frame on any of them they don't yet know? 
  15. Steve Watson

    Can only assume this is down to York's plans for making it back to the big time - New stadium coming etc. ?