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  1. Harvey's

    The last miserable bastard we had (Wilder) did alright! 
  2. Goole tonight

    I knew that..., 
  3. Dan Holman

    Ripped us a new one a few times! Great signing for them that! 
  4. Goole tonight

    Bit harsh on Tommo.... 
  5. Mj85

    Hopefully it continues MJ, good luck tomorrow! :-) 
  6. Paper thin squad of 18 (20 with loans)

    Got a friend who is a Bradford fan, and said to me that with the way things are he would expect Jacob Hanson back in January when they get the chance to recall their loanees.  
  7. Last time out - Solihull Moors

    :-)  You decide, right Jumbo? 
  8. To Go Or Not To Go? That I The Question

    Love the optimism mate, and i hope you are bang on! 
  9. Edwards

    That streaker from the week before offers more upfront than Edwards! 
  10. Bower as manager ????

    I wonder how much we pay Odelusi per week - I bet it’s a hell of a lot more than £300.... and he is stealing that wage whatever it may be!!  My issue is crap tactics and subs, these things which JF is very much in control of.... (though I do appreciate the injuries do not help)
  11. On refection

    I came home and had several pints to try and forget the utter dross I witnessed today, didn’t work I’m half cut and pissed off with everyone and everything and I am afraid 5 hours and several pints later... it’s still abundantly clear to me JF and his tactics (or lack of) and shite view is to blame!
  12. Eastleigh Saturday

    Will undoubtedly be Odelusi straight back in!    
  13. Dayle Southwell

    We certainly haven't seen any of whats in this video! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RRX4K41sxLQ Remember watching it after we announced the signing and being excited..... soon turned to bewilderment! :-( 
  14. Warrington on Saturday

    Why would you not give McLeod a go instead of kossy? Like for like swap and generally ‘non dangerous’ change. As in hardly sliding a new centre half straight in?!....
  15. Warrington on Saturday

    I definitely think that this is a game where Mcleod should get a start, against a 'weaker' team. Fits the bill for surprising the opposition, saving the legs of others and it being a game where he could do well, gain some confidence and kick on! Not holding my breath mind...