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  1. Jason St.Juste.....

    Think you'e caught in a trap 
  2. Game off

    Talking of Harrogate, when did Mark Beck end up there? 
  3. Game off

    Doesn't matter what competition it Is, however crap your team may be playing, a postponement always spoils my Saturday 
  4. Game off

    Makes sense 
  5. Game off

    Or better still a draw today 
  6. Game off

    Today's game is off 
  7. We play host to Chester on the 23rd December before going to The Shay for our sponsorship day. Please post your availability asap  JB  Luders  Martin  Rambo  Ben  Tom  Simon 
  8. Richard Marshall

    Scoobie has annonced his retirement due to injury. Was one of the most important players in the formative years of FC Halifax Town
  9. A League of their Own

    In the words of G Neville last night "We plan to make a big loss next season 
  10. A League of their Own

    Nottingham said in he documentay he wanted to play FL but the club didn't get an accapteable offer from 3 FL clubs. 
  11. Breaking news

    Because he came from NFU and wasn't a world beater, but boy that lad will work his nuts off for the shirt 
  12. FCUM 7 years ago today

    Brackley & Barnet 
  13. A League of their Own

    People mentioned we should go in for Michael Nottingham, well last night's programme emphasised how players like that are well out of our reach. Also Neville hinted at the managers joint salary they had been offered and said as a package it would be the biggest outside the football league, yes it is for the pair of them, but that initial package will have been improved on as it looks like they turned it down. 
  14. Today game aldershot

    1 goal conceded in 3 games, is the defence getting back to early season form? 
  15. Gagged

    I would say that is not true, In my opinion that was exactly the case last season and also the early part of this season.