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  1. Chorley

    For local people 
  2. Today's poor attendance.

    Why should you email Ben, nowt to do with him 
  3. Chorley

    Things on the up for them now they have got rid of Matt Jansen 
  4. Today's poor attendance.

    Would be intersted to see how the attendances compare to previous seasons? A fair few fans still on holiday? 
  5. Club statement regarding lenighan signing

    But you supported him during his time at the club 
  6. Club statement regarding lenighan signing

    Pliny, I don't recall you being as vocal about Macca when he signed 
  7. Jamie Fullerton

    As far as I know the club have paid at least 2 transfer fees this pre season, so it does seem the board is backing the manager. I do not expect the board to spend substantially more than they have coming in. 
  8. Lenighan signing

    JF is a very confident person and hopefully he has seen something or thinks he can get something out of him that others haven't. 
  9. Ex midfielder returns to club...

    JF wanted to 
  10. Lenighan signing

    I really don't get the signing on a purely football basis never mind anything else. 
  11. Ex midfielder returns to club...

    This one is a very strange signing 
  12. Fixtures Season 2018/19

    Yes it's in the diary 
  13. JF Barrow interview

    Pretty much bang on the money in that interview 
  14. Barrow Thread

    Irrelevant. Barrow nil points Halifax three 
  15. Braintree Thread

    He came across as a very thorough and commited individual at the curry evening and seemed a pleasant enough chap