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  1. Matt Jansen

    Quit at Chorley, any ideas where he will turn up? 
  2. Getting worried

    Yeah agree 100% but that would enable the club to get some money if there is any interest in him. Regarding Collins I to don't think any financial transaction has taken place between the clubs, but I don't know for sure. 
  3. Getting worried

    I have no idea about Collins so I like you are guessing 
  4. Getting worried

    When Guiseley went full time last season their part time players were still contracted to the club, they didn't become free agents, they were part time players at a full time club 
  5. Getting worried

    As you said you are guessing. 
  6. Getting worried

    You are guessing he did. Kosy cash be kept on his part time contract, be told to turn up for games and be sold when another club comes in for him. Not that I would ever envisage that happening 
  7. Getting worried

    Because it's a contract. Neither take precedence as they are both individual contracts with different companies. It's all down to Kosy which he sees as the most important contract 
  8. Getting worried

    Ah right. You should have said it was all fiction and you had no idea. Anyway we will find out in time and we start on the 1st weekend in August when we will have a squad of at least 16 players. If we haven't then we may have a problem. 
  9. Getting worried

    Isn't he more than an employee of his coaching company? 
  10. Getting worried

    Did you represent Michael in his contract negotiations with the club? Because unless you did I am not sure how you would know. Unless of course you are Mike Sharman? 
  11. Getting worried

    But he is contracted weather it's full time or part time. If you know he wants to go and clubs are wanting him then you keep him on his part time contract. Do you know we didn't get a fee for Collins? Maybe Collins had a managerial clause in his contract? 
  12. Getting worried

    Good luck to him if he moves, but like I say I have heard he isn't. We will however get a fee, probably a small one as he has yet to show a level of consistency in this league. I will however say would rather have him playing for us than against us. 
  13. Getting worried

    Well if he were to leave he would have to go to Gateshead or a Conf North outfit. 
  14. Getting worried

    Yes surely. If he won't accept full time, or can't accept full time. You can keep him on his part time contract untill you get a fee? This isn't the case anyway. 
  15. Getting worried

    It's news to me, a friend of mine has spoken to Kosy and he isn't aware of any move and fully expects to be a Halifax player next season.