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  1. Glastonbury

    Oh and The Pretenders were good on Friday 
  2. Glastonbury

    Killers very good and Kaiser Chiefs always put on a decent show. Ed Sheeran can do one though 
  3. Rumour mill

    Would he take full time? Definatley worth a chat, could see him and up at Salford though with his old Woodley Sports mate Liam Hogan 
  4. We are at home to Arsenal (Manchester) Supporters club on Monday 26th June 7.15 kick off at Halifax Academy. Please post availability asap.  Thanks all  Bish  Harry  Adam P Martin P Ratty  Joe Adam  Ryan Callum  Gav  Jay  Marcus  Luke  Rambo  Tom  Johnny  Luke C  Ash  Brett  Adam C  Pecky  Kev Chris Hargreaves  Ash H 
  5. Season tickets. & signings.

    HP or Ketchup? 
  6. Season tickets. & signings.

    If they are a smaller club, they are higher up the pyramid 
  7. Rumour mill

    Pre season starts in a couple of weeks and the season in 6/7 weeks. No need to panic and plenty of time yet. 
  8. Rumour mill

    I expect Barrows, Khan and Basic to do pre season with the first team and then go out on loan for a period 
  9. Rumour mill

    I would like to know how you think Barrows is a better player.
  10. Rumour mill

    Not sure how you can come to that conclusion that Barrows is better than Moyo. 
  11. Rumour mill

    We still need squad players and Cliff fits that role.  
  12. V9 Academy

    The players on the V9 academy should be on the radar of football league clubs regardless of anything Vardy has put his name to. I thought it may have been something Evostik or lower players could use as a vehicle for progression 
  13. V9 Academy

    Shame that 
  14. Sinnot & new signings

    Thought he had gone to another club? Who is our scout? And people moaned they didn't come up with anything last season so not a problem is it? 
  15. Video panel

    I do think the fans should be made aware why the ref has gone to the video. During the Portugal v Mexico game with Cedrics goal nobody had any idea why he had gone to the video ref.