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  1. Today's Game

    Is that the same Dayle Southwell you claimed as a great signing in the summer? Southwell is a good striker t this level but needs to be allowed to do just that, be a striker. He is a good lad and will work his bollox off but play him up front with others and he will score goals as his record shows 
  2. Michael Collins situation

    I do expect a signing and I would like to think the manager or the board have done all they can to do that. I am not sure if they realise what a precarious position  the team is in league wise. 
  3. Michael Collins situation

    JF is the manager, if it's true about Collins and the money is there then surely as manager JF has the right to turn him down or not as with any player that may be available to him. He will and is being judged on results and he has said the very same himself weather Michael Collins would change that we will never know, but that is the managers call. 
  4. Josh And Tommo

    Josh starts running in the new year and apparently his rehab going to plan 
  5. Chesterfield

    Always watched our games when he has  been local 
  6. Chesterfield

    We don't know if he wants to play here or not. We don't know if the manager wants him or not. All we know is the manager said the door would be open for him if his circumstances change when he took the managers job at Bradford and when asked about him earlier this season the manager said as far as the club were concerned he had retired. That's the only public comments to have been made. 
  7. Chesterfield

    His next club..This saga has been going on for 3 bloody months. I hope he is playing for someone so the whole Michael Collins soap opera can stop 
  8. Chesterfield

    Who hasn't kicked a ball for nearly 9 months 
  9. J.F. does he ever go to watch players?

    See you done there Steve for your free pint?!!! 
  10. Chesterfield

    He has been injured hasn't he? 
  11. Chesterfield

    Robbie Weir made available for loan or free transfer. An experienced midfielder
  12. Guiseley

    Ran out of legs far to early 
  13. Guiseley

    We had it 
  14. Realistic Expectations.

    I don't think he is here working for the manager 
  15. Lenighan gone !!

    We have had 2 players leave the club, Lenighan and Wooton, has to be room for a replacement surely?