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  1. Summer Recruitment

    Subuteo Shaun 
  2. Seen it comment , not seen it don’t!

    So people don't just stay away because of the manager and the football, there are other reasons also? 
  3. Seen it comment , not seen it don’t!

    Why did they stop away last Tuesday then? Lowest attendance of the season. 
  4. Summer Recruitment

    Would much rather he plays for us than against us 
  5. Summer Recruitment

    Think he has been showing more than glimpses. Him and Josh Wilde have been the most consistant stand out performers this season 
  6. Summer Recruitment

    Both need to be signed if at all possible 
  7. commentary

    Not when he went head to head with Rachel Odejayi 
  8. commentary

    The linesman in front of the seats was making notes throughout the whole incident and then came over to talk to the other 2 officials. Rooney apparently ran from the half way line to get involved and pushed the referee. Was told after the game he also threatened the 4th official as he left the pitch. 

    What Guiseley allowed Paul Cox to do with the players who had kept the club in this league for the last 2 seasons is scandalous. Talk about destroying everything good about a club! 

    Talking and listening to Guiseley fans in the bar after the game the general feeling was that was as good as they have played for months! They must have been pretty awful before today. We didn' play well, pitch was awful and the wind created so many problems. Point won and on to next Saturday now. I would like to say that Sean St Ledger and Dayle Southwell took time out to have a chat with us and both seemed likeable chaps. Unfortunately St. Ledger had to leave the building when the conversation moved to Taylor Swift!!! 

    Ref leaving it as late as possible apparently. 50/50 at the moment 

    That was last night, wasn't it? 
  13. Adam Morgan

    Let it go man
  14. Neil young

    May I suggest TJ Ashton he seems to know about every single player at our level and below 
  15. Dagenham Tuesday.

    Not Saturday's team just a way of getting Josh Mac in the team