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  1. Managers contracts

    Many people that are football savvy have also made poor managerial appointments. At our level I would say all or the majoriry of managerial appointments are a gamble 
  2. Dayle Southwell

    In that formation the natural defensive abilities of Maher and Staunton would allow King more freedom to get into the more advanced midfield role which in my opinion he is more suited to 
  3. Dayle Southwell

    Why do you have to have a physical prowess to play up front by yourself? If the quality is good into him he gets his backside into the defender and holds it up. In my formation he would be central in a front 3 as Lee Gregory was quite a lot of the time 
  4. Reduced prices for Replay

    Difficult to tell how many from Halifax as not segregated.  I would hazard a guess at no more than 300 
  5. Reece Styche

    Back to part time then? One of the advantages of full time is it allows you to cast your net further 
  6. Dayle Southwell

    That has been one of, if not the strangest moves of the season so far
  7. Reece Styche

    Yes based on Neil Aspins recommendation! 
  8. Reece Styche

    Think we have Sellars, King, Staunton and Odelusi living together in Leeds? 
  9. Reece Styche

    Danny Hattersley? Cameron King had a fee I think. Kingsley James? 
  10. Replay

    Harry was ok 
  11. Reece Styche

    Scored 2 yesterday
  12. Reece Styche

    Really? Wow Alfreton paying 60K in conf north. No wonder we can't compete 
  13. Dayle Southwell

    Maybe Duckworth into right back and could Hanson play that midfield role? 
  14. Reece Styche

    The striker has announced he is leaving Darlington and no mention of his next club. Any chance? 
  15. Lenighan

    Especially as Berrett and Maher have got knocks