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  1. Dover match thread

    It actually stems from him coming from little North Ferriby and bringing players he trusted and knew would get us promoted to big old Halifax Town. He was proved correct and the haters can't stand that and will try to hound him out at every opportunity 
  2. Dover match thread

    So sell him if he isn't in the managers plans. He isn't a world beater, far from it although the way you and others go on it is like the second coming 
  3. Highlights vs Dover Athletic

    Both him and Kosy are morphing into Connor Hughes. Josh MacDonald is the way forward in my opinion 
  4. Dover match thread

    Unproven as managers 
  5. Dover match thread

    Bring someone else in who fits the way we play 
  6. Highlights vs Dover Athletic

    It's not getting his head up, just like Charles he is greedy 
  7. Dover match thread

    Sell him 
  8. Gainsborough Chairman

    Has tweeted today that a club in National League North have just offered more than their entire budget for one player !!! 
  9. Dover match thread

    We were heading for Conf North with Aspin in charge. He had lost the plot, his signings were poor and in my opinion regrettably a change had to be made. Some may say the board showed Aspin to much loyalty and shluld have got rid that summer after he failed to get into the play offs when it was nailed on. The mistake was giving Kelly the job, not Heath. Heath had a fantastic CV for the job and his appointment was proved to be the  correct one. 
  10. Dover match thread

    The treatment Billy Heath is getting is a disgrace and embarresing. I am convinced it isn't performance related it is more to do with Morgan, Hibbs and Macca not starting games. Macca at the moment is second choice left back and Morgan looks like he needs to lose a few pounds and get fitter as for Hibbs the lad showed promise 3 years ago and it isn't just Heath that hasn't played him. I really want Heath to succed and turn round to the fans and say **** you!!!! 
  11. Dover match thread

    Wilde is in the team by right,  Macca will have to bide his time and perform when the chance comes along. 
  12. Dover match thread

    Not so sure about great, I would use the word promising 
  13. Dover match thread

    The best attacking goalscoring midfielder in the league when we signed him, captain of the team that had just won the play offs and the manager has a great relationship with him. Made total sense at the time to me, unfortunately for one reason or another it didn't work out for Liam King. Had Stockport come in and signed Dan Gardener in 2013 after their relegation and our play off win, would that have been considered a poor signing by Stockport at the time? 
  14. Dover match thread

    The "Heath out" brigade loved it last night. The team was playing well and conceded late on. Within seconds of that goal "Heath out, Heath out" The team could have given up like the outers did. They are made of better stuff than that and managed to get a deserved equaliser. Dover then snatched it at the death and the "Heath out, Heath out" started again. Final whistle seconds later and boos were the order of the day. That team did not deserve booing off at all. For me it's not the football that's turning me off attending The Shay, believe me I have seen far worse over the last 40 years, its the idiots demanding the managers head at every chance they get that make a the place toxic and not a very good place to watch football. Grow up and back the team and manager and fair play to Tomlinson and Nicholson if they had a go at the Town fans who thought it would be a good idea to stick the knife in. 
  15. Goal machine

    29 years old, wonder if a L2 club would take a punt on him.