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  1. 26th February 1977

    Bit like the Argentinians at the 66 World Cup! 
  2. Hartlepool tonight

    Hardly surprising tonight - other than training when will they have ever played together?? Even Kossy and Tomlinson probably couple or three games at best! At least it was two up front with Kosylo freesheet role behind. 
  3. Hartlepool tonight

    If MacDonald is out injured tonight, surely the chance to play 2 up top, whoever that might be. I'd go 4 3 1 2 with Kosylo behind the front two, Collins pulling strings, with Hibbs + ano doing the graft in the middle. 

    Got a football academy in Spain. How many players can he ship over for Saturday??  Good luck Jamie, and let's give the guy chance before we all get on his back please! 
  5. Who Will Be Our Next Manager?

    I think it hugely unlikely, but if Phil Brown has a soft spot for the club and was kicking his heels with no prospect of a managers job, I'd love the board to appoint him to the end of the season with free reign to keep us up. He would generate huge respect from the terraces.... 
  6. Heath’s gone!!!

    Has Carroll gone as well, or is there any likelihood he will be put in temporary charge ??????????
  7. Leyton Orient (H)

    And McManus is capable of scoring goals! 
  8. Welcome back Tuton

    No excuse for this behaviour. No way to encourage him or the team. Why not have a go at Denton for missing a sitter. Toots - ignore these mindless idiots. 
  9. Leyton Orient (H)

    Like that but I'd have Collins over Clarke tbh
  10. Maccelsfield Part 3

    Obviously no future for Morgan if he can't even make the bench for an FA Trophy game
  11. Chester

    Humble pie! Macdonald scores his first ever,  to put us an unbelievable 4-0 up!!
  12. Chester

    1-0 Denton on 6 mins
  13. Chester

    Subs: 39 Michael Duckworth, 38 George Waring, 14 BenTomlinson, 10 Connor Oliver, 13 Tom Nicholson
  14. Chester

    Town: 1 Sam Johnson,2  Cliff Moyo, 3 Josh Wilde, 5 MattyBrown ©, 6 Scott Garner, 18 Danny Clarke, 9 Tom Denton, 11 Scott McManus, 20Jake Hibbs, 16 Josh MacDonald, 22 Michael Collins