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  1. More Injuries

    May have done OK, but question how a winger/midfielder can go 100 games without scoring at least once. People might say he's a good prospect but he is got a helluva lot to do on finishing before he 's a right lot older.... 
  2. Who to leave out

    Have we got another keeper to put on the bench? 
  3. Steve Nichol

    If the BoD did relieve Mr Heath of his duties, Steve would be worth considering! 
  4. Lame excuses

    If he's that unhappy with budgets, part-time players and so on, perhaps he might decide to go..... 
  5. Hartlepool team

    Have we still got Neil Aspins player registration???
  6. Sinnot & new signings

    Free according to the BBC website and teletext ...!
  7. Signings for next season

    Rumoured we're after South Korean forward Kum On Sun, and Russian winger Gerriz Bootzov ....
  8. Signings for next season

    If you were to pick the best XI from NAs and BHs side - how would it look ....?? 
  9. Signings for next season

    McQuilken from Kiddy would be a great signing imo,  but doubt he'd want to go p/t. Good quick attacking midfielder ...
  10. Signings for next season

    I'd like to see if we could get McQuilken from Kiddy.  
  11. Moving on...

    Definitely retain Sinnott. Invite Denton for pre-season as I'm not sure he's good enough for National. Think he will release Hobbs sadly.  Johnson must be no 1 target. I'd put a cheeky bid in for McQuilken from Kiddy as well. Assuming Morgan goes also need two goalscoring strikers.
  12. Tamworth 3-2-1

    Kosylo Garner Morgan Peniket and Wilde impressed but just miss the points
  13. Reflections on Tamworth & questions

    The side was merely to illustrate where I think we are currently weak, ie 5 players currently short of enough for promotion. Assuming they aren't available you have Drench, Wilde (who I was impressed with yesterday), Hotte (although it's rumoured Brown is fit), King, Clarke, and Simmons, or MacDonald to come in. I'd leave Denton on the bench along with Moyo, but then we are two subs short if you don't use Barrows and Khan. Peniket & Hone suspended. Macca, Hibbs, Brown, Sinnott & prob Lynch injured leaves us thin on resources for me ...
  14. Been interesting seeing the comments and debate over last couple of months on here. Yesterday's game first time I've seen them for a while live as Im down in midlands. Thought I'd put some comments and questions on here. Obviously not been playing as well as yesterday, so not based on real comparison. However, thought the 442 setup worked very well. Was concerned when saw both wingers playing, as Mcdonald & Clarke both been getting stick. Thought that would leave us light in middle. Back 4 is my preferred 4 until Macca and Brown back. Good to see Peni in his preferred position. Clarke booking on 4 mins very clumsy. Deserved. They were on top first 15, but we were in no trouble. Good goal on the break from Peni albeit with deflection. Stunning free kick from Kossy, and suddenly confidence just flowed back. No surprise we scored again, good combo Kossy & Roberts, great cross, sublime header from Morgan. Peni with his second again deflected was dreamland. Tamworth one back within 5 mins and you think oh here we go, but he took it well and powered past Drench. Garner then got done for a strong challenge, and I think was in the refs mind when he sent Peni off. Not a red for me, but once again ref mobbed by home players which I think also influenced him. 10 men meant we were going to be under pressure, but really coped well, Drench looked comfortable when they got beyond back 4. Two more great finishes on the break, especially Kossys little dink over the keeper, and lovely through ball from Moyo for Morgan I think. What a good finisher he looks to be. Their second - beyond caring by then! So reflections - Garner imperious, and Hotte alongside did all they were asked. Liked the look of Lynch until unfortunate knee in the back from Garner and hope it isn't a rib. Morgan great acquisition.  Peni should never be left midfield, leave him up front! Mcdonald improved as the game went on, but needs to believe in his pace to get past defenders. Kosylo should be first name on the team sheet and allowed to be creative as he was yesterday. Clarke I'll reserve judgement. Sinnott to come back obviously, so maybe he with Lynch more defensive alongside. So questions. Why has Kossy not been a shoe-in injury apart? How is Hone better than Garner (our best CH) or Hotte? Why has it taken Heath this long to realise Peni should be one of a front two? Why does Heath think Macd is better winger than Kossy? Why doesn't Hibbs get a start? Are we good enough for promotion? Not in my opinion, but playoffs yes. Is the squad strong enough? Maybe if everyone was fit, but question mark over central defence with Hone not good enough and Brown unknown. Sinnott & Macca fit would be huge.   Will Heath see the 442 is working and stick with it? Time will tell! If everyone was fit & available my side would be  Johnson, Roberts, Macca, Garner, Brown, Kosylo, Sinnott, Hibbs, Lynch, Peniket, Morgan