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  1. Bromley - match thread

    Blimey, I think some fans have been spoiled by promotions and Wembley. For those of us who followed the club through the lean 80s and early 90s, we couldn't even imagine equivalent of play offs or top 10. FGS stop knocking the club, the players, the results and the ambition. When we lost 4-1 at Marine in the FA Cup, we thought we'd fold, never play again and were mega skint, it is a joy that we have a club, a team, a board who won't gamble on the financial precipice, and a ground to enjoy and be proud of. Get a chuffin grip!!
  2. Bromley Tomorrow

    Who is Henry Jones??
  3. Michael Collins

    So you're not in favour of loan players who may be with us for just a month? On the basis that they leave after a short time. Lenighan is I believe on a short term contract currently so Collins could fit in on a short term contract as/when SL leaves, based on your arguments ....
  4. FC Halifax v Dagenham Match Thread

    Curious to me tbh, I'd go King. No Ducky, not even bench ....
  5. Port Vale thread

    So who do we think the various trialists are? 
  6. Bolton match thread

    On what basis are we one of the favourites for relegation? The fact that signings are unknown to us and unproven at this level? £1 to a penny JF certainly doesn't see it that way! As he said it's all about squad prep for the start of the campaign.
  7. Matty Pearson

    From Barnsley to Luton for an undisclosed fee according to the BBC Footie website
  8. Michael Collins

    Big loss yes, but sorry, no-one is irreplaceable. If he's decided to hang his boots up, that's his choice and good luck to him. At least he decided now, which gives JF time to find someone to fill that position, role and level of experience. 
  9. Dayle Southwell

    More than happy if he produces that sort of finishing for us. Could be competition for Kossy as penalty taker. 
  10. Where is Morgan.

    Think they did play in the same side. Also remember Hugh Ryden, Ivan Hampton, Dave Shawcross from that era too. I would only have been 9, so memories of the Rochdale game are hazy, but I was there!  Team I remember most still trips off the tongue - Smith, Burgin, Lee, Wallace, Pickering, Rhodes, Chadwick, Atkins, Robertson, Lennard & Mccarthy. 
  11. Tangerine and Blue for me please!

    Still have a tangerine & blue silk-style scarf with tassled ends. Think it's from about 1972!
  12. Macca - final call?

    Shame indeed if he goes but honestly would expect him to find a better option than Solihull! 
  13. 26th February 1977

    Bit like the Argentinians at the 66 World Cup! 
  14. Hartlepool tonight

    Hardly surprising tonight - other than training when will they have ever played together?? Even Kossy and Tomlinson probably couple or three games at best! At least it was two up front with Kosylo freesheet role behind. 
  15. Hartlepool tonight

    If MacDonald is out injured tonight, surely the chance to play 2 up top, whoever that might be. I'd go 4 3 1 2 with Kosylo behind the front two, Collins pulling strings, with Hibbs + ano doing the graft in the middle.