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  1. Subs 2014/15

    Hembers any chance of an upto date list please?
  2. Details For Saturday Away At Barnsley

    Jack has taken his place, maybe he can be picked up in Hipperholme?
  3. We are playing at : Honeywell Sports Centre Honeywell Lane Barnsley South Yorkshire S75 1BP, 10.30 kick off on 3G. No grass available due to all poor weather. All players meet at The Shay for 8.30am please Drivers JB - Rambo, Bobbins (Bobbins Shotgun) Ash Addy - Peaks, Jack Martin Probets - Adam P, John Luders, Matty G (Shotgun Luders) Lee Casalino - Bish, Marcus, Chris (Shotgun Bish) Petrol £5 per person
  4. We will be meeting at The Shay for 8.30am Drivers JB - Rambo, Marcus, Luke H Ash Addy - Peaks, Ash P, Cas Martin P - Adam P, Chris Taylor, John Luders Hembers goung with the girls Luke Couchman meeting us there We are playing at Graves Park, S8 8QE Petrol money will be £5 per person
  5. Details For Saturday Away At Bury

    Drivers - Matty Greenwood - Rambo, Wrighty, Luders (Shotgun Luders) Martin Probets - Adam P, Sam Barnes, Ash P Adam Robinson - Ash A, Marcus, Jack (Shotgun Marcus) ll players meet at The Shay for 8.45. Kick off is 10.30 at Goshen playing fields BL9 9RG Marcus needs to be back at The Shay for 1.30pm
  6. Xmas Doo 20Th Of December

    Cant do 20th pal, sorry
  7. Butlins

    Based on Bobbins claiming Altered Images being on I am going !!!
  8. Details For Saturday Away At Chorley

    We will be playing at Astley Park with the best place to park being Queens Road PR7 1JU. 10.30 kick off Meeting time will be 8.30 at The Shay. Drivers JB - Rambo, Ash A, Ash P (Shotgun Rambo) Matty G - Luders, Martin, Adam P Bobbins - Robbo, Marcus, Wrighty Cost of petrol will be £7 per person payable at lunch. Luders & Adam on fruit
  9. Your Invited Too

    On holiday
  10. Worldnet 2014

    How complicated you are
  11. Worldnet 2014

  12. Worldnet 2014

  13. 10am kick off at The Fleets, S71 1NL on grass pitch. Drivers JB - Rambo, Jack, Aaron, Luders Bobbins - Ash H, Fawksey, Ash P Scott - Luke Nige & Syko going straight there Petrol cost £5 per person Thanks
  14. Presentation Night Saturday 5Th July

    JB Ben Fawkes Nige Martin Rambo Ratty x 2 Bish Sam B Dave Foy Robbo + 1 Ash A Toby Luke Hembers Bobbins Luders + 1 Our annual presenation night will take place at The Sportsman, Ploughcroft on Saturday 5th July with start time to be confirmed. The cost is included on your monthly subs provided you are up to date. All guests, wags etc the cost is £15 per person. Please let either Rambo or myself know if you are coming and if you are bringing a guest.