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  1. Town v Havant 23/02/19

    Halifax 3-1 Havant Kosylo, Clarke, Quigley 1532
  2. The game tonight: Maidstone

    I'm sure I'll see plenty of goals at York...
  3. The game tonight: Maidstone

    COULD be more of an entertaining game on Saturday, as Havant games this season have seen 110 goals in them so far!
  4. Hanson

    Re: 'ill conduct'. My missus was told on Saturday that 2 players had been in Fullarton's bad books due to the same incident. Hanson isn't getting selected, the other player is.
  5. Maidstone v Town 19/2/19

    Maidstone 1-0 Halifax  1456
  6. Solihull Moors beware grammar police

    Done correctly, Solihull do actually have a good chance to grow and progress. There’s not really any competition in and around the Birmingham area for a really successful non league side/lower football league side.  Walsall perhaps, but a totally different side of the Birmingham conurbation, probably as far away from Solihull Moors as Coventry is. Not saying they will, but they really are in a good position to involve the community, and if they keep splashing the cash and progressing through the leagues as they have recently, the support will go up.
  7. Town v Aldershot 16/2/19

    1-1 1411 Berrett
  8. What to do Today

    Yeps, train tickets booked to York a week on Saturday! Who knows if that’ll be the final game, again! 
  9. Mj85

    What a fu**in circus  https://www.coventrytelegraph.net/news/coventry-news/boro-chairman-nuneaton-nick-hawkins-15820582.amp?__twitter_impression=true
  10. Afternoon all, Southowram C.C have recently launched their new, Under 9's set up, for the season ahead. This will be soft ball cricket, for children aged 6-9 years old at Ashday Lane. It will be ran by ECB qualified, DBS checked, first aid trained coaches. Dates of coaching to be confirmed. Games will take place in the Under 9's league against other sides in the Halifax area on Thursday evenings. For more information contact Gareth on 07817598906 or Alan on 07870805983 to express your interest.
  11. Today’s Game: Chesterfield

    Jeff Stelling just said Boden has 5 goals in 6 games against Halifax since he left 
  12. Today’s Game: Chesterfield

    1-0 down, Boden pen
  13. Today’s Game: Chesterfield

    Chesterfield pen 
  14. Today’s Game: Chesterfield

    387 away 
  15. Ask Away................

    The scorer of good goals who isn’t a goal scorer has just scored for Barrow.