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  1. Mj85

    Completely and utterly soul destroying. Nuneaton 0-6 BPA. 
  2. Mj85

    3-0 down at half time including a goal from inside his own half from Nicky Wroe. Very sad to watch. 
  3. My New FA Cup

    Our run to playing Middlesbrough at home in the 3rd round proper in January began with a 2nd qualifying tie against Telford in the September. Remarkably, we were drawn at home in all 3 qualifying rounds and all 3 proper rounds. And until the 3rd round proper, did not play a team from a level above us.  Telford H, Chelmsford H, Chelmsford A (replay), Tiverton H, Tiverton A (replay), Ramsgate H, Histon H, Histon A (replay), Middlesbrough H, Middlesbrough A (replay). Getting a 90th minute winner in the replay at Histon, knowing it was a Premier League team at home next was incredible. In the original tie, Middlesbrough didn’t take it easy. They started Southgate, Mendieta, Yakubu, Viduka etc.
  4. Mj85

    https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/amp/football/45877754?__twitter_impression=true That article explains the situation better than I possibly can. Effectively, the club could go out of business with just £1400 debt, and 1 months unpaid wages. Obviously not ideal, but in the grand scheme of football, not huge debts. Quite emotional, normally hate the 240 mile round trip just for a home game, limit them- but I’ll be doing it tomorrow praying it’s not for the final time. 
  5. Great to see Salford top of the League!

    Billericay have just signed Lafayette from Sutton on what sounds a big contract 
  6. My New FA Cup

    More often than not, the ‘big’ clubs do show respect and still play a fair few of their stars if a side reaches the 3rd round and plays them. They don’t want the embarrassment of losing to minnows. Also, as a fan of a club who has experienced my side getting to the 3rd round proper, drawing with a Premier League side and taking them to a replay, I can say playing against them felt more special after already playing 5 rounds (including 3 replays) than simply playing them immediately. Much more rewarding having midweek replay wins at Chelmsford, Tiverton and Histon to set the tie up. 
  7. Warrington v Town 20/10/18

    Warrington 1-2 Halifax  Kosylo, Maher  1313
  8. Warrington on Saturday

    You’re playing C*v at The Ricoh in the 1st round. 
  9. Mj85

    The club have, rightly, declined the donation and told others to hold off doing the same until the situation is clear 
  10. Mj85

    Whilst two businessman shaft the club, a 90 year old guy has just donated his life savings to pay the players wages. I really, really hope that is the case and the players see that money rather than the club pocketing it.  Great gesture, but doesn’t sit well with me at all. 
  11. Mj85

    https://nuneatontownsupporterscoop.com/2018/10/12/norman-smurthwaite-statement-co-op-response/ Norman Smurthwaite is the owner of Port Vale FC, and Liberty Way (the ground Nuneaton play at) Lee Thorn is the owner of Nuneaton Borough who has had no involvement since the summer. A sad mess, and Smurthwaite fails to mention anywhere that he has made his millions from property development, and that houses are being built in that area all the time...
  12. Mj85

    Unlikely. All players have now been told they are free to find other clubs.
  13. Mj85

    Heartless   Cam Belford is a decent keeper, although I wouldn’t say any better than Sam Johnson. Devon Kelly-Evans in midfield is a very good play maker. Dior Angus up front, on loan from Port Vale, has scored 5/6 this season and is rapid. Not bad in a struggling side. Other than that, no. We are 20th in the Conf North with 2 wins for a reason.  
  14. Mj85

    Second transfer embargo of the season now in place over unpaid wages. Players we do have, have been given this week off so they don’t have to spend the wages they have received on travel costs etc. Shambles. The end is near. 
  15. Mj85

    Meanwhile, you have a prick like Jason Cundy saying Chelsea should offer Eden Hazard £750k a week.  Games a joke.