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  1. Hartlepool v Town 19/4/19

    Hartlepool 1-1 Halifax King 3222
  2. THE big game at the weekend

    Ha, credit to John, he did a fine job of organising things and giving us no costs whatsoever, just a case of us getting there and playing.  Entertaining 4-4 draw! A fun 89 minute run out for me! Up the Boro!
  3. Nuneaton (H) Saturday 13th April

    Cheers for the game chaps, much appreciated. 
  4. Town vs Bromley 13/04/2019

    Halifax 2-3 Bromley  Rodney  1262
  5. https://bluenwhitearmy.home.blog/2019/04/10/fans-game-preview/
  6. Leyton Orient match.

    I believe someone will owe me cash soon, who I bet Alfreton wouldn’t make the playoffs/ come top half. 
  7. Mj85

    Officially down today. Nuneaton 2-3 Chester.
  8. Leyton Orient match.

    Fair amount of Town fans at the train station fifteen mins ago when I dropped off. Shame the train is delayed by 35 mins! 
  9. Leyton Orient vs Town 06/04/2019

    Orient 0-1 FCHT King 5454
  10. Mj85

    Apologies for continuing this thread over and again, but some of you have seemed genuinely interested in my clubs drama over this very bizarre season or so. Positively, I, personally, now effectively own a percentage (albeit extremely small) of my football club. https://nuneatontownsupporterscoop.com/2019/04/03/statement-regarding-boro-investment-and-involvement/
  11. Mj85

    Left the ground. Went into Newton Heath for a few pints (an experience to say the least). Walked back to the tram stop intending to go back into Manc like pre game. First tram to arrive was Rochdale via Oldham, it was chilly (soft southerners)  so we hopped on and went to both of them (another experience). Oh, and mathematically we are not yet down. 18 points from safety, with an awful GD, with 6 games to go. I thought at the time we were down, but Guiseley keep giving us slight hope we can stay up on GD!
  12. Season Tickets

    That’s even slightly tempting for a none town fan. I’d have to go 11 home games to get value for money! Superb offer!
  13. Mj85

    So, we got relegated today, despite winning 4-0 away at FCUM! Treating ourselves with a beer based trip back to Halifax via Newton Heath, Oldham and Rochdale. My team are ****, but I feel fortunate to live in Halifax. Wow! 
  14. Town vs Maidenhead United 30/03/2019

    After predicting a thriller the other night, going the other way tomorrow. Horror show. Town 0-3 Maidenhead  1333
  15. Scotty McManus

    Alvechurch got hammered at home to Barwell too, who have been terrible since Ginnelly left.