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  1. Ex midfielder returns to club...

    As far as I’m aware, the club were originally all for the Supporters Club partnership with the old post office, but then went back on that after receiving THREE complaints from fans. I would be surprised if more than three fans weren’t against the Lenighan signing. 
  2. Salford vs Town 14/11/18

    Salford 1-3 Halifax Southwell, King, Brown 2020
  3. Billy Heath

    And Nuneaton yet to score a goal in 270 minutes   On subject of Guiseley, didn’t realise Kingsley James was now there too. Garner captain 
  4. penalty taker

    There’s your answer!
  5. Maidstone thread

    Couldn’t currently be top of the league any more comprehensively  Scored the most goals, conceded the fewest.  Looks a very tight league, no one scoring for fun, no one conceding for fun, yet. 
  6. Billy Heath

    Today Brackley 1-4 Darlington!!! York 0-2 Alfreton!!!  
  7. Fixtures Season 2018/19

    Nuneaton are away at BPA on 13th April, when you are at home to Bromley, if you want a game that morning. 
  8. Town vs Maidstone United 11/08/2018

    1-1 Tomlinson 1842
  9. Danny Racchi

    Don’t see any reason why not. But can’t see them ever progressing as high as they want to. 
  10. Been asked to share this. https://fchalifaxtown.com/news/fun-race-night-4/
  11. Billy Heath

    On a different Conf North related note, Hereford were nowhere near as good last night as I anticipated.  Obviously could have been an off night, but be surprised (if on that showing) they walk through the league the way they have the others.
  12. Billy Heath

    Played Nathan Hotte centre mid for 90 mins last night whilst leaving Callum Chettle sat on the bench. They got dicked by Brackley! 
  13. Danny Racchi

    Part of the FCUM side that went 3-1 up at home to Ashton United last night and lost 4-3. FCUM conceded 9 in their first 2 games and sit bottom of the table! 
  14. Town v Barrow 07/08/18

    2-1 Edwards and Maher 1422
  15. Tonight's Bod meeting

    Maybe because I’m not looking at it from a biased perspective, but why should it be a players dream to play for Halifax?  Anyone with any ambition would wanna continue to play as high up as possible really. If they thought they had a chance of getting a deal at, for example sake, Notts County, who could blame them for holding out?  Sure your trialists who you won’t sign may have done the same to clubs lower down.