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  1. Kiwomya, my Lord

    Apologies if a) this has already been posted and b ) my info is wrong, but I’m fairly sure Andy Kiwomya played for Halifax? Just seen it was his son, Alex, who wrapped up victory for Chesterfield against Salford at the weekend. I feel old all of a season, remember Andy scoring a pretty much title winning goal for Nuneaton in 99.
  2. Collins

    Aye, if we hold on it’s a great start for the new boss, against one of our numerous old bosses. 
  3. Staunton Red

    Sadly a 50/50 tackle where one player goes in slightly harder seems to have been banned from modern football. From a neutral non biased view, it looks a red in the ‘modern game’. He seems to leap a bit on first viewing and it looks bad even if it isn’t.
  4. Collins

    Alfreton 1-7 Spennymoor 
  5. Mj85

    The application and the pyramid of emotion was sarcasm, I succumbed to blind pressure by using such words. Happy with the Ginnelly appointment. From the town and experience of the levels we will be at. Should bring stability as it’s the job he’s wanted for years.
  6. Mj85

    So, the manager (Nicky Eaden) who left by mutual consent 2 weeks ago, was replaced by his assistant (Lee Fowler).  No-one seemed sure if Fowler was caretaker or permanent, but he too has today left by mutual consent. Barwell manager Jimmy Ginnelly is expected to be announced as the next permanent manager imminently. Ive lost count if that will be the 8th or 9th manager since Kev Wilkin departed for Wrexham, which doesn’t seem long ago at all! Just end the season now, relegate us, and let us go again next year, with the right application. I cannot deal with this pyramid of emotion. 
  7. Online club shop orders

    To add to this in a positive light, Louisa sorted everything brilliantly, I’ve since collected my order, and received a free gift (which I found totally unnecessary) by way of apology for the poor service.  Credit to your club.
  8. Port Vale Vs Stoke City

    Whilst I don’t condone or encourage football violence at all, due to how much of a c**t the Port Vale chairman is, I am delighted that he will have to splash out on ground improvements and repairs. Shame for innocent bystanders etc, but every cloud. 
  9. When Tommo Comes Back

    Re: a striker on loan. Nuneaton currently have Dior Angus on loan from Port Vale. PV chairman has said the loan will not be renewed in January but he will be allowed out elsewhere. He's scored 9 goals this season in a team that is terrible and doesn't create many chances. Also scored a few on loan at Tamworth last year too. Young, pacey- could be worth a punt.
  10. Guiseley

    That isn’t true. The first 44 clubs are in alphabetical order (the premier league and championship clubs) but the rest is done on tie number from the previous round. Eg tie 1 from round 2 is number 45. 
  11. AFC Wimbledon Saturday.

    Good luck to Town tomorrow. I hope you get the positive result you all wish for. Having experienced seeing my non league club in the FA cup 3rd round home and away against a Premier League club, I know how good it can be and what a boost it can provide. All the best. 
  12. http://www.thefa.com/news/2018/nov/23/buildbase-fa-trophy-first-round-draw-live-on-talksport-231118   Local derbies at York, Farsley a possibility.
  13. Online club shop orders

    Wouldn’t say I’d made a complaint. 
  14. Online club shop orders

    Yes thank you, Louisa has been an excellent help 
  15. Actually get rid !!

    Please tell me you don’t mean upwards? I’m not even a Halifax fan so have no bias towards him, but who would hire a boss who, to all intents and purposes has flopped at both clubs he has managed so far? Whatever circumstances he may have encountered, his managerial record is crap.