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  1. FC Ferriby of North?

    North Ferriby have been issued with a winding up order. 
  2. Team for Solihull and beyond

    In Tarpey's shadow at the moment!
  3. The fun and games begin. Torquay 'part company' with their manager Kevin Nicholson. 
  4. Gainsborough Chairman

    It is, but 15/20 years ago Rushden spent £280,000 on their attack (Duane Darby and Justin Jackson), plus £100k fees on Turley and Warburton I think. Everyone slags the Premier League and the spending, makes out Non League is oh so 'pure', but last season you had Fylde and Ebbsfleet as champions. This season the likes of Salford, Billericay, South Shields will probably win their leagues. More often than not, at all levels, the teams who  spend the most dominate (until they go tits up)
  5. Solihull Moors vs Town 19/08/2017

    Solihull 1-3 Halifax Denton Oliver Morgan   713
  6. Scott Hogan

    Just had to google to check my memory wasn't playing tricks, but I was sure I remembered an Andy Brown header.  More remarkable is that Kevin Roberts was left on the bench, while Steve Williams and Graham Hutchison started! 
  7. Scott Hogan

    That game was 2-1, not 2-0 and was at the end of March. 
  8. Town vs Dover 15/08/2017

    1-1 Charles 1516
  9. Chester vs Town 12/08/2017

    1-1 Denton 2313
  10. Barrow vs Town 08/08/2017

    1-1 Kosylo 1426
  11. Aldershot thread

    Conference North can f**k off, as can opening day 4-0 defeats! 
  12. Solihull

    http://www.solihullmoorsfc.co.uk/news/details.php?news_id=12790 ridiculously tinpot
  13. Season Tickets

    Maybe it won't even need rectifying, the incompetent West Yorkshire Police may just order the Hartlepool and Orient games to be behind closed doors. 21 games. Sorted.
  14. Ross Barrows joins North Ferriby

    In predominantly as assistant manager (replacing Forest legend Steve Chettle) rather than as a player. Signed on as a player as backup, I believe.