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  1. Wouldn’t be ridiculous to think you’ll have Solihull. 
  2. I agree it’s odd. I was there last August, they were 4-0 up, and nothing but polite clapping. No chanting, no singing, flat. 
  3. Not a factual thing, but based on fans reviews who’ve visited  http://fanbanter.co.uk/every-national-league-club-ranked-by-visiting-fans-for-best-atmosphere/5/
  4. Club To Revert Back To Historic Name And Badge

    Nuneaton are officially back as Nuneaton Borough rather than Nuneaton Town too. The way it should be too, as even in the last ten years, it’s always been Boro’, not Town to anyone I know. F**k the F.A
  5. Good Luck England

    Rashford and Loftus-Cheek to start ahead of Sterling and Alli/Lingard next game. agree with Trippier being man of the match. 
  6. Good Luck England

    Looking forward to this tournament (for England) more than any since 2002.  That enthusiasm will no doubt be gone in 4 hours time, but I really do like how we set up and how Southgate and the players go about their business! 
  7. World Cup Predictions 19/06/2018

    Colombia 1-1 Japan  Poland 1-1 Senegal  Russia 2-2 Egypt 
  8. World Cup Predictions 18/06/2018

    Sweden 1-2 Korea  belgium 3-0 panama  tunisia 0-3 England (Kane, Lingard, Maguire) 
  9. World Cup Predictions 17/06/2018

    Costa Rica 0/2 Serbia  Germany 2/0 Mexico  Brazil 3/1 Switzerland 
  10. World Cup Predictions 16/06/2018

    France 3-1 Australia  Argentina 3-0 Iceland  Peru 2-1 Denmark  Croatia 2-2 Nigeria 
  11. World Cup Predictions 15/06/2018

    Egypt 1-0 Uruguay  Morocco 1-0 Iran  Portugal 2-1 Spain 
  12. World Cup Predictions 14/06/2018

    Russia 3-1 Saudi 
  13. Dayle Southwell

    Was really good when I’ve seen him for Boston, and also thought he was comfortably the best player on the pitch at Guiseley in March. Excellent first touch. Good signing. 
  14. Jamie’s jalfrezi

    Bet this will be decent. Even as a non Town fan, I found Billy’s Balti enjoyable and insightful.  Sometimes some of you give your club a bit of stick, but things like this are good IMO to build relationships between fans and the club/management. 
  15. England's World Cup run 2018

    Quarter final defeat to Germany. I’m one of a few who don’t mind Southgate and quite like the bunch of players he’s selected.