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  1. Straight talking, positive, passion showing. Could be describing Brown or Wild. Lets hope they takes us to the Football League.
  2. Should be an interesting event to see and hear at first hand Pete Wild.
  3. rdj

    Brian Redfearn

    so true. the first goal (Redferns) to bring a tear to my eye !
  4. FC Halifax Town 2 AFC Fylde 1 Sho-Silva, King C Att. 1,797
  5. rdj

    Brian Redfearn

    Last minute. Hit it from the left hand corner of the penalty area into the far right hand top corner of the net. An absolute pearler. Unfortuntely a lot of the crowd had already departed. RIP.
  6. where is there a Barnsley brickie when you need one !
  7. the trouble will be when teams attempt to mark him out of the game, which sounded like happened at Aldershot, then it needs someone else to step up with that extra sparkle
  8. rdj


    He will be so wired come saturday it won't need much to tip him over the edge!
  9. When injuries and suspensions start hitting then the quality of loan signings could be crucial to any success
  10. rdj


    A bigger crowd also might fire him up. Only 1,136 to see them lose at home to Woking. Perhaps fans are drifting back to Gloomfield Road !
  11. Thanks. At least he has a lot more time to think about any future recruits / loans.
  12. were all our current players trialling with the club before Pete Wild was appointed? Has Wild sourced any of the current players ? I can't recall from the silent and unpredictable pre season happenings.
  13. We backed off and backed off and fell over the cliff backwards !
  14. rdj


    Sad to see recent photo on Twitter of Town mascot having his photo taken in the tunnel with Browny - only to have it tainted by having a large placard showing HRLFC in the background. Come on Club get it sorted. It can't be that expensive to get a FCHT placard especially with sponsorship.
  15. We are not going for draws this season, its win or lose.
  16. Time for Ben to work his magic and get a Calderdale company to sponsor the best gear to provide suitable audio equipment.
  17. Aldershot Town 0 Halifax Town 1 Allen Att. 1,826
  18. rdj

    J B W

    Tom Scargill provided Wrexham with all the info they needed !
  19. rdj


    We don't do draws anymore. If we were still unbeaten with 4 draws we would have less than half the points we currently have. I am prepared to lose a few to get more wins.
  20. also just 2 Pitch Partners left to sell! How is player kit sponsorship doing?
  21. alternative view - In a social media post Newport boss Mike Flynn said it was "great" to have Bony training with his players. Flynn added: "Excellent work ethic, professionalism and standards. Boys will take a lot from this."
  22. This commitment sends out a positive message to all involved with the club. Presumably it was a proposal that Mr B realised was another step in the right direction. Browny is a true leader and his efforts for the Club are embraced by every Shaymen fan. Lets hope that during his contract he can lead the club to legendary success.
  23. rdj


    imagine how many season tickets you would have to sell to match the FA cup prize money The Emirates FA Cup Season 2018-19 Payments made from The FA's prize fund Fourth Round Qualifying winners (32) £25,000 First Round Proper winners (40) £36,000 Second Round Proper winners (20) £54,000 Third Round Proper winners (32) £135,000
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