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  1. Relegation form

    PROCEEDS OF MATCHES PRIOR TO THE FINAL (a) The net gate receipts due from a match (except replayed matches in consequence of a breach of the Rules) shall be the total ticket sales for the match less VAT, the travelling (and possibly accommodation) expenses of the Visiting Club, the fees and expenses of the Match Officials, and other match expenses allowed under the Competition Rules (which include costs relating to gate attendants, turnstile operators, stewards, police charges, floodlighting in accordance with the Competition Rules, contributions to the costs of First Aid Helper s, and any costs relating to clearing the ground of snow and water provided the Visiting Club is consulted beforehand on the approximate costs). The National Game Board shall have the power from time to time to issue instructions as to what shall and shall not be allowed as a match expense. (b) Net gate receipts shall be divided as follows: (i) In all matches prior to the Final, the net gate receipts of each match shall be divided equally between the competing Clubs. (ii) In the Final, the net gate receipts shall be divided as follows: 45% to each Club 10% to the Pool (iii) The Pool in (ii) shall be distributed at the discretion of the National Game Board
  2. Dagenham & Redbridge vs Town 08/12/2018

    Dagenham & Redbridge   0       FC Halifax Town 0 Att. 1,309
  3. Guiseley

     However, we usually get fewer attending on tuesday evenings than saturday and the argument has been that the kids can't attend evening games  because have school next day.
  4. Guiseley

    Disappointing that Town get nearly 300 less for a saturday FA cup game than Guiseley manage on a tuesday!
  5. Today's Game

    I agree, as do most other fans,and surely Mr B. understands this as well and should be pushing JF to sign a decent playmaking midfielder. For all Staunton's efforts and passion yesterday he was always about half a step off the pace.
  6. Today's Game

    On the basis that JF has only one way of playing, the opposition knows what to expect  how to overcome us in the 2nd half.
  7. The Sun

    Sun readers can read ! Doubt it.
  8. Carl Rushworth

    hope there is a good sell on clause !
  9. Perhaps the club website for normal matches  is wrong then - FC Halifax Town match day prices for the 2018/19 season are as follows: Adults £20 Concessions (Over 65’s and Students with ID) £17 12 to 17 year olds £9 U12’s £5 U7’s £3  
  10. Town vs AFC Wimbledon 01/12/2018

    FC Halifax Town  0   AFC Wimbledon 0 Att.   1,965
  11. Wrong. Standard under 12 entry charge is £5. So this is a good offer !
  12. FC Halifax Town v A.F.C Wimbeldon

    There will be some unhappy Womble OAPs on saturday if they are expecting to get in for a fiver as per Wimbledon FC website ! Tickets will be sold at the turnstiles on the day of the game (cash only) at the following prices: Adults £15 Concessions (65 and over) and Under-18s £5 Under-12s free of charge
  13. FC Halifax Town v A.F.C Wimbeldon

    Reduced prices worked wonders on tuesday ! NOT. They missed an excellent performance, what is going to make them change their habits and turn up on saturday lunchtime?
  14. Ebsfleet 0 Town 0 Att.  1,293
  15. Spend it wisely

    John Parkin !