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  1. 40 to1

    If we acheived this and you had put on a £5 bet then it would pay for your season ticket!  
  2. pre season friendlies

    Barnsley, Bury, possibly Tranmere then.
  3. 2019/20 Expectations

    Club needs to bombard local schools with publicity before summer holidays. Presumably as players are in close season it will need to be club community link staff promoting the club and the ST offer. the club can't afford any snooze mode whilst this ST offer is available
  4. Budgets, misery and silence?

    Starting with recovering the average number of fans we lost from 2017/18 (1,720) to 2018/19 (1,553).
  5. Bolton

    Sad state of affairs - "Preston North End are understood to be the club which has donated £2,000 worth of shopping vouchers to help out staff at Bolton Wanderers who have gone unpaid recently. The Bolton News reported on Tuesday morning that a food bank had been set up to provide essential needs for Wanderers staff and the Bolton Whites Hotel which is situated at their stadium."
  6. 19/20 player rumours

    Was it ever explained why Duku rarely managed 90 minutes in a game for us?
  7. Salford City

    Alexander and Lucketti took Fleetwood up in their first full season there so they know what is required next season. Let's hope old Shayman Chris does his old club a favour by loaning us young Rodney to gain more playing experience
  8. Salford City

    The situation must be a win for all concerned for Rodney to join us on loan for 2019/20, rather than him compete with all the MUFC loanees at Salford in 2019/20 !
  9. Pitch Renovation

    or move the pitch further to north stand
  10. pre season friendlies

    In 2018/09 we played 6 pre season friendlies. It is really important that JF not only uses them as fitness and practice sessions but also acheives good performances and results as the deadline for season ticket sales is 31.7.19. Good performances and results could give a last minute boost to sales of STs and add to our gates over the season.
  11. Notts

    With our increases season ticket sales and some more good expected away followings then DB should be looking to do a deal with a doctor for all the games we could expect get an attendance over 2,000.
  12. Thinking Back - Thanks

    John Brier struggled to start with but turned into solid player for us, I think he was a local lad
  13. Commercial activities at the shay

    Presumably the Council are required to obtain tendered quotes which the best value franchisee then pays to the Council. Presumably all above board and, in doing it this way, the concession bringing in the maximum amount to the Council.
  14. AFC Fylde vs Town 27/04/2019

    I blame the appalling weather conditions !
  15. Season Tickets.

    Well done for sending in your suggestions to the club. Even off the wall ideas submitted might trigger an idea that could ultimately be adapted in some way and be beneficial to aid the club's promotional activities.