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  1. NC in this mornings training pics so when is his interview ?  !!
  2. I hope NC turns up and is wearing a CB's shirt
  3. Salford game

    saturday lunchtime then !
  4. Available managers

    We’ve had over 50 applicants for the 1st Team Manager Role, we’ve now complied a short list and interviews will commence tomorrow   how many Shaymen.net posters have applied?
  5. 19/20 player rumours

    Sir Alex must have been in the minority then as was Sir GEORGE
  6. Jack Earing

    presumably paid from July to end of April ??? perhaps not !
  7. Jack Earing

    Jack made a good choice signing for us - at least he is getting paid! "Bolton's friendly trip to Chester on Friday has been called off after the players issued a statement claiming they have been put under "severe mental and emotional stress". Members of the Bolton squad say they and the coaching staff have not been paid for 20 weeks, while they returned to pre-season to find their training facilities locked up."
  8. Season Ticket

    If Clarke plus A N Other get the role on an interim basis quickly it will allow them to finalise team recruitment and make a final big splash of publicity to boost last minute season ticket sales.. Lets see the new manager doing the chest thumping adrenalin pumping rally cry to get the last few important signings and rouse the supporters (who have not yet bought one) to buy their season tickets.
  9. The Pitch

    Where there is blame there is a claim !
  10. The Pitch

    HOPING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Nathan Clarke applies for job.

    being so close to the season I have a feeling that on this occasion Mr B may make the appointment on an interim basis which must give Clarke a fair chance of being involved.
  12. Nathan Clarke applies for job.

    The ad contains a clue-   Applications are invited for the following position:- FC Halifax Town – First Team Manager (Interim/Perm)
  13. Nathan Clarke applies for job.

    I can only think that the pre match motivational speech by the new manager is going to be 100% clearer and more stirring than anything JF would have delivered if they were anything like his interviews.
  14. Nathan Clarke applies for job.

    Changing our manager seems to have lifted a cloud from us. Lets just hope the sun now starts shining.
  15. The Pitch

    Perhaps the Council are waiting for FCHT to offer to part fund repair work like happened with the drainage