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  1. Dover game

    there are none so deaf as those who do not listen !
  2. Dover Athletic vs Town 16/03/2019

    Dover 1 Halifax Town 1 Clarke Att.  970
  3. Dover game

    Winning the toss today might be useful with 50 mph winds forecast throughout the game. At least it is forecast to be dry!
  4. Fylde...

    Loan until 16.3.19 I think.
  5. Fylde...

    Hardy's loan benefitted both clubs.  More loans  like that rather than from food bank Clitheroe would be fine.
  6. Kids tonight

    Perhaps a free ticket for each attending kid for the next home game might get a few extra paying  spectators to accompany them.
  7. Shay Pitch

    Council should , as landlord, pay the capital cost of installing a suitable pitch / and covers if necessary and recover the cost over a period of years from each user through an increased rent charge.  Neither club can afford to refuse an increase in rent as there are no alternative venues available.
  8. Barnet (A)

    Barnet pitch inspection at 4pm per their website. Any one heard any news ?
  9. Barnet Vs Town (12/3/19)

    Barnet  1 Halifax  Town  1 Duku 886
  10. Random image of the day

    Just checked my cover and it reminded me that for some reason tickets were printed for the game. It was the ticket which showed foodlights !
  11. Random image of the day

    Not the one I've got from memory. I'd have to look in the loft through a thousand programmes to find the one with the typo.
  12. Random image of the day

    That was the first game under the newly installed floodlights and the front of the programme advertising such event used the word 'FOODLIGHTS' !!
  13. Barnet (A)

    Away fans are likely to pay a tenner and go in the home end!
  14. Barnet

    Website shows 2 pm start !!!
  15. The pitch