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  1. Ebbsfleet vs Town 30/09/2017

    Ebbsfleet 1 Town 2 Denton, Morgan Att. 1,460
  2. old Town programmes

    I never did get a reply from the FA over how they allowed the disgusting treatment of us fans by their failure to sell us programmes on the day.
  3. Tomorrows Game - Weather

    Should be a permanent solution
  4. old Town programmes

    Ebay suddenly flooded with old programmes for sale involving the Shaymen back in the 1940's and 50's
  5. The western front

    I suspect most people expected our results to be not as good as they have been and are pleasantly surprised even after the injuries suffered.  However, after some of the dreary games last season it has been surreal to see some decent football. Not a lot to argue about then - unless you want to start suggesting which players are available who could improve our squad.  How long does our new scout need to find us a midfielder.  YOUNG OUT !!!
  6. Town vs Bromley 23/09/2017

    Town 2 Bromley 1 Denton, Kosylo Att. 1,624

    like at the concessions gate entrance !!!

    Heath interview on website says they were magnificent !
  9. Head Of Scouting

    and Mr B. will cover the rest !
  10. Head Of Scouting

    Perhaps he brought to his interview a list of players who would improve our team.  I expect to hear of a stellar midfielder signing soon!
  11. Head Of Scouting

    He should be able to 'Harvest' a few!
  12. Dagenham vs Town 16/09/2017

    d&r 1 Town 1 Kosylo Att. 1,424
  13. My thoughts

    Gateshead yellows are wiped after the 1 match suspension.
  14. How can we improve on this fantastic start?

    It is almost like Billy Heath has gone from an Alan Ball snr type manager and reincarnated as George Kirby. Long may it continue.

    its al reit, its 'armless