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  1. Dayle Southwell

    If JF can transform him into a second Supergeoff then £20 a game will seem cheap!
  2. FA Trophy dates.

    Premier league fixtures out 14.6.18 for matches on 11.8.18. National league fixtures out on 4.7.18 for fixtures 4.8.18, how helpful for the sparsely admin staffed National clubs to start planning and organising arrangements. Surely the National League organisers could do better ?!
  3. Club To Revert Back To Historic Name And Badge

    The old club was mostly quoted as Halifax Town and the AFC was not mentioned (eg when results being read out) so why is it important for the FC to be quoted rather than just saying Halifax Town?  
  4. Scott Garner

    perhaps it was the loss of free fish and chips for life that was the sticking point !
  5. Dayle Southwell

    pitch is looking good on his photo ont witter
  6. Coalville ???? Macca!!!!!!

    Pancho rather than Poncho, I think !
  7. Sanmi Odelusi

    Oluwasanmi Babafemi Oluwaseu  Odelusi  to give his full name
  8. What is your "Golden Era" of watching Town?

    Finshed 3rd on 56 points , 4 points behind Fulham and 5 points behind PNE. and 3 points ahead of Villa.
  9. What is your "Golden Era" of watching Town?

    1970/71 the George Kirby season. Excellent games against the likes of Fulham, PNE and Aston Villa, etc.
  10. A little bit of heartache for your bank holiday

    I don't remember it being done but the penalty spot for the penalties must have been the largest ever. Burnley defeated PNE at Deepdale to go through to the final.
  11. Leicester City

    Seeing how upset Mahrez was after his January move was stopped, it as almost certain he is going. With others of the title winning team no longer at Leicester, it could be an opportune time for Jamie to  move. If he wants to move to a decent team then time is running out. Surely he could replace Griezman when he moves.
  12. DB interview

    "This board has had the easiest / luckiest run of any previous boards with promotions Cup runs and huge transfer fees and sell ons. " Better management though than when the Board squandered the Wayne Allison and Rick Holden etc transfer fee income.  
  13. DB interview

    To be clear, when mentioning "10 years" or "10th season", it should be followed by the reference to the length of time operating as a team with part time players. The team has been operating in Halifax for 100 years.
  14. Semi Full Time?

    Presumably the monday sessions can include some planning tactics for tuesday night matches, which can only be an improvement
  15. Feature in The Courier last week

    Interesting to see that of the 4 promoted teams, one is now in Prem Lge whilst the other three are in non league!