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  1. Appointment urgently needed

    With no decent recruitment for months, the new manager is going to have to get the best out of what there is here.  He'll certainly need some luck!
  2. Town Vs Ebbsfleet 17/02/18

    Town 3 Ebbsfleet 0 Denton, Tuton, Brown Att. 1,629
  3. Rugby

    perhaps Rochdale might give us a few tons of sand to keep us going!
  4. Wrexham.

    keeping a clean sheet would be a good start, against the league leaders
  5. Wrexham vs Town 10/02/2018

    Wrexham 2 Town 1 Denton Att. 4,642
  6. The manager  job advert does not say part time , unless I have missed it.
  7. 3 Managers

    Do you mean Andy, partnering Conway Smith
  8. New Manager info

    If they have read the comments from "fans" on here then I think all 50 will be nutters !
  9. Game off

    Exactly - and would have probably wrecked the pitch for the rest of the season.
  10. Game off

    small mercies - at least there was no rugby game scheduled on it this weekend !!
  11. Town Vs Dagenham 03/02/2018

    Town  2 Dagenham 1 Denton, Kosylo Att.  1,658
  12. Heath’s gone!!!

    Well it will be interesting to see if a new manager will be able to attract players to the club after Billy claimed that many were not willing to come for the money offered.  Billy certainly got his excuses in plenty of times before his ultimate demise.
  13. Town Vs Orient 30/01/2017

    Town  2  Orient  2 Denton, Tuton Att.  1,458
  14. Tony Abbott

    http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2018/01/24/cold-call-king-gets-12-year-company-ban-blowing-55k-savoy-wedding/   surely illegality on this scale demands time behind bars
  15. Welcome back shaun

    Wonder if the fact Paul Harsley is the Barnsley U23 coach has anything to do with us getting Tuton on loan!